Heavy D & The Boyz – Peaceful Journey 25 Year Anniversary

Heavy D & The Boys released their third studio album “Peaceful Journey” exactly 25 years ago back on July 2, 1991.   The album was the first since the passing of Trouble T Roy and the album’s name was dedicated to his memory.  The album was produced by Eddie F, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, Howie Tee and others.   The album was very radio friendly for the exception of a couple of tracks.

The album starts off with an extreme pop appeal with the track, “Now That We Found Love” that samples the O’Jays track by the same name.  In the video, Hev is wearing a black plastic looking suit that looks like a trash bag before Missy Elliot go to do it.  For a lot of the hardcore Hev fans, they pressed the forward button.

The “love” continues as Heavy would rather stay inside and play while it rains on “Let It Rain“. The track is dope and has the Heavy D swag!

Now we can go down stairs
Strike a match to the log
Let the fir Place burn
Dim the lights till it’s dawn
Don’t worry honey
I’ll take good care of ya
I know what I’m doing
I get wrecked on a regular
Red light
Green light
One Two Three
Hey Yo Who’s on the mic
Well it’s me Heavy D
And I become somewhat of a national figure
You see some are big but the heavster is bigger
And I like candy bars with nuts
And ippy dippy girls
With prodigious butts
So lay with the lover
Snuggle up under the cover
And I’ll ease your pain
So let it rain
Let it rain

I Can Make You Go Ooh” continues the love-fest but at the same time has that Hev flow that even your mama will love.  Same goes for “Is It Good To You?” where Heavy has the smoothness to get a guy to listen and the lyrics to get a girl to fall in love with his music.  Over a sample of “Mama Used to Say” by Junior and a dope R&B chorus, Heavy goes to work and makes you pop in the cassette and dim the lights.

The track that made me and a whole bunch of other dudes by this album, is the posse cut “Don’t Curse” that features Heavy D, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, Big Daddy Kane, CL Smooth, Pete Rock and Q Tip and uses Booker T and the MG’s “Hip Hug Her” and produced by Pete Rock (extraordinaire).   The only one missing was Rakim but since he never showed up, CL took his place.  So who has the best lyrics?  I can tell you that everyone represents and makes this track one of my Top 5 posse cuts of all time.

Lastly the title track “Peaceful Journey” is a sad but dope track dedicated to Trouble T Roy.  It might not have been as memorable as “They Reminisce Over You” but if you are a Heavy D fan, you know how deep this track is.  K-Ci and JoJo sing the hook and the words are all directed (in the first verse) to his childhood friend.

What is a friend for? Through rich and through poor
Kinda like a marriage balanced on a different floor
A friend could tell you things that he wouldn’t tell another
So in essence, a friend could be considered a brother
You laugh and you play a lot, you talk and you say a lot
But when it’s time to feel the pain, you cry and you pray a lot
I’m talkin about you, you who have the time
A time to be my friend when no one else would be mine
Problems were nothing because I had my man to share them with
Hills were nothing neither, ’cause I had my man to climb ’em with
I’m really proud to say that I truly really knew you good
And oh, God’s blessing from the entire neighborhood
And as the days drift, drift into the future
I laugh a little louder at the times that I was witcha
This one’s for you and I truly hope you hear me
And through all your travels, I’m wishing you a peaceful journey

The album is dope, but not as dope as the first 2 albums.  I wished he could’ve included “You Can’t See What I Can See” that was the B side to “Don’t Curse”, but if you were a dedicated fan, you would’ve picked that up too.   When we lost Heavy, this album is the first album I thought about.  Have a peaceful journey Heavy and take care of T Roy up there!  Peace!!!

-Al E.

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