EPMD – Unfinished Business Anniversary

EPMD released their second studio album “Unfinished Business” on August 1, 1989. The album was produced by EPMD themselves and it gave us one of their greatest cuts by this Brentwood NY crew!

What’s the cut?  You really have to ask?  “So Wat Cha Sayin” is one of those cuts that will blow your mind once you hear it and you will never forget where you were when you first heard it!  I was listening to 1580-AM KDAY when Greg Mack played it for the first time.  I waited about an hour or so until they played it again, and I was ready for it, with a blank 90 minute TDK cassette and the record button on pause!  The track samples a dope guitar sample from “If It Don’t Turn You On” by BT Express and a drum beat from Soul II Soul and even goes as far as sampling the great Luther Vandross, (courtesy of Erick Sermon and his angelic voice) and the combination is lethal!  DJ Scratch makes his EPMD debut and shows off some crazy dope ass skills on the tables.  As for Erick and Parrish, they flow like they had an axe to grind…oh wait…they did!

While I’m slayin’ must explain, a sucker is the lame
Battle in the trenches where the funky be playin’
Cause with a partner like E Double don’t come a dime a dozen
A kin not blood related, but you can call us cousins
Cause as we climb the charts, better known as statistics
Brothers on my jock while I’m kickin’ ballistics
Droppin’ hits like I’m Housin’, You Gots Ta Chill, and more
The proof is in the pudding (yo check the Billboard)
People round town talkin’ this and that
Of how we sound like the R, and our music was wack
Dropped the album Strictly Business and you thought we was bold
Thirty days later, the LP went gold
So what you sayin’

On “Knick Knack Paddy Wack” EPMD are joined by K-Solo to spit some rhymes “This Old Man” style.  But this ain’t no kindergarten-song-before-a-nap type of track.  Behind a “Woman to Woman” by Joe Cocker sample (same as “California Love“) they all go off trading lines down the line.  Of course K-Solo gets on the mic to spell his lyrics and unfortunately misspells a very easy word.  Still a unforgettable track!

And my momentum of the fast flow of rhyme’ll get em tamed
The pain of no fame, no title again, nobody but the real
K-S-O-L-O to blame
When I S-P-E, L-L, very W-E, L-L
People all out there can T-E-L-L
Rhymes that I got, or write will S-E-L-L
For those who don’t believe me, can go to H-E-L-L
I’m from C-I, L-I, F-L-Y
Like a B-R-I-D, in the S-K-Y
Don’t even T-O-Y to be dat’s why
L-I-N-E’s belong to M-I-N-E
I’m makin’ veche, some rappers imitate
Yo fuck it, Solo here’s to make parties sway
People, I won’t take any kind of losses
Battlin’ rappers grabbin’ the mic and usin’ resources
Like household utensils, kitchen appliances…

Who’s Booty?” is one of those tracks where Erick and Parrish go on a slow flow but kill it as always!  They take the same beat Run DMC took for “The Ave” (Fred Wesley’sSame Beat“) with the vocals from “Loose Booty” by Funkadelic to make it complete!  Dope ish,

Yo, at a hip-hop club was a girl I met
She was hot you can bet, her body dripped with sweat
I kicked it to her, and her name was Kim
She said let’s jet because she was ready for the jim
Browski I doubt thee e would front
So like a real stunt, I rolled the blunt
She was ready, I could see in her face
So we stepped, and went right to her place
It was phat, she had a dope crib
She offered food, like some barbecue ribs
I said “no thank you” not now honey
How about some drink, yes some gin rummy
After that, come here and sit down
And put on “Tenderoni” by mister Bobbi Brown

They take 3 James Brown samples to make the incredible “The Big Payback” where they go after their enemies that said EPMD was a fad!  The video has the crew going after wack mc’s (one looking like Mellow Man Ace) with the assistance of N.W.A and Tone Loc!  What east coast/west coast beef???

What separates this album from the first and the third are 2 tracks, “It’s Time To Party” and “You Had Too Much Too Drink“.  I just don’t get it.  These tracks could’ve been omitted and had people pressing the forward button and skipping these tracks.  There was even a video for “You Had Too Much Too Drink”.  Sounds and looks like a PSA.

Still, with bangin tracks like “Total Kaos” and “Please Listen To My Demo” besides the one’s mentioned here, you have a definite banger!  It’s just sammiched between two classic albums, so it’s not fair to compare them with this!  We salute you Erick and Parrish on a dope album and and career!

-Al E.


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