Eightball – Lost Double Album Anniversary Review

Double albums became extremely popular in the 1990’s.  Your favorite rapper probably has one somewhere in their discography.   Tupac arguably had the first double hip hop CD, if not for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper”. This trend was followed by everyone from B.I.G., Bone, Nas, Jay, Wu-Tang, Master P and Outkast among others in the 90’s.   Eightball and MJG, the legendary duo from Memphis created three classic albums collectively in the 90’s.   1998 was the year that 8-Ball decided to make a bold move by creating a double album for his first solo project, “Lost”.  And what a delicious southern audio buffet 8-Ball prepared.  He was extremely generous with his guest appearances.  Wherever you were from in the country, there was something for your ear.

Eightball-Lost-Album-Back-In-The-Day-BuffetGet Money” featured an always animated Busta Rhymes.  The subject is nothing new, but this is a collaboration well worth listening to.  Redman joins 8-Ball’s smooth flow for “Coffee Shop” to slay the microphone.  8-Ball went out west to pick up legends E-40, Rappin 4-Tay and the Eastbay Gangster.  Spice 1 murders and E-40 & 4-Tay lend their playa poetry to “360”. Pure Uncut featured all the hottest Louisiana rappers of that time period…..The No Limit Soldiers.  Master P, Mystikal and Silk showed up  to add their signature rhymes and even had a couple standard “Uhhhhhh”’s.   “Pure Uncut” was also remixed with a completely different line up.  8 Ball definitely capitalized on that late 90’s time period and pulled DMX and Canibus, in their prime, to bless the remix with stellar wordplay.    Bun B lends his Texas wisdom  on “Ball and Bun.”   Goodie Mob showed up to offer their Soul Food on “Backyard Mississippi”.   Eightball and MJG reunited on “Put your Hands Up.”

Lost wasn’t just a compilation album to see how many features 8-Ball could muster up.   He has some gems that featured himself over the southern soul courtesy of Tony Draper and the rest of the Suave House producers.  8-Ball shows a spiritual side on the title track, “Lost” and a smoother side on the funky “This is Dedicated”  “My First Love” had a slight reggae vibe that stood out.  The piece de resistance of this CD was the story, “My Homeboys Girlfriend”. 8-Ball definitely showed the world that he is a top tier story teller.  Over what sounds like a sample of a 1980’s soap opera, Ball navigates his way through an intricate story about how he was attracted to Angela, his best friend’s girlfriend.  He manages to make you feel exactly like he felt when Angela came around.  He described how he was conflicted- after all she is off limits.  The end of his second verse lets you know what we all figured was inevitable.

All in my lap, on my early mornin’ hard dick
Grindin’ on it, pullin’ it, before I knew it, suckin’ it
Ended up fuckin’ it
I guess I’m a weak man
It’s hard to understand my homeboy’s girlfriend

Anyone looking  for some older music to add the collection that may have been missed, this double CD will have more than enough to satisfy the purest hip hop fan. Perhaps you have been living under a rock and ignored 3 classic Eightball and MJG albums.   “Lost” is a great introduction to a top notch lyricist during a time where southern MC’s were regarded as lyrically inept.

Eightball – Lost (Double Album Anniversary) by Jamil

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