Geto Boys – Grip It! On That Other Level

The Geto Boys (then known as Ghetto Boys) released their second studio album “Grip It! On That Other Level” on March 12, 1989.  This was the first album with group members Scarface, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, and DJ Ready Red.  The album was produced by DJ Ready Red, Doug King, James Smith, John Bido and Johnny C and was released on Rap-A-Lot Records.

The album opens up nicely with the only track that had a video for it, “Do It Like A G.O.”  The tracks contains a sample of “Superfly” by Curtis Mayfield, “Scorpio” by Dennis Coffey, and “Apache” from The Incredible Bongo Band.  The track is as hardcore as a hardcore rap track can ever be.  One of the most recognizable voices in Hip Hop is that of Willie D’s southern accent and when he speaks, we listen.

Everybody’s coming with guns
Niggas gettin pimped by Colombians
They put ’em on the streets like a bitch
Nigga’s slangin but the Puerto-Rican gettin’ rich
I never sold the mess
But if I did, it would be for my-goddamn-self
Can you adjust to the wholesale bust
Bushwick, tell these motherfuckers what’s up

As soon as the second track comes in, you know these guys are no joke!  Flowing on top of a country-fied “Sweet Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Willie D gets personal and has no love for the “hoes” on “Gangsta of Love“.  Call it misogynistic, but this verse is as hard as it gets!

I’m a motherfucker, I put a bitch through a test
If she don’t pass she don’t get blessed
If the test consist of fucking my whole crew
Well, bitch, goddamn, that’s what you gotta do!
You say you want to be down with Willie-D
But yet you find it difficult to listen to me
Everytime you fuck up and skip a class
I’mma put my goddamn foot in your ass
And if your father wants to buck up
I’ll beat the wrinkles out the old mutherfucker

Willie D continues on the solo tip with “Read These Nikes”  where he will stomp your a** if you get in his way, and then tells all men that you can’t turn a ho into a housewife on the equally dope “Let A Hoe Be A Hoe“.

Here I go again, another brawl, a conflict
Somebody finna get they ass kicked
If you ain’t down with the Geto Boys
Get your happy ass outta Dodge
The rumors you heard ain’t slander
Willie D don’t give a fuck about a goddamn bystander
So when you see me clutch my fist
Get out the way or get t-rolled, bitch
I’m inclined to physically whip your ass
But if you wanna blast
Make a muthafuckin motion like you wanna reach
And you gon’ have a damn funeral next week

Bushwick has a couple of lines here and has more of a presence on the Rick Rubin tweaked remixed album, but on this album he get’s a solo track with the appropriately titled, “Size Aint Shit“.  Don’t sleep on Bill!  He’s got some dope lyrics and raps like he’s 6’5” with lyrics like these:

Liftin weights’ll make you bigger
But lift me you’ll be a dead ass nigga
You wanna squabble cause you think you’re tougher?
{*gunfire*} Squabble that motherfucker!
Those are called bullets, they got ’em in every state
To keep niggas like you in place
And since I’m a trigger happy nigga
Look for your place to be in a
Cemetery, you God damn sucker
Lyin next to another bad motherfucker
Reputation ain’t shit cause see
What you done did in the past don’t excite me
You can’t have it, na na-na na na
Any motherfucker wanna get with Bushwick
Bring it on cause your size ain’t shit

The one song that is a game changer and introduces us to one of the greatest lyricists in Hip Hop history is “Scarface“.  The man can spit and tell a detailed story at the same time.  Sprinkle in some “Tony Montana” samples, and you have probably the greatest Geto Boys track ever.  “All I have in this world” is tattooed in my brain!

Later on, all alone, sat around the house kickin it
My girl came home, I told her shit had been
Real fucked up, so girl, don’t push me
She pulled her skirt up, and said, “He could need some pussy”
I just sat back, my legs started shakin
Now here’s another stupid bitch that I be breakin
I grabbed the slimmy by her hand, and lead her upstairs
Threw her down on the bed, and she said, “Fuck, yeah!”
I opened up her legs, prepared her for the stabbin
Like Mike Tyson in a brawl, boy, I was jabbin
The bitch was sweatin, but I guess she wasn’t bothered
Cause all she said was, “Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”
I started bangin, I was bangin, dick was numbin
She wasn’t hangin, she was singin, “Brad, I’m comin!”
Up and down, side to side, perfect timin
I started stickin with the quickness, we were grindin
I was just about to nut, she got on top of me
I heard a (*shot*) Now what the fuck? Somebody shot at me
I took a look, the girl was cooked, her head exploded

Scarface continues his rampage on “Trigga Happy Nigga” and “Life in the Fast Lane“. The last track on this certified classic, sits there knowing how macabre and morbid it is, and it blows our brain on the first listen.  The track is a bit different than the remix.  On this version Bill doesn’t commit necrophilia, and is a bit “tamer”.  I just remember rewind this track over and over and saying, “Did they really just say that?”.

Looking through her window, now my body is warm
She’s naked, and I’m a peeping tom
Her body’s beautiful, so I’m thinking rape
Shouldn’t have had her curtains open, so that’s her fate
Leaving out her house, grabbed the bitch by her mouth
Drug her back in, slammed her down on the couch
Whipped out my knife, said, “If you scream, I’m cuttin'”
Opened her legs and commenced the fuckin’
She begged me not to kill her, I gave her a rose
Then slit her throat, and watched her shake till her eyes closed
Had sex with the corpse before I left her
And drew my name on the wall like helter skelter
Run for shelter never crossed my mind
I had a gauge, a grenade, and even a nine
Dial 911 for the bitch
But the cops ain’t shit when they’re fucking with a lunatic

The Geto Boys put Texas on the map, and became the south’s version on N.W.A.  The album is as perfect as can be and deserves to be one of the greatest albums in Hip Hop history.  I know every word on this album and on the Rick Rubin remixed album, and I find it difficult to choose which one is better.  In reality, it doesn’t really matter!  At the end of the day, both albums get major rotation in the car and crib, and are legends in my eyes!

-Al E.

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