Ganksta Nip – South Park Psycho 25 Year Anniversary

Ganksta Nip – South Park Psycho 25 Year Anniversary

Ever wonder what type of rhymes Chucky, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhies, or Pinhead would spit if they ever had a chance in the booth?  Pick up Ganksta Nip’s debut album South Park Psycho, released 25 years ago. Ganksta Nip and his DJ Triple Six secured a deal with legendary Rap A Lot Records and debuted a style not yet introduced yet, Horrorcore:  aggressive beats and themes of cannibalism, murder, rape and general schizophrenia.  This matter may be a bit much for the everyday listener, but for those who aren’t squeamish and enjoy shock factor, this album is perfect.

South Park Psycho

The Intro started and you are immediately thrust into the world of Ganksta Nip. He talks about his production team and gives various shot outs to his Rap A Lot family and interestingly enough, Ice T.  The ominous organ in the background, his slowed down monologue and the random screams throughout set the tone for the mayhem that was about to follow.

If the Intro didn’t freak you out, the albums first track will have shaking in your boots.    Within the first 90 seconds of “Horror Movie Rap“, Nip rhymes

I woke up with a dead dog on me

So I thought….bologna

Gangsta Nip with the psycho voice

Some say im insane cause I married a dead horse.

Kill a nigga for a measly ass nickel

Throw some blood on a stick equals strawberry popsicles

You said I was weak, yea point blank told me.

Tied a needle to my dick and my grandmother rode me

Aint another nigga in the world that can match this

I feel like swimming in rat piss.

These rhymes let you know how sick and twisted Nip’s thoughts can be.  The beat is pure horror. A menacing cascading bassline along with the terrified screams in the background perfectly complement the vile subject matter.  This instrumental can easily be played during the final credits to The Human Centipede.

Ganksta Nip – Horror Movie Rap

Ganksta Nip directs his violence solely at cops on the violent “Paranoid”.  This one also stood out as it had a distinct rock vibe thanks to the Ted Nugent sample.  “Fuck the Police” was nursery rhyme compared to this savagery.

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Smoking Amp” is another rough tale.  This one highlighted our host and his DJ getting extra violent while high as hell off angel dust.

got pissed, and took me a beer
(triple gunshots) down with the cashier
She died in my violent capture
(what happened next??) Then triple six raped her
This nigga started screaming for heaven
He tried to run but he died on isle seven

He goes on to drive on the sidewalk hitting people and ends by killing himself.  Rap A Lot brethren Dope-E from The Terrorists stops by on the menacing “Get Out the Game.”  The pair discuss their desire to leave the dope game, but by the time Nip rhymes, you realize he is cool with slangin coke and will do anything necessary to protect his business.

Got a kilo in my trunk wit sum lead
Mac-10 infrared scope aimed at a cop’s head

You’ll die fuckin’ wit my dope
Like that nigga they found dead bleedin’ wit his neck broke

K-Rino, Dope E and Point Blank warn anyone and everyone not to F with them  on “Rough Brothers from South Park.  “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” is the standout on the album and features Scarface, Wille D and Seagram.  The music on this one was a bit more smooth and even featured a sampled R&B croon on the hook and a smooth saxophone riff scattered throughout.  But make no mistake; just because this beat is jammin a bit, Nip still has plenty of those psychotic bars for that ass

Nigga, Ganksta NIP’s in the house
Everytime I see a mouse

Its automatic spaghetti sauce

Ganksta Nip – Action Speaks Louder Than Words

The entire album can be summed up in one song: “Psycho.” Over a minimal beat, Nip unleashed terror on the listener with rhymes like:

It’s time for a murder, I’m finna’ kick ass
Breast feed newborn babies with unleaded gas
Blood gushin’ out your head, it’s getting thicker and thicker

Pour some chocolate on your arm so it can taste like a Snicker
Graveyard in my bed, only when I get mad
Arms and legs in my closet, heads and throats in my trashbag
Talkin’ that shit, you’ll get beat with some switches

Blew up a convalescent center cause I hate old bitches

Now it’s easy to be turned off with an entire album filled with gruesome tales of death.   But any connoisseurs of the horror movie genre will appreciate South Park Psycho, one of the first albums of its kind.  This album is a must for any early Rap A Lot fans.

Ganksta Nip – South Park Psycho 25 Year Anniversary

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  1. Gangsta nip first 2 albums are classics all the way, I Kno that word classic is thrown around all loosely now-a-days but trust me, a man at age 35 who has been apart of hip-hop since I can remember, take my word that if u love rap/hip-hop nevermind with the sub-genre categorization it’s a definite history milestone.. I fuck 93 year old woman, fucking animals, it’s fucking crazy, killing cops, it’s awesome

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