Heavy D and The Boyz – Living Large


Heavy D and The Boyz – Living Large

On October 27th 1987, Heavy D dropped his debut album “Living Large”. The album was produced by DJ Eddie F, Teddy Riley and Marley Marl.  Although the album never went gold, it is considered by many as a Hip Hop classic.  The album contained Heavy’s first single, “Mr. Big Stuff” and it begins where the Fat Boys left off.  Heavy D’s presence was that of the x-large guy that is “huggable and loveable”.

Mr. Big Stuff

Heavy D was larger than life, no pun intended!  So when I saw the video for “Mr Big Stuff” on BET, I wasn’t surprised that a guy his size can rock the mic!  He reworks the beat and uses the hook from Jean Knight’s track of the same name!  The track has a bounce that will make you dance your butt off!

I’m a quick rhyme shooter, rap rookie, recruiter
I always say could, never ever say coulda
I’m healthy and stacked, not a beast or all fat
I get applause and awards every time I rap

I love the way I am, I would never switch!
I’m the greatest entertainer since a porno flick
You move and groove to my funky tune
Party people, it’s time to make a room for your Mister Big Stuff

The Overweight Lover’s In the House

When Yo! MTV Raps started, one of the first videos I saw was “The Overweight Lover’s In The House“.  This track would throw Heavy D into the Hip Hop and R&B spotlight, and he never turned back!

Sittin’ in my room with my smokin’ jacket on
The fireplace is burning and the girly is WARM
Time to make my move, so gently I kiss her
Whisper in her ear, and tell her that I miss her
She might try to pop that boyfriend junk
But I don’t really care because I know he’s a punk
I’ll stomp him like a roach if he tries to approach
He can’t get close cause I’m the one who wrote
The Book of Romance, so come on take a chance
You don’t need a long look, all you need is a glance
If you wanna get warm, in my arms you belong
You have a problem, Hev will solve ’em, nothin’ can go wrong – when…

Don’t You Know

The one song that everyone loves is “Don’t You Know” where Hev just talks throughout the song as if he’s reading a letter to his girl.  Why it’s so popular, is beyond me, yet it’s maybe because of the nice mellow beat, or maybe it’s just because it’s…Heavy D!  Funny, I don’t like this track, yet I know all the words to it!

Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon

The gem on this album is “Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon” where Heavy D gives us a tour of his neighborhood and explains where he gets his shoes and food at!  The track samples the O’Jays and James Brown and it’s pure funkiness!  Want to know where Hev is from, just bump this track!

Born in Jamaica, Mount Vernon I grew
But I still do my shopping on 4th Avenue
Buy my Nikes from Chambers, then walk down the block
Get the gear that I wear from Buddy’s Big Men Shop
When I start to get hungry and it’s time to eat
Buy a burger from Shabazz on 4th Ave./3rd Street
I’ll never forget the place I got my start
Around the corner from the crib, and it’s called (Lorraine Park)
Now in this park I’d bang a beat on a seat
Bust a rap for the crowd that was really unique
For an eight year old kid inside the 4th grade
And when I grew they all knew that I’d get paid
And on my way up I took no shorts on the court
I played and I slayed, I learned and I taught
And shortly after that everybody was yearnin
For Hev to go down in the town of Mount Vernon

Chunky But Funky

Lastly, “Chunky But Funky” had us bouncing to the beat as Hev continues his “larger than life” persona and makes it funky enough for us to dance to!

Man, I stand as a man, mixin music with noise
And every show that I go I bring along (The Boyz)
I’m 6 foot 2, a half a inch from 3
Don’t need to tease, come on and squeeze MC Heavy D
Because I love to party, stronger than Bacardi
Walk down the street, I don’t need a body-guardy
Eddie F is rippin, The Boyz are hop-hippin
My mind designs the rhyme, Heavy D, I do the lippin
Once I get ready my rhymes remain steady
Of course I get support from the crowd.. (Go Heavy!)
I demand of opposition, get ready to fly
I keep you dwellin till you ask me why
I’m chunky but funky

Rest In Peace Trouble T Roy

Unfortunately after this album was recorded, his long time friend and backup dancer Trouble T Roy passed away.  Peter Rock and CL Smooth dedicated a track to him as well as Heavy on his next album.  This album is one of the greatest debuts in Hip Hop history and Hev is beloved by so many people, it’s no doubt that his death made us feel like a family member had passed away!  RIP Heavy,  We love you and miss you!

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Heavy D and The Boyz – Living Large

-Al E.




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