I gotta squeeze the juice outta the headphones

Yeah (I like that)
Squeeze the juice outta the headphones
Yo, yo yo

When you think of me you think of a problem
Who? What? When? and how you gonna solve em
Automatic or revolving
The K I double S and, Here’s the lesson
Most beams is infared, but mine’s is flourescent
No matter where you go, I’ma spot you
No matter how many people you put me in front of, I’ma rock you
And if you try to be the hard top, I’ma drop you
I got to, treat you like the clutch, and pop you
Creep threw, in the 4-20 with your honey
Cuz you ain’t nuthin’ but a playboy that turned bunny


There is where I’m going to stop

if you read these lyrics and don’t know the song by now you

can’t tell me that you’ve ever listened to real hip hop.

This is the song that made me a true fan of one of the best to

ever bless a Microphone – Jason Phillips, but most of us know him as


The name of the song is “All For The Love” and even if you

didn’t know the name of the song you should at least know the

lyrics.  “All For The Love” was a song on the classic album

Money Power Respect by the L.O.X and if you’re lost as to what

L.O.X stands for its Living Off Experience.  Jadakiss is one third

of the L.O.X one of the most loyal, stand up and talented

groups out of Yonkers, NY.  I also feel as a group the L.O.X. are one of

the most underrated. Each one of the L.O.X are recognized as

great artists and spitters on an individual level, but when you ask somebody

what’s one of your favorite hip hop groups I don’t hear the L.O.X

as much as I think I should.


I hear Mobb Deep, Run DMC, Tribe Called Quest, OutKast, NWA, De La

Soul, UGK, 8ball & MJG and, don’t get me wrong, these groups are some

of the elite groups in hip hop.  However, in most of these groups we’ve all heard of some

type of rumblings of friction within these groups, or, the group ended up breaking up

and getting back together.  UGK, 8Ball & MJG, and De la Soul are the only groups I

listed that never had these issues, but there is one more group

that you have never heard of having any issues within their

group and that’s The L.O.X.  They formed the group in ’94 and in 22

years we’ve never heard either member speak ill of the other.

We’ve never heard of any beef between the three of them.  No

mention of either of them being torn apart over finances or

someone getting more shine than the other and on top of all that,

all three of them are true spitters.  Sheek Louch, Styles P and Jadakiss

got bars for days and if you don’t believe me go and listen to all

their CD’s and mixtapes and then tell me this crew is not the truth.

Their gritty, slick talking street stories either get you through

a long stay with some people or get you going heavy on them

bars and pushups when your working out at the gym.  Their lyrics give you that boost of

motivation you need when you’re about to put in that work, or they

just put you in a zone and you get caught up listening to what’s

really going in the streets.  You can’t help but get caught up in

the word play of these three great MC’s.  Jadakiss is considered by some

as the frontman of the trio because he’s had more of

the commercial success, but if you’re a longtime fan like myself

you know there is no front man of the L.O.X.  They are three kings!

Even though the L.O.X. are a loyal group with bars for days they

also have great solo careers as well and this is why we are here

ladies and gentleman to wish one of the best ever do it a Happy

Birthday and let him know how much we appreciate him for being a

real, loyal, and great MC. I honestly can’t see my life without

Jadakiss bars, like, that thought doesn’t even make sense to me!

It’s been a pleasure being given the chance to enjoy one of the

greatest artist to ever touch a microphone. Jadakiss is only two

years older than me and really I grew up on this nigga.  So many days,

so many blunts, and so many verses this nigga been through it all

with me and I appreciate you. Your songs made it a little bit

easier to get through real life shit when things might not be

going the way you want. Jadakiss is a blessing to music period.

He’s what an artist should be.  He’s maintained his relevancy

without sacrificing his integrity as an artist.  He has evolved

without following the crowd.  His credibility as a person and as an

artist has never diminished.  When you speak about him, it should

always be with the utmost respect because he deserves it for

what he’s given us.  If for some reason you’ve been living under

a rock for the last 20yrs and you’re asking yourself what

has he’s given us.  Let me tell you!

He’s given us straight bars!  I mean some of the most memorable

verses I think in Hip Hop history, and he’s been doing it for over

20 years.  When you hear a Jadakiss, verse all you can do is sit back

and listen and then play it over again because you can’t believe

how nice he is when touching that mic.  From songs with Big, Jay,

Nas, Em, Fab, and the rest of the L.O.X – to so many other artist

Jadakiss has always spit verses that have made you say damn that

niggas nice. White, Black, Chinese, whatever, if you’ve ever heard

a Jadakiss verse I guarantee you’ve said “Damn that niggas nice!”

Whether you were supposed to or not you’ve had no choice but to

say it because it’s undeniable –  That nigga is nice!

He’s one of those artist that you listen to that just his presence on a track gives you

goosebumps.  You believe what he’s saying and his delivery is what

makes it so easy to take in.  He’s one of those MC’s where you listen to

every word he spits because you don’t want to miss out. He is top five dead

or alive whether you like it or not, that’s who Jadakiss is when

it comes to this Hip Hop thing. I couldn’t imagine Hip Hop without

Kiss – do you know how many songs we wouldn’t have had the pleasure

of listening to if it were no Jadakiss?  Money Power and Respect,

24 hours To Live, Reservoir Dogs, Knock Yourself Out, Why, Last

Day, The Heist, Bitches from Eastwick, Wild Out, Blood Pressure,

Hate In Your Blood, Still Feel Me, Never Scared Remix, Oil Money,

Allergic To Losing, Slow Down Freestyle, Rocking With the Best,

Something Else, One More Step and so on and so on.  I had to stop

at some point because I would have been here all day, that’s how

many songs we would’ve missed out on if there were no Jadakiss.

Got a chick named Super Head she give super head

Just moved in the building even gave the super head,

I cop big guns that spit super lead

So play superman, end up super dead.

Call me Kiss or the kid from the LOX

That’ll twist ya moms out and do a bid wit ya pops


Those lyrics are from Blood Pressure, if you didn’t know, and

yeah he’s the reason we know about Karrine “Supa Head” Steffens.

When you hear Kiss spit the picture is so

vivid it’s like you’re right there with him. He pulls you into his

world when he’s spitting. You’re really listening to it with a

close ear because not only does he make you laugh and say damn

this nigga nice, he also drops jewels when it comes to life. He’s

street, but can be social at times and speak about what’s going in

our communities with no fear. His lyrics are the scriptures of the

streets and Jadakiss’ catalog is a bible to the streets – you

need to read every verse because there’s so much you can learn

from his songs. Kiss is not just a rapper rapping for a check, he’s

a rapper rapping to learn you something when it comes down to it.  He does it well, so

much so, that you have to be a fan.  It makes no sense not to be. When it comes to where

he stands in my top 5, he’s number 4.  Only 3 before him are Big, Jay, and his

L.O.X brethren Styles P, and just in case you’re curious Fab is my

number 5.  I could write pages and pages of what I feel Jadakiss

has done for Hip Hop but I don’t want to lose your attention to my

fandom.  All I wanted to say to Jadakiss is Happy G­day my nigga!

and I greatly appreciate what you’ve given of yourself to me and

the rest of Hip Hop fans. FYI – if you didn’t know or remember the

words to those lyrics of All For the Love get yourself together

and go do your homework on the top 5 dead or alive J to the Muah!

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