Fat Boys – “Big & Beautiful” 30 Year Album Anniversary

Fat Boys – “Big & Beautiful” 30 Year Album Anniversary

The Fat Boys released their third studio album “Big & Beautiful” on May 6 1986.  The album was produced by The Fat Boys and Fresh Gordon amongst others.  It was also the last album that was released off Sutra Records.  The album contains  tracks and produced 2 major singles.

The first track off “Big & Beautiful” is the Jame’s Brown cover “Sex Machine”.  The beat and hook are the same as the original and the Fat Boys put their own spin on it and make it funky.  The first 2 verses were all Kool Rock Ski’s and the last was Prince Markie’s where he says he’s going to sing yet he still raps!  No worries, it’s still a dope track!

The highlight of the album has to be “Breakdown” where Mark and Kool Rock flow on a dope piano beat that will leave you asking for more.  The track was produced by The Latin Rascals and I’m not sure why no one has used this sample.  This is where the Fat Boys show off their lyrical skill instead of re-doing an old pop song.

They also go off on “In The House” where they rap over a dope “Funk, Inc” beat and eerie background.  The rhymes seem to come off better when they have more of a stripped down track.  Again, the pop remake tracks are cool, but this is where the Fat Boys shine.  This also became their second single off the album.

“Beat Box is Rockin” is all Buffy the Human Beat Box.  The beat sounds so 80’s with the robot voice but as soon as Buff starts to beat box, you know you can by pass the corniness.   He even gives us the “gas face” before 3rd Bass did it (1:43).

The better track is “Human Beat Box Part 3” where they go “Stick’em” but without the vigor.  But then, nothing compares to “Stick’em” or the original!

“Go For It” and “Double-O Fat Boys” round off the album but it is easy to see that they made a bigger splash (no pun intended) with their earlier 2 albums.  The would score again with “Crushin” but after that they fell off the face of the earth.  Times were changing and by the time this album dropped, gangsta rap was changing Hip Hop forever.  The Fat Boys will always be pioneers and till this day we miss Darren “Buffy” Robinson and his funky beatbox!  RIP BUFF

-Al E.


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