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sons-of-the-p-digital-underground-back-n-the-day-buffet-coverDigital Underground released their second studio album “Sons of the P” on October 15, 1991.  The album was produced by Digital Underground and was released on Tommy Boy Records.  Digital Underground also had help with writing and producing from funk legend George Clinton.

When “Sex Packets” dropped, we all got a breathe of fresh air coming west from the bay area.  Their live instruments and humorous lyrics gave us a break from all the gangsta rap that was engulfing the west coast especially in Los Angeles and Oakland. We got a taste of their new music on the EP appropriately titled “This Is An EP Release” and when this album dropped, we knew we were going to get something extremely funky and different.

The first single we heard was made for the radio.  The track “Kiss You Back” was that fly-love-song that you couldn’t get out of your head and was played over and over again. Borrowing two great James Brown tracks, Shock G goes to work for the honey’s and gives them an anthem that people still play until today.   How can you ever forget “Shimmy shimmy cocoa-pop/We-we chocolate cross-over“?  It’s like nursery rhymes for adults!

Yo it’s not funny!
Real cute is what you say to me
But any other way you play me
If you love me then I’ll love you back
When you say I get the most out of this it kind of bothers me
A fair exchange and no robbery
Love me girl and I’ll love you back

No Nose Job” was that joint that gave us “The Humpty Dance” all over again.  Well…not really, but the ish was dope af!  The beat has a bumble-bee like scratch that is crazy infectious and makes Humpty’s lyrics stand out that much more.  This song is unbelievably relevant today with all the liposuction, rhinoplasty, and butt implants going on, no one knows who is natural and who is not!  WORD!!!

Now the Black girl wants to get her lip tucked
She says, “Doc, I want the slim lips
So I’m a slim figure.”
The White girl says, “My hips are not big enough
And, yo, doc, inject the collagen to make my lips bigger.”
All of these so-called ‘celebrities’
Are selling millions of records
And claiming no responsibility
A young girl sees you on the TV show
She’s only 6
Says, “mama, I don’t like my nose”
Now, why’d you have to go and mess up the child’s head
So you could get another gold waterbed?
You fake hair, contact wearing, liposuction carnival exhibit
Listen to my rhyme, you need to hear it:

The title track “Son’s of the P” features funk master George Clinton and the collaboration is like a hand and glove, a perfect fit.  The beat is nice and slow and Shock G raps ultra slow that in reality, he’s talking!

Your present state of mind, you’re happiness
You’re spiritual creativity will be at its best
But first we must undress the clothes of society
Oh yes, we must undress the clothes of society
We’re pulling down the pants to your mind
This time we’ll make love to your intellect
The people in control are working very hard
To keep your natural desires in check

On “Heartbeat Props“, DU gives props to those modern day black leaders like Chuck D, KRS One and Ice Cube.  The get serious for a minute to spit about the importance of praising those that came before us, but emphasize that we should put all our effort to support those leaders still living amongst us!

I ask you about Malcolm and you tell me that he’s wicked
Farrakhan comes you can’t seem to buy a ticket
And check what my man has to say
Right or wrong, don’t you think that he deserves a play?
Cause he’s living for you and you and you and you
The brother X tried but he died trying to get through
So why wait until the heartbeat stops
Yo, go on and give my man his props
If you’re really that down then act what you say
KRS and Chuck need support today
I see you posing with the Dr King hanging on your wall
Only difference is Chuck might give you that call
To march on Friday, yeah, it’s kind of frightening
Let me move so I don’t get hit by the bolt of lightning
Striking you down cause you’re fronting

So after listening to the whole album, you realize that this album should be rated PG. But then we get “Good Thing We’re Rappin” and we realize that they saved the best for last!  The song is about pimpin’, and if they weren’t rappin, they would be pimpin the hoes!  It get’s incredibly descriptive and goes on for 8 minutes!  The interaction between Humpty The Pimp and the John shoes you how easily things can escalate.

And figure this too, the bitch is down for my dirty drawers
Find another ho to go for yours”
He said, “but, I like her”
I said, “you must be a rookie”
Now figure this three, he cut me off and stepped to Cookie
He said, “how do you feel about this, my dear?”
I said, “nigga you don’t check my bitch like I ain’t standin here!
Now I told you that this woman sells pussy for me
You and her ain’t the two, and we ain’t the three
And most of all nigga, I ain’t the one
Now back the fuck up off me son”
He said, “to block another man’s game is a shame”
I said, “leakin’ ass nigga,game recognize game
Now I told you that’s my people and I gave you a chance”
Reached down and started pullin out my tool from my pants
Shoulda capped his ass, instead
I look up and Wes done wrapped a pool stick round this nigga’s head
So I put my shit away, we beat him down cowboy style
Cookie runs up and says, “baby you okay?”
I says, “yo, all of this excitement got you dizzy
What you standin’ ’round watchin? bitch get busy!
Go back outside and finish gettin’ my money!”
The bartender laughed, said, “you pimp niggas funny”
And I’ll tell you once again
It blows my mind, when I think how I was living back then
Cause yo

The album is dope, but does not have the charm and finesse that the first album has! Still, this album bangs from beginning to end and doesn’t disappoint!  After 25 years, it’s still holds up nicely!  Props to Digital Underground!

-Al E.

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