DJ Quik – Way 2 Fonky Anniversary

DJ Quik released his second studio album “Way 2 Fonky” on July 20, 1992.  The album was produced by Quik himself and was the successful follow up to “Quik Is The Name“.


As soon as you pop in the tape or cd, you know that Quik upped the ante on this album. The album starts nicely with the funky “Amerika’z Most Complete Artist” the track puts on notice all those people that said he couldn’t rap or produce.  How could you get that from listening to his last album.

Now when I say I’m complete;
that means I’m true to my game and my cap
And I refrain from bein played like a sap
And a bitch? No bitch can handle what I’m kickin
They say I’m trippin but they stick around my room for a dickin
Cause the power of the Quiksta’s too overwhelmin
And when you let me rip I’m goin in with a helmet
That’s why your little brother wants to be like me
I’m surrounded by the trueness that suckers fail to see
Now 2nd II None, is you down with the Quik? “What you think?”
Mr. Bankin, is you down with the Quik? “Yeah, you know it”
Playa Hamm, is you down with the Quik? “Oh but of course playa”
And everybody else.. {“.. can get the dick”}
Now on my last album, I said I rolled too motherfuckin deep
That was for them suckaz that was tryin to creep
but peep the real – that when I got that murderin feelin
I can take a loss and make a killin and still be

He them samples the Gap Band (twice) nicely on “Mo Pussy” where Quik spits out sex rhymes the same way he did on “Sweet Black Pussy“.  The beat will make you dance and laugh at the same time.  Quik’s production is bananas on this track!

I wonder..
How would it feel, to sleep with a woman like you?
To fade that monkey til it’s funky
Rollin’ all over your bed, stickin to you like glue
You can call me a real funk junkie
Slangin this dick like dope
Strapped with a cap and I’m lookin’ for the slope that leads
To the hairpie hoes, AMG knows
“Word to the motherfuckin’ three-oh-fo’s!”
Now pass that gin, and let’s begin
And how you goin out? That’s how I’m goin in
Holdin’ your titties, them big two knobs
Nuttin in your ass in big goo gobs
Sticky and it’s tricky but I glide when I ride it
Tearin’ down your walls cause I’m all up inside it
Cumin’ to the fullest and you feel when I pull it
Yankin’ that friction’ is stankin’
But I don’t go bareback, naked booty style
I’d rather live a long life, checkin’ major pile
Cause H-I-V don’t give a fuck about me
And so, I don’t give a fuck about a ho
But what can I do? I’m addicted to the coochie
No matter what I say, I’ma still need a hoochie
Tell me get a nut, each and every time I get a little pushy
“Say what?” I gotta have mo’ pussy

He goes at his enemies hard on the dope and razor sharp title track.  Quik flows nicely over a funky beat, goes after Tim Dog and MC Eiht and holds nothing back!  He saves the best jabs for Tim Dog when he gives him the complete last verse.

Now when you records ain’t that funky then it’s easy to disrespect this
Cause you know that when I hit I didn’t miss
Just like that “I’m Born and Raised,” you wish you could fade
And when you picked up that album cover you knew I was paid, Tim
Cause we ain’t goin out and we ain’t stuck in that old school shit
That boring flavor that just don’t hit
Cause this is ninety-two, and yes yo’ style is through
And if your record ain’t sellin well fool I thought you knew
that this is straight Bronx killa, straight Bronx murda
Yeah yo’ city’s a dump, and fool yo’ shit don’t bump
And ‘member the “Jack the Rapper”? Yeah, your punk ass sat
That’s when my homeboy D, was bout to flatten yo’ cap
And you apologized to him, started kissin his ass
Sayin you only dissed Compton for the money, so he gave you a pass
but you ain’t movin shit on the streets
Get off the nuts of my city with them wack ass beats that ain’t Fonky

Who says Quik is not a storyteller?  The man tells a story about how being a Piru Blood and performing in different cities with unruly fans!  He talks about incidents in Oakland, St Louis, San Antonio and of course Denver.  “Jus Lyke Compton” is that track that will make you go out and buy the album ASAP.

Finally out the motherfuckin C-P-T
Off to other cities and shit
No longer just an underground hit
Movin thangs… a local nigga made good
And made a name off of making tapes for niggaz in the hood
And now, let me tell a little story
About the places that I been to and the shit that I been through
Like fightin and shootouts and bangin and shit
All because a nigga made a hit, check it
Nineteen-ninety-one, it was double or nothin that a nigga would hit
Then we broke out with the fonky shit
About bitches and niggaz and gettin drunken off that bud
I was doing the shit they hadn’t heard of
But foolish was I to think that it wasn’t no other cities like this
And that they didn’t like this
That Compton was the home of a foot in yo ass
Where you got blast
And now that’s just a thing of the past
Let me tell ya why firsthand, we did a show up in Oak-land
And niggaz was kickin up sand, to them bangin ain’t nothin new
And slangin ain’t nothin new
And for every nigga we done shot
They done shot two
Straight through and on since the sixties before I was born
Families of young niggaz mourn
So I’m just letting you know
That if ya plan to take a trip to the bay
Keep your hand on the clip

Quik’s Groove II” is another funky dope instrumental, “Niggaz Still Trippin” is a posse cut that includes 2nd II None, Hi-C, AMG and JFN, and lastly he goes raggamuffin on us on the reggae track “Me Wanna Rip Ya Girl” .  He ends with “The Last Word” where he goes after Eiht and Tim again!  The album is twice as dope as the first album and that is saying a lot without disrespect!  Quik is one dope “complete artist” and for that we salute you!

-Al E.

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