Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP Album Anniversary Review

Eminem released his third studio album “The Marshall Mathers LP” on May 23 2000.  The album was released on Aftermath and Shady Records.  The album was produced mostly by Dr Dre, but Eminem and the Bass Brothers also had production credits on this LP.  The album is Eminem’s most successful effort to date and is agreed upon by most critics (including me) that it is the dopest album in the Eminem discography.

One could easily think that the Dr Dre produced tracks would be the sure-fire bangers off the album, especially, before listening to the whole LP.  However, you’d be surprised by the Bass Brothers production skills.  The albums begins with “Kill You” were Slim Shady goes off and shows the depth of his lyrical skills, while Dr Dre’s beat move slowly to make it a perfect blend.

“Bitch I’ma kill you! Like a murder weapon, I’ma conceal you
in a closet with mildew, sheets, pillows and film you
Buck with me, I been through hell, shut the hell up!
I’m trying to develop these pictures of the Devil to sell ’em
I ain’t “acid rap,” but I rap on acid
Got a new blow-up doll and just had a strap-on added
WHOOPS! Is that a subliminal hint? NO!
Just criminal intent to sodomize women again
Eminem offend? NO! Eminem insult
And if you ever give in to him, you give him an impulse
to do it again, THEN, if he does it again
you’ll probably end up jumping out of something up on the 10th”

The track that makes you buy this album just might be the Eminem/Dido collaboration on “Stan“.  The track is produced by Flavor Unit’s 45 King and the story behind the song (fictitious) was about a young man that is so obsessed with Eminem that he literally tries to be just like him even going as far as trying to kill his wife like Eminem likes to joke about.  The video is dope but the live performance of him and Elton John at the 2001 Grammy Awards is a must see.

If you really want to hear Eminem spit some positivity and get to the point without dissing female pop singers and acting like Ken Kaniff, look no further and play “The Way I Am“.  Once you hear it, you know it’s one of his greatest songs ever.  He get’s emotional and puts it all out there for everyone to see without giving two f*cks about it.  Listening to his lyrical cadence will leave you in awe.  This man is truly gifted.

“I sit back with this pack of Zig Zags and this bag
Of this weed it gives me the shit needed to be
The most meanest MC on this – on this Earth
And since birth I’ve been cursed with this curse to just curse
And just blurt this berserk and bizarre shit that works
And it sells and it helps in itself to relieve
All this tension dispensing these sentences
Getting this stress that’s been eating me recently off of this chest
And I rest again peacefully (peacefully)…
But at least have the decency in you
To leave me alone, when you freaks see me out
In the streets when I’m eating or feeding my daughter
Do not come and speak to me (speak to me)…
I don’t know you and no,
I don’t owe you a motherfucking thing”

The Real Slim Shady” is that funny track that Em always starts off with as his first single (My Name Is, Without Me, etc.).  It’s produced by Dr Dre (of course) and features D-12 in the video.

Remember Me” is the ill track off this album.  Dr Dre’s production is dark yet bouncy and dope at the same time.  RBX and Sticky Fingaz join in on the fun and make this track one of 2 dope posse tracks produced by Dre.  Em steals the show with lyrics that will make you say “Hot Damn!  Dudes metaphors and vocab are dope!”

“Came home, and somebody musta broke in the back window
and stole two loaded machine guns and both of my trench-coats
Sick sick dreams of picnic scenes, two kids, sixteen
with M-16’s and ten clips each
And them shits reach through six kids each
And Slim gets blamed in Bill Clint’s speech to fix these streets?
FUCK THAT! PBBT!  You faggots can vanish to volcanic ash
and re-appear in hell with a can of gas, AND a match
Aftermath, Dre, grab the gat, show ’em where it’s at!”

You can also say the same for Sticky Fingaz verse that brings down the house!

“Niggaz that take no for an answer, get told no
Yeah I been told no but it was more like, “No, no, no!!!”
Life a bitch that’ll fuck you if you let her
Better come better than better to be a competitor
this vet is ahead of,
The shit is all redder, you deader and deader
A medic instead-a the cheddars and credda
Settle vendetta one metal beretta from ghetto to ghetto
Evidence? NOPE! Never leave a shred-of
I got the soul of every rapper in me, love me or hate me
My moms got raped by the industry and made me”

The other posse cut you ask?  “Bitch Please 2” gives us the remix with Dre, Nate Dogg, Xzibit and Snoop on the track acting a fool.  Just by listing those names, you know this track is major!  What up Detroit???

As for the Bass Brother’s tracks, there are three tracks that stick out like an orange cap with a green bill.  This first one is the incredible title track where Eminem goes after his “pop princess and boy band” enemies.  But right before that, he relives the Pac and Big tragedies.  Dope track indeed.

“Yo, you might see me joggin, you might see me walkin
You might see me walkin a dead rottweiler dog
with it’s head chopped off in the park with a spiked collar
hollerin at him cause the son of a bitch won’t quit barkin
(grrrr, ARF ARF) Or leanin out a window, with a cocked shotgun
Drivin up the block in the car that they shot ‘Pac in
Lookin for Big’s killers, dressed in ridiculous
blue and red like I don’t see what the big deal is
Double barrel twelve gauge bigger than Chris Wallace
Pissed off, cause Biggie and ‘Pac just missed all this
Watchin all these cheap imitations get rich off ’em
and get dollars that shoulda been there’s like they switched wallets”

The other two are “Under The Influence“, where he let’s his crew D-12 run game, and the final track “Criminal“.  “Criminal” is yet another song that will leave you pressing the rewind button over and over again!  Eminem gives us some dope lyrics mixed with some tongue and cheek humor.  This album ends with a bang with lyrics like these:

“Windows tinted on my ride when I drive in it
So when I rob a bank, run out and just dive in it
So I’ll be disguised in it
And if anybody identifies the guy in it
I’ll hide for five minutes
Come back, shoot the eyewitness
Fire at the private eye hired to pry in my business
Die, bitches, bastards, brats, pets
This puppy’s lucky I didn’t blast his ass yet [*dog whines*]
If I ever gave a fuck, I’d shave my nuts
tuck my dick in between my legs and cluck
You motherfucking chickens ain’t brave enough
to say the stuff I say, so just tape it shut [*tape unrolls*]
Shit, half the shit I say, I just make it up
To make you mad so kiss my white naked ass
And if it’s not a rapper that I make it as
I’ma be a fucking rapist in a Jason mask”

If you are a hardcore Eminem fan, the album was his apex.  The album has dope production and is a certified classic!  For non-Eminem fans…if you consider this wack…y’all are haters!  The album is worthy of the label “classic” and Em is one of our greatest lyricists!  Don’t let the color of his skin get in the way of labeling this album as “aiight”.  Like he says,

“I just get on the mic and spit it
And whether you like to admit it [*ERR*] I just shit it
Better than ninety percent of you rappers out can”

We salute you Em!

-Al E.


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