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DJ Quik released his debut studio album “Quik Is The Name” on January 15th 1991. The album was produced by DJ Quik himself and has been credited as the start of the “G Funk Era”.  The album was released on Priority Records Although DJ Quik is known to represent the Compton street gang Piru Bloods, this album is far from “gangsta”.   On his debut we are more impressed by his production than by his lyrical flow.  Not this rhyme style is wack…but the production is on another level!

The album starts off with the XXX-rated “Sweet Black Pussy“.  Using a dope sample of Blowfly’sThe Incredible Fulk” (how appropriate), Quik express his love for black…well you know!  These type of tracks can be found at least once on every album and becomes part of what we expect from this musical genius. The raunchiness comes quick (excuse the pun) with,

Now I be knockin bitches like it ain’t shit
Cause I’ma playa motherfucker named DJ Quik
Yo, maybe it’s the way, I hold my dick
that makes all the girlies wanna ride my tip
But some of these bitches try to act unfair (why?)
Maybe its becuase my hair is longer than theirs
But I don’t give a fuck, no I don’t care
Because I’m like Noah’s Ark – my bitches come in pairs

The second track on the album is “Tonight” where we first here that signature Quik sound and “G Funk” is introduced.  The song samples “Tonight” by Kleeer and is one of Quik’s most memorable songs.  It’s one of those songs that puts a smile on your face while partying with your girl and chillin with a cool beverage.

“Freakie lit it up and hit it one two three
Shabby took a hit and then they pass it to me
It’s the bomb!!!
Yo I can feel my senses
Get numb!!!
Yo fuck the forty ounce
I need some rum!!!
I’m chillin like a villain
Here I come!!!
And that’s how I’m livin”

But Quik fans have always loved his stories of the ghetto as he does on “Born and Raised in Compton” and “Quik Is the Name“.  On “Born and Raised in Compton” he let’s us know his trial and tribulations of living in the “CPT” and surviving.  Using Isaac Haye’sHyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic“, Quik gives us tales of what a day living in Compton is like.

Now Compton is the place where the homeboys chill, you see
But then I found that it wasn’t no place for me
Cause way back in the day somebody musta wanted me to quit
Because they broke in my house and cold stole my shit
They musta thought that I was gonna play the punk role
Just because my equipment got stole
But I ain’t goin out like no sucker-ass clown
They found they couldn’t keep a dope nigga down

On “Quik Is The Name” he gives us some west-coast-gangsta-from-the-gutter-funk with some CPT braggadocio.  The beat samples “Movin” by Brass Construction and a funky Cameo track “I Just Want To Be“.

Yeah, I don’t compare my rhyme styles to no gat
cause to me that bullshit is SUPER wack
I just remain plain and kick the facts
bout how a nigga can’t keep from gettin jacked
You gotta hold your own at any cost
cause if you don’t boy you might get bossed and tossed
by a sucker who claims he got more game than you
Bein true is what you oughta do
or you just might find some chrome pointed at your dome
Think fast or you might not make it home
See a nigga like myself ain’t goin out like that
because I found that it pays to pack a gat
in the city where surival is a full-time job black
and it ain’t givin nuttin back
The fo’-fo’ll keep a motherfucker tame
Behind the trigger yo, Quik is the Name

This was not Quik’s best effort, but it stands as a benchmark for the next albums to come. The lyrical skills get better, the production gets crisper and a legend is born.  DJ Quik will go down as one of the greatest producers and artists not just on the westcoast but in all of Hip Hop.  He is truly, “America’s Most Complete Artist“.

-Al E.

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  1. Definately was bumping this when it came out. One of my favorite Quick albums. He added another level to gangsta music with beats, humor and originality. My favorite cuts were Sweet black pussy, born and raised in Compton and especially the classic Tonight.

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