Eazy E – 5150: Home 4 tha Sick


Eazy E – 5150: Home 4 tha Sick

Eazy E released his EP “5150 : Home 4 tha Sick“, on December 28, 1992.  The EP was a preview of the upcoming double album “Temporary Insanity” that never came to fruition.  The album was produced by Cold 187um, Naughty By Nature, Bobcat, Madness 4 Real and Dr Jam.  This is the first release by Eazy E since Dr Dre left the group to create Death Row Records with Suge Knight.


The album starts with the track “Intro: New Year’s E-Vil” where Eazy E let’s us know what this album is going to be about and doesn’t beat around the bush.

[spoken by Eazy-E with an evil voice]
Hahahah, 5150
The home for the sick
But I got something I want everybody to know
Hey buddy boy, hey buddy (pisp) (pisp) buddy boy, hey
You know who you are, motherfucker
You thought I couldn’t do it with out ya right
You stupid motherfucker, but anyway, buddy, I’m baaaaaaack
Eat a dick up, motherfucker

Only If You Want It

Once we get passed the intro, we get the Naughty by Nature written and produced track “Only If You Want It” that sounds like Eazy E doing a karaoke version of a Naughty by Nature track.  It sounds similar to what Treach and Vinnie did for Run DMC.  The track is dope but does not sound like a typical Eazy track.

Can I get an eye open up
Eazy locin’ up, Smokin’ up
Much dust like a nut what
Give it up for the real stuff
Shut the what up
Back that shit up, what?
Hustler from the hood ho
Hopping in my trunk
The finishing touches
Would show what rough is
Coming in bunches
Could serve like lunches
Hold ya horses here’s where the source is
Not very tall but never took a short kid
With a clip to claw
Wouldn’t draw Mcgraw
I trick a law before all and all I’m raw
A naughty shorty, sporty with a forty
A lordy taking tours, just to plan a orgy
A nasty critter, any ho hitter
Hated my babysitter cause she wouldn’t let me hit her
Now get up on it, on and on get on it
And I will pump it, only if you want it

Neighborhood Sniper

The track that stands out and gives us hope that the future would be banging in the Eazy E camp is the Cold 187um produced and written track “Neighborhood Sniper” where Eazy flows to a slow gangsta beat and as an added bonus, we get Kokane and Cold 187um on the hook.  If there is one track that will sell this EP, it’s this track!

Perched up high on a roof top
Like a bird I’m havin’ evil thoughts
A black hood covers my face
And death flows through my mind at it’s own pace
Sometimes I feel like a super hero
Urgin’ to free my kind
I’m so accurate
I shoot ya heart with a dime
Now I’m back to the moral of my tale
I see a victim and then my thoughts fail
My minds still fumblin’ with the present slavery
I’m here to save you but who’s to save me
I hold my strap so long that my palms all wet
I put my finger on the button then the sight I check
I make the kill here’s the deal
After the trigger’s pulled then the death is sealed
So it’s the shots that sing out like a piper
Everyones scared I’m the neighborhood sniper

Niggaz My Height Don’t Fight

Bobcat produced the 4th track “Niggaz My Height Don’t Fight” and uses a blues sample from B.B. King’sHelp The Poor” but the track doesn’t fit Eazy E’s style. Somehow the track works and is worthy enough to be put as part as a greatest hits compilation.

But let me finish my story as I was sayin’
I told you lil locs ain’t playin’
Gotta roll with the punches
Can’t help the travellin’ bunches
Now, ain’t that somethin’
Just in case a few niggas try to trip
Bone-out, put on my ski-mask and come back blastin’
Cause niggas my height don’t fight
My name is Eazy-E, you’re motherfuckin’ right
They must to thought I was a busta
You’re wearin’ your bullet-proof vest
So what’s next?
I got my nine filled up with teflon
And don’t let me hit the wetbomb
So what ya wanna do?
The red, white and blue
I got some for you, too
Cause it gonna be on when I’m kickin’ down doors
So say hello to my new 44

Merry Muthaphuckkin’ Xmas

The final track “Merry Muthaphuckkin’ Xmas” got me in so much trouble that my dad contemplated on throwing me out of the house.  I remember getting the CD but I did not realize there was a Christmas song at the end of the CD that got me labeled a “blasphemous”. The track also features DolemiteMenajahtwa and Buckwheat and it’s Eazy E’s way of celebrating Christmas.  It’s nasty and rude but it’s part of Eric’s humor!  By the way, I was able to apologize and swear I would never play the song again and my dad let me live!

Merry muthafuckin’ Christmas and a ho ho ho!
While I’m riding that cot under the mistletoe
Now dashing through the snow
In a candy red top 6-4 (hittin’ them switches)
Over the hills I go
Laughing at this ho
Nuts on her chin ring
Making me feel right
Oh what fun it is to know
That I’m gonna get this pussy tonight
So ring them bells, ring them bells
She’s taking it all the way
Oh what fun it is to watch her suck my dick this way, hey
Ring them bells, ring them bells
She’s taking it all the way
Oh what fun it is to nut while she’s sucking my dick
Oh yay!
This is the season to get bitten
Compton crime lick and I’m smoking on this shit

R.I.P. Eazy-E

This was not the EP I was waiting for, but less than one year later we get his last album (EP) “It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa” and that one brought us the true Eazy E flavor! We also didn’t know at the time that Eazy only had less than 3 years to live before he was taken away from us.  Any Eazy E fan has everything he’s ever recorded, so this EP will no doubt be in their collection.  It’s in mine!

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Eazy E – 5150: Home 4 tha Sick

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