Geto Boys – Straight Gangsterism

Geto Boys – Straight Gangsterism

geto-boys-1993-back-in-the-day-buffetBig Mike joined the Geto Boys in 1993 for their 3rd album Till Death Do Us Part and proved he was an above average lyricist.  Being a replacement for an established group has got to be a tough job for anyone, but Big Mike was able to step in and hold his own with one of the best MC’s ever.   You didn’t even miss the fact that Willie D was absent this go around chasing his solo dreams.

Big Mike teamed up with his old Convicts partner, Mr. 3-2 to describe their formative years growing up in hood and describes the essence of what is “Straight Gangsterism”… easily one of the top ten most underrated tracks ever.  The single was released Oct 4th, 1993 and featured a hypnotic groove with a bassline harder than adamantium.  Big Mike describes his admiration for the elders in his neighborhood when he rhymes:

I was a curious child
I used to hang out by the ballroom and study the gangsta style
The way they talk, the way they walk
The way they act, the way they wore that gangsta hat
Tilted, rim laid flat out, now that’s the type a shit I’m talkin’ about, yeah
Cigarette in one hand, drink in the other
Leanin’ to one side, cooler than a motherfucker
With the gangsta ass nicknames
Gillie’ Boy, Pokey, Big Joe, Goldie, Lil Lane Leanin’ to one side, cooler than a motherfucker
True muthafuckin’ mack daddies, bitch on the side, drivin’ the ’73 caddy
With a chrome plated 357
ready to send a motherfucker On a stairway to heaven

Mr 3-2 ends the song on a perfect note when he rhymes:

I don’t know will I ever be a cell mate
But I do know I’m never goin’ straight… gansterism

Big Mike & Mr 3-2

3-2As much as my cousin T and I had this on repeat, I still can’t believe I missed the video back then.  Thank god for Youtube.   Now the video version was cleaned up a bit with none of the explicit lyrics.  It was hilarious and perfectly matched the song without any cursing.  As a bonus, Scarface joined the party and blessed us with the final clean verse. The only thing missing was Mr. 3-2’s jibberish at the end of the dirty version.  That’s probably my favorite part from either version.   If you don’t know this song, shame on it.  Find it immediately.

Geto Boys – Straight Gangsterism (Official Video)

Geto Boys – Straight Gangstaism (Album Version)

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Geto Boys – Straight Gangsterism

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  1. one of my favorite songs ever, the album version. i remember listening to this danm near everyday when it came out. it’s a complete classic hands down, they can’t fade this south shit though, I’m outta this beitch

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