Happy Born Day MC Ren

Lorenzo Jerald Patterson aka MC Ren was born on June 16th, 1969 in the city of Compton, California.  Ren is well known for being part of “The Worlds Most Dangerous Group: N.W.A”  and within receiving the moniker “The Villain in Black“.

MC Ren had plenty of highlights throughout his recording career and, after ghost-writing lyrics for Eazy E, MC Ren was writing and performing his own tracks.   We first heard Ren on Eazy E’s “Ruthless Villian” where Ren kills it and gives us a glimpse of what’s to come!

Ruthless gangsta, definition villain,
Leave your shit unlocked and he’s stealin’,
So call tha police cause that’s all you could do but,
He’ll get away without leavin’ a clue.
Keepin’ shit in control like the neighboorhood chief but,
Referred to as a walking thief,
They say he’s a bad influence for the kids on the block,
Why the fuck they blamin’ him,
He’s the one that they jock.
Keepin’ niggaz in line,
Whoever fucks with his rhyme,
And before you fuck with him,
You gotta fuck with his nine.
Not scared to pull the trigger on a punk ass nigga,
(A nigga) He could whoop his ass cause he’s bigger.
Size don’t mean shit,
He’s from the old school fool,
He’s a villain from the streets,
And he’s supposed to rule,
Not sayin’ he’s in shit,
But he’s down for mine,
He was put on the streets to keep niggaz in line.
Never givin’ a fuck,
Because I know that he’s a nigga that you want to be.
He can’t help it he’s in shit,
But he don’t hold shit back,
He’s a gangsta in black,
And he’s about to attack.

Two of his greatest and most memorable tracks are from the influential and groundbreaking “Straight Outta Compton“.  The first track, “If It Aint Ruff” has Ren flowing over Average White BandsStar In The Ghetto” and it is one of the greatest tracks off the album. The man is fierce on the mic:

Ren is the villain and you’re just an hostage
So whenever I’m steppin’ cover your head like an ostrich
Groupies been waitin’ for this, suckers been hatin for this
You know why? Because so many are relatin’ to this
Jealous is how they feel it intentionally
But they start to love it because I made it eventually
Pumpin’ the music I keep the music like pumpin’
Cause Ren ain’t in here for nothin’, I keep the average crowd jumpin’
Yo, you know the color, the villain’s in black
Always down to make noise, and attack
So you better get back unless you wanna come with it
And make your face like a target and close your eyes when I hit it
You’re screamin’ with fear but it’s with fear that you’re screamin’
You’re wakin up in a sweat cause Ren is givin’ bad dreams and
I’m not schemin’, I’m just tellin the facts
That’s how it is when N.W.A. starts to jack
So brothers that wanna scrap with me
That sweezin’ and sneezin’ will have to lap with me
Especially beggin’ to write some lyrics with me
I just snatch your girl to take a nap with me
Cause when it comes to Ren there’s no comparison
And if you try to be me, it’s quite embarrassin’
But I understand cause you’re mentally slow
Cause I can tell from the jump you’re too nervous to go

The other track is “Quiet On The Set” where Ren flows over a dope guitar riff from The BlackbyrdsRock Creek Park” and again he brings it to another level.

Ruthless, plenty of that and much more
So at the party, Ren is controllin the floor
that you step and do your danceroutine
It ain’t a dream my man, you’re in a gangsta scene
with a villain doin damage on a 24 track
With confusion to finish my conclusion
Arhytomatic rhymes from a radio cat
You can’t take what I got coz I’ll be takin it right back
[Ruthless gangsta] Cold killin
You wanna know what it’s means ? (definition…villain)
With the stupid dope rhyme
So once you hear one line you can tell it’s mine
With a baseball cap that’s black that I’m wearin
and a look that keeps you all starin
and wondering why I’m invincible
But when you hear my rhyme, it’s convincible
I don’t take no shorts while I’m constructin the ground
that makes y’all move around to my hell of a sound
Girls drool on me like a dyin
[Dr.Dre: ] (Yo Ren, tell’em what they do when you start rhymin)
I go to the party. I hip a hop the spot
I dunno what it is, but the girls get hot
aspirin like they’re on fire and
their so-called boyfriends with’em are retirin
And for this reason I’m a walkin threath
So when I’m on stage I want…(Ssssht)

As Ice Cube left the group, Mc Ren took over the majority of the writing on “Niggaz4Life” and as soon as you put the album in the cd player, you get MC Ren rip trough the “Prelude” and makes it of the greatest intros in Hip Hop History.  The beat is hard AF and then Ren comes and makes it a masterpiece!

The real niggaz is back, cause there’s to many bullshit records out,
niggaz beat it for what we put out.
But you don’t have to wait no longer,
because the new album is out and the shit is much stronger.
So many groups made three albums or more,
and their weak-ass shit is still sitting in the record-store.
They wonder why it never sold,
niggaz rapping since the seventies and still never went gold.
Our first record sold two million copies,
that’s because you other motherfuckers are sloppy.
You came out the streets and crossed over,
and after that your career is fucking over.
Because after that you’re not around,
so shut the fuck up, and witness the sound of some real niggaz.

Yeah, motherfucker.
keeping all you busters on the run in ninety-one, kick that shit Ren.

Most niggaz can’t understand,
and never will if they ain’t part of the ruthless Mafia-clan.
Niggaz is dedicated to the streets,
with hyped fucking lyrics and a dope ass beat.
The songs will never come soft, because I come off,
so don’t get in my way or motherfucker you’ll be cut off.
And it’s something you can move your lips to,
to wrap around my dick and suck if it fits you.
And let me now if you wanna ride the D-I-C-K,
all day that’s with no play.
Cause ain’t no rap group out, that I know,
that makes me wanna listen to the radio.
All I hear is motherfuckers trying to make a comeback with lovesongs,
and that shit is whack.
And that’s why your ass ain’t around,
cause you don’t have the motherfucking sound of a real nigga.

MC Ren then went on to have a successful solo career releasing a couple of EP’s and 5 studio albums.  On “Final Frontier” he gets busy over a BDP sample of “Bridge is Over” courtesy of producer DJ Bobcat.

He then contributes a dope track on the CB4 Sountrack with the hard hitting “Mayday on the Frontline“. Dr Jam produced this cut and the sinister beat is perfect for Ren’s dope lyrical delivery!

MC Ren might have lived in Ice Cube’s shadow but don’t sleep on this dope MC!  This guy can rap his ass off and has lyrics for days!  Some people even claim that he’s the best MC in NWA.  No matter what, we salute you today and thank you for being a West Coast pioneer!  Happy Born Day Ren!

-Al E.


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