Geto Boys and The Rap-A-Lot Family – Bring It On (Posse Cut Saturdays)

Posse Cut Saturdays

Geto Boys & The Rap-A-Lot Family – Bring It On

The Geto Boys released their 4th album in 1993 and featured a different line up.  Big Mike joined  Scarface and Bushwick Bill on Till Death Do Us Part and proved he was an above average lyricist.  Production for the album was handled by the usual Rap A Lot in house production team that includes  N.O. Joe, John Bido, and  James Smith.  The album had a ton of heat, but Earth may have not been ready for the final song, the ultimate posse cut, the 8 minute showcase : “Bring It On”.  Scarface grabbed practically the entire label to  rhyme on that monster.

This was the first Geto Boys album I heard  and my cousin and I studied that final song.  All those different rappers with vast styles had me heading straight to Sam Goody to find the albums of the MC’s on there and any rapper affiliated with that Rap A Lot camp.

2 Low

2 Low starts off and hit us with his adolescent bravado.  This maybe the most hardcore 13 year old kid I ever heard with rhymes like:

Cover your dome or feel the motherfuckin’ glock
The problem child is in the house I’m lettin’ off shots
Biggedy bang biggedy bang hit them motherfuckers dead
I’m down on this track and I’m about to get wreck

Devin The Dude

The incomparable Devin the Dude shows up and makes one of his first appearances on wax as a member with the Odd Squad.  He joined his hombre, Rob Quest, a blind MC and producer, and they both gave us  a break from the violence.   Rob rhymes:

I can’t see your ass bitch, so you’d better watch your bust or
Take that from a blind handicapped motherfucker

Then Devin take the mic and if you missed Odd Squad’s album, he lets you know what he is all about.

Well it’s me that nigga D (Who?)
That fat square twister, the one who fucked your sister
I made her pussy blister

The pair has one of the highlights of this showcase when  they start crooning:

Cause we’re smoking that weed, feeling fine
Got me a 40 and a fat-ass dime

DMG follows and he quickly reminds us this is not a game.   His verses were pretty much the same as, 5th Ward Boyz, Seagram and Big Mello : Don’t fuck with them.

Too Much Trouble are the pimps of the crew and they let you they taking all the hoes.

Mr 3-2

Lord 3-2 had those same murderous bars as the rest of the crew, but he offered a bit of personality in his rhymes.   He starts off almost melodic with

3-2 comin at ya, comin at ya
Don’t make me pull my shit and have to cap ya

Ganksta Nip

Ganksta Nip makes an appearance and serves us a slice of his psychotic bars.

I’m the one that told that nigga to go insane in that Luby’s
Ganksta NIP is fucking your daughter, G
I wake up every morning screaming, “Somebody slaughter me!”
Step in my path, your ass is void
Cause I’m an aerodynamic, satanic, schizophrenic android

Then you hear a sinister chuckle followed by an acapella

It’s the return of the motherfucking dreadlock.


Scarface finally shows up on this gem and lets us know hes the most wild in the entire rap a lot camp when he rhymes


Calm like an Islamic brother from the Nation
Still got the mind of a motherfuckin mental patient!
I got the chrome to my own dome
But I’m a give you one before I take it home,

8 minutes of violence mixed with of a bit of insanity, pimping and comedy are covered. This is hip hop at its rawest. Just a simple bassline based on a slick Donnie Hathaway sample and an easy hook. What a perfect introduction of the rest of the rap a lot family to a wider audience.

These godfathers to the Screwed Up Click that would emerge at the end of the decade were able to put together one of the hardest joints ever. This has been on repeat for 24 years.

RIP to Big Mello, Lord 3-2 and Seagram.

Geto Boys & The Rap-A-Lot Family – Bring It On

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Geto Boys and The Rap-A-Lot Family – Bring It On (Posse Cut Saturdays)

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