Eightball & MJG – On Top Of The World Anniversary

Eightball & MJG – On Top Of The World Anniversary

1995 marked a great year in hip hop. All time classics like “The Infamous“, “Only Built for Cuban Linx“, “Liquid Swords“, and “Me Against the World” all dropped. Memphis representers Eightball & MJG came out hard and released their own classic “On Top Of the World” on November 1st, 1995.  With their follow up to “On The Outside Looking In”, they proved that they are one of the best groups in hip hop. Production, great chemistry and range of subject matter make their third album exquisite.

Pimp In My Own Rhyme


After a brief intro, we hear a banging instrumental then Eightball sets the tone of the album.  On “Pimp In My Own Rhyme” he states “Most, hoe’s know, I’m out to get the loot. Fuck being your boyfriend girl I wanna hit the boots

After pimping hoes, Eightball & MJG tackle various other topics. “Funk Mission” is a powerful tale that warns of the dangers from cocaine and crack.  MJG starts off with a tale about someone he used to be close with.  Cocaine became his drug of choice and the friend no longer was trustworthy.  Eightball continues and offers the same perils that come with cocaine and crack use. He finished the song with a different, non judgmental point of view when he rhymes:

“Now some people say that all drugs is bad drugs
And in they eyes I’m a junkie cause I smoke bud
And so then God please forgive me for I have sinned
And forgive those who lived for the funk
The Pookie clip at the end is an exclamation point on an already great song”

In The Line Of Duty

“In the Line of Duty” highlights Eightball & MJG’s disgust at police brutality. Eightball wonders: “If we all did like Pac and bust at cops when we got stopped
Bet you shit would straighten up and start flying right”

“Comin Up” was the story of their origins and their frustration with the rap industry. They had fans, but no money.  Eightball captured this angst perfectly when he rhymes:

Every record store and stereo supply shop
Sellin’ me, but I’m not collectin’ a salary
What else to do except say fuck this whole rap shit
Find a hustle in the streets and try to flip shit
All in the next nigga hood slangin’ packs on the bus
People askin’ me, “Mane, don’t you rap?

Space Age Pimpin

New Daaaay New Aaaage. Now who can forget “Space Age Pimpin” 8-Ball and MJG kick some serious game on this classic over a magical body of music. Lines like

I’ll be obliged if you step outside
Because my ride is awaiting our date and
Of steak and a night cap
We mating, awaking
By smells of perfume that I inhale


Let’s hit the hotel
Get a suite
An order something to eat
Tell me things about you
I’ll tell you things about me
Then out the blue I’ll be carressing you, undressing you
You start doing all shit you said you’d never do
Lustin busting all out of my boxer drawers

Were so smooth, my mother would have to give my pops a second thought

“Space Age Pimpin”

Friend of Foe

Guests were kept to a minimal on this album. West coast legends, E-40 and Mac Mall jump on “Friend of Foe” along with The Geto Boys, Big Mike. The result is a smooth funky ride that ensures you are choosing your friends wisely. Label mates South Circle show up on “All In My Mind” The end of that song highlights a guitar solo that seems random but is absolutely amazing.

Flawless, that’s the only way to describe the production on this masterpiece. T-Mix, one of the main producers from Suave House during that time period, mixed this entire album. He was able to perfectly cook up a sample-less southern classic with a pinch of west coast flavor. Title track “On Top Of The World” features the use of a decoder which is definitely a nod to the west side.

Eightball & MJG’s “On Top Of The World” is on my top 10 favorite albums ever. This is one of the few albums where the production is so clean and crisp that the use of the forward button isn’t needed. Good music and clever lyrics makes the 3rd release from 8 Ball and MJG a classic. Now excuse me while I rest my neck.

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Eightball & MJG – On Top Of The World Anniversary

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