Heavy D & the Boyz – Big Tyme

Heavy D & the Boyz released their second studio album “Big Tyme” on June 12, 1989. The album was released on Uptown Records and produced by DJ Eddie F, Teddy Riley, Marley Marl and Pete Rock.

Anything that Heavy D ever made was welcomed in my home, especially when I lived with my mom and pops.  His music was clean yet witty and of course as dope as Colombia.  The one thing that one has to remember is that just because your music and lyrics clean as a whistle doesn’t mean that you sold out or that you are not hardcore Hip Hop.  The man was one of the greatest and not just from being a rapper.

The first track I heard of this album was “We Got Our Own Thang” that sampled the dance track “We Got Our Own Thing” by  C.J. & Co’s.  The track was produced by Teddy Riley and of course it has that New Jack Swing feel to it that we are accustomed to.  The track was a hit on the radio and in clubs due to it’s dance-able beat.

Everybody, shake your body, we don’t ill, we chill at party
Keep a groove that’s sensual, three-dimensional, unquestionable
The lover is professional
Got a category, my own and I’m the president
Don’t be alarmed but I’m sewing up the resident
With my particular style, particular, extracurricular, smoother and
Throwing up lyrics like you throw up a flapjack
You’re a Chicken McNugget and I’m a Big Mac
Brainstorm soloist, have a Coca-cola with it, doing very well
‘Cause I took the right road to this
Maker, undertaker, record breaker
Get up on the floor and do the Heavy D shake
Started with a pow and I’mma end it with a bang
We got our own thang

A lot of people don’t know that Al B. Sure! at one point was a part of the group.  He shows up on the R&B track “Somebody for Me” where Heavy is desperately looking for his better half but comes up short every single time.  This is one of the first fly love songs that we will see repeated on other albums and done beautifully to perfection.  Hev is not only loved by the male Hip hop audience but the females are a huge part of his fan base.

So that’s the storyline of my life
No cutie pie, no future wife
Just relationships that bounce back like rubber
(Yo, word to the mutha!)
I guess I’ll call it a day and throw my towel in
Cause it seems that I can’t win
So I’ll just carry on being an overweight lover

Gyrlz, They Love Me” is another fly love song, but on this one he has more of a Hip Hop feel to the beat.  The MetersThinking” was the foundation that this song is based on and Marley Marl makes it funky enough for us to bump in our rides.

Coolin in my crib and I’m cold, maxin
Call up a cutie, I’m in the mood for relaxin
Get my phone book from, top o’ the shelf
I’ll dial 66 – hm, I better keep it to myself
Call up a cutie with a triple star next to it
She says, “Hello, ” we con-versate a bit
Invite her over for a candlelight dinner
Believe me when I tell you that this girlie is a winner
Shortly after that, I hear the doorbell ring
Turn on the radio, Anita Baker starts to sing
Open up the door and I kiss her on the cheek
She’s so nice, polite, petite, so sweet
Sit her on the couch and uh, remove her coat
Squat next to her, *ahem* clear my throat
Whisper in her ear, told her what she wants to hear
Let her know that, “Have no fear – Heavy D.’s here”

The hardcore Hip Hop fan might pass on the love songs, but once we get to “More Bounce“, that’s when it gets serious.  It is the same beat that EPMD used for “You Got’s To Chill” a year earlier, but stands out because of Heavy’s lyrical ability.  If you want to talk about tracks that you can bump in your car, it’s this one!

A power, because my temper’s at the border
Like I said before, I keep a party filled, like a bucket of water
O-V-E-R-W-E-I-G-H-T Lover in the house, on the smooth tip
And I’mma rip this, then I’mma hop hip
Better yet hip-hop, cause you’re a drip-drop
Small as a pebble, while Heavy D’s a bedrock
I am the capital, H-E-V rappable
King ambassador with more, who’s quite a radical
My style’s like particular, extra-curricular
Sit back relax, while Heavy D sticks to ya
A new type of tune’n, risin, boomin
When I need a cut I see Scott, for proper groomin
I’mma go on and flow on and turn my microphone on
Then blow on to make sure, the sound is strong!
So y’all get up, keep your head up, and then gear up
Heav’ is in the funk, the Boyz in the back will fold the rear up
MC’s in my path I’mma steadily pounce
Heavy D’s in effect.. with more bounce to the ounce

Heavy comes hard on “You Ain’t Heard Nuttin Yet” and goes Dancehall on us on the Jamaican influenced “Mood for Love“, but after listening to this album, it falls short from the debut.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Heavy never delivered us sub-par music, but I can say is that the first album left me wanting more “Overweight Lover“, “Moneyearnin’ Mt Vernon” and “Mr Big Stuff” type of tracks!  After this album, we lost Trouble T-Roy, but fortunately Heavy kept on trucking to give us more music until his untimely death in 2011.  He left us some great music that even mom can enjoy! Rest in Peace Hev!  We miss ya!

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