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heather-b-all-glocks-down-back-n-the-day-buffet2Heather B. released her debut single “All Glocks Down” back in 1995.  The single was produced by Kenny Parker of Boogie Down Productions and released on Pendulum Records.  The song was later featured on her debut album “Takin’ Mine” on June 11, 1996.

We first learned about Heather B. from her affiliation with the group Boogie Down Productions and then from MTV’s Real World : New York.  In one episode we say her in the booth recording this record.  The lyrics are dope and send a positive message. The song is an anti-gun violence track that sends a positive message in an era full of gangster themed music.  Production-wise, Kenny Parker samples the bass-line from “People Make The World Go Round by The Stylistics that will have you bobbin your head from the get go.

The album “Takin’ Mine” also includes the bangers “If Headz Only Knew” and “My Kinda Nigga” featuring M.O.P., so if you get a chance peep out her debut album. Heather B stays busy co-hosting the Sirius Satellite Radio show “Sway in the Morning with Sway of course!


“I can break it down like whatever you want”
-] Buckshot Shorty (2x)

Verse 1:

All Glocks down arriving is the bulletproof lyricist

All rude boy big up now here this
I’m classic like a coca cola why don’t you roll a “L”
And make it spiffy are the “L”s twisty oh yes lets get lifty
Long live the rugged female Heather B
So all you gun waving niggas put down your Glocks please
No need for playing the hard anymore
The bulletproof lyricist is knocking at your door
So open up let me in lets get nasty if you wanna
I’ll freak dat butt like a film by Heather Hunter
Touch you, cut you I might just buss you
Buss your shit MC turned pretty east coast kid
How I swing bounce to Brooklyn
No need to tell you what I partook in
Just know Heather B. is back in town
It’s no question all Glocks down

Chorus: Glocks down, hit’em with that funky sound
I can break it down like whatever you want (say 4x)

Verse 2:

Walking with middle finger up brown timbs steppin’ through
Coming soon to a corner spot near you
Its the side walkin’ rap talkin’ hip hop sister
No need to try me misss-ter
You got rhymes go for it we need no chorus
Freestyles comin’ from da door
And who’s testin’ the untestable styles flexible
You gonna haveta bounce twelve rounds
TKO by the third fuck what you heard
I didn’t feel like playing around
Cuz you’s part-time witha part rhyme committing no crimes
And claiming to be hard on the block
So feel my funk my beat my vibe
Recognize that I’m live or alive you know the time
Kid just raise up rise up open your eyes up
I already got you sized up so wise up BITCH
A “L” to the neck a double deuce of Becks
And now my mind set I’ll be rowdy to the death
Do us part one love rock crew right here in heart
Don’t even play me son you’ll get did done
Turnin’ all gats or guns i’ll leave your shorty with her hair undone
And then you know Heather B. is back in town
So no question all Glocks down


Verse 3:
I got my peeps to my left side and then my right
Can’t wait until tonight when real niggas turn trife
I love the orange light from the Dutch Master tip
My whole crew bent a half a hunned gone spit
Chocolate Thai true dat yo who him who dat
Snatchin’ up da “L” like a sniper
Son you will surely miss the next cipher
If you ever tryta hog up the “L” again
Last one to put in first son to dig in
Now I hear you riffin’ me while I’m countin’ your toke
The henloke burns my throat with no chaser
I’m feelin vibes by my hip from the black pager
Blowin’ up for da nine four for da nine five
For da nine square either way say word word
Heather B. is in there to the most high
To the most def no quest all Glocks down


-Al E.


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