Happy Birthday MC Eiht

Jyeeeeeeah.   When that’s heard, you know MC Eiht is close by.   Much like Ric Flair’s “Woooooo” and Snoop (or Too Short’s) “Beyotch”, “Jyeeeeeeah” was synonymous with Eiht throughout his 26 year career.  He started out with Compton’s Most Wanted in 1990.  They dared to storm on the Compton music scene during the height of NWA’s success and quickly made waves, by starting an almost 15 year beef with DJ Quik.  CMW released three classics, then MC Eiht flexed his acting chops as the O.G., A-Wax, in 93’s Menace II Society.  “Straight Up Menace”, arguably one of the best songs on a soundtrack, was a huge hit and was the pinnacle of his career. He was even tapped to represent St Ides in their marketing blitz of the early nineties and found himself rhyming on a nationwide wide commercial.

happy-birthday-mc-eiht-back-in-the-day-buffetEiht was now in his prime and kicked off his solo career after this.  “We Come Strapped” was his first solo and reached number 1 on the Billboard Rap/R&B charts. A major accomplishment, as this was the album that introduced his production skills.  Eiht and DJ Slip from Comptons Most Wanted continued to handle most of the production with the newly formed EIHTHPE until the turn of the millennium.     Mack 10, Ant Banks, Daz among others started adding beats to Eiht’s projects at this time.   During the 2000’s, MC Eiht started releasing a slew of new music including a best of compilation on 2001’s “When We Waz Bangin: 89-99  The Hits”   Eiht was busy in 2006..  He released 2 collaboration albums : the Brotha Lynch Hung assisted, “The New Season” and Spice 1 joined in on “Keep It Gangsta”.  He also dropped his 11th album “Affliated.”   2004 was the year Eiht became the baddest gangster in video game history when he voiced gang member Ryder in GTA San Andreas. His music has also been featured on a couple different games in the Grand Theft Auto series.    He recently joined Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.D city” on his Grammy nominated “Good Kid, m.A.A.d city” .  Eiht’s recent accomplishments have certainly gained him new fans who will without a doubt inquire about the legend, search youtube and study his impressive body of music.  May 22nd marks MC Eiht’s birthday so let’s pay tribute to the west coast vet on 4 of his songs that may have been forgotten.  Jyeeeeeeah!

Duck Sick.”  1990;  Comptons Most Wanted  It’s a Compton Thang  album

Comptons Most Wanted’s first diss against rival DJ Quik.   This would go on for almost 15 years with both sides firing shots back and forth.  Mc Eiht wasn’t playing when he stated

Too sorry is the name for your rap
No competition, dissin, boy, you need to be slapped
Eiht ain’t no punk, so learn it Quik
Oh yes, p.s., C.M.W., and you can get my duck sick

This scathing diss was over a smooth and jazzy beat that sampled Billy Cobham’s “Red Baron”.  The ladies on the hook singing “You Can Get The Duck Sick” made this even more memorable.   If you are asking yourself what on earth does Duck Sick mean, just rearrange a couple letters.

Murda Show” Feat MC Eiht  1993; Spice 1 on 187 He Wrote album

My 12 year old son loves this song.   There was so much murder and mayhem on this song that Grand Theft Auto 5 put it on its “Westcoast Classic” radio station.   Spice 1 and Mc Eiht have been murdered plenty on their songs together.   Murda Show is no different.

Eiht rhymes

It’s like the last dance or your last chance
When I reach in for the strap in my fuckin’ pants.

I pump’ dead then the scene is fair ain’t nothin said
Even your skinny ass dead

Case closed!!!  This was one of Eiht’s first productions and was the perfect soundtrack to the lyrical murders

Nuthin But the Gangsta” ft Spice 1 & Redman 1994;  MC Eiht on We Come Strapped album

When I first bought this tape and saw my favorite MC Redman had a song with MC Eiht AND Spice 1, I ripped the wrapping faster than Niecys clothes in high school.   I knew something special was about to take place.   I wasn’t let down.  Eiht and Spice’s subject matter didn’t change, and Redman effortlessly was able to flow over the west coast gem that Eiht once again crafted.

One Life to Live”ft MC Eiht  1998;  Pete Rock on Soul Survivor  album

Eiht shows versatility on this jewel.  Lyrically murdering fools is what he is known for and usually doesn’t stray from that.  When MC Eiht jumped on Pete Rock’s debut, magic was created.   The heat was left at home and a calmer, more introspective Eiht rhymes,

I heard music calms the savage beast
To the g’s in the clubs put away ya piece
For the gun clap leaves nothing but the blood stain
Sips on ya drink puffs on ya mary jane
Lots of lovin this time bringing no pain
Girls they love when a homie use his brain
Relax let your conscience be free
And smoke blunts to tha sounds of the E and P

It may be MC Eiht’s bday today, but the track that Pete Rock put together was nothing short of genius.  The sample of trumpet maestro, Nat Adderly’s “St. M” was a perfect backdrop  for MC Eiht’s west coast wisdom.

MC Eiht was born Aaron Tyler on May 22nd, 1967.

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Happy Birthday MC Eiht

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