Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – I Wish My Brother George Was Here

del-i-wish-my-brother-george-was-here-back-n-the-day-buffetDel Tha Funkee Homosapien released his debut album  “I Wish My Brother George Was Here” on October 22, 1991.  The album was produced by Ice Cube, DJ Pooh and Del himself.  Del and the Hieroglyphics started a movement in the bay and focused more on lyricism than just gangsterism.   He was first heard on Ice Cube’s classic track “Turn off the Radio” where at the end of the song he says,


Hi, this is D.E.L
Hey, I’m calling from 3838 Twin Oaks Way
Yeah, I just wanted to call to say fuck the radio!
Del is from Oakland California and in no way is a gangsta-rapper.  The man is a true mc and does not f4it the mold of any rapper not just in Oakland but on the westcoast.

At the ripe age of 18, Del had a hit record with his hit “Mistadabolina“.  The track sampled a obscure sample from the Monkee’sZilch” track as has Del dropping some dope rhymes like this one,

Friends can be fraudulent, just you wait and see
First he was my moneygrip then he stole my honeydip
Mista Dobalina is a serpent, don’t you agree?
The little two-tima resembles Aunt Jemima
With jeans and a dirty white hoodie
Seems like he wouldn’t be a snake or would he?
Disguises come in all sizes and shapes
Notice the facade of the snakes
They all catch the vapes, even though last year they was GQ
Took a lot of time before the D-E-L could see through
The mask, all I had to do was ask Hemperor and Kwamé
And my man responded they would bomb a
Fraudulent foe with the strength of Hercules
The way ya on my dick must really hurt ya knees
You need to take heed and quit being such a groupie
Ever since I did a little show in Guadalupe

On the track “Pissing on your Steps” he takes a “Workin” sample by Jimmy McGriff and Little Junior Parker and goes after MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and even De La Soul.  To go after De La Soul at that age and with only album under your belt was “ballsy” to say the least.

It’s D-E-L tha Funkee Homosapien to the rescue
I’m solo and threw a bolo and left two
Dancers back on Soul Train
And ya know Soul Train get the phat doodie stain
Now what ya gonna do with the board with no talent
Using step 1 and step 2 to keep the show valid
Let’s have a vote and try to register our ballots
And realize a Hammer’s just a mallet
Toss him like a salad cause he ain’t truly gifted
Now the party’s lifted by the crew Hieroglyphics
Golly-wolly, not another Elvis and Priscilla
Ice is cool, but I can’t stand Vanilla
Because he takes a style and tries to mock it
Ain’t nothin’ personal, G, but I’m kinda into chocolate
It’s all about the black, and it’s like that
And I’m so laid back cause I smoked a phat sack
Plus I’m almost through & done with a whole 40-dog of Olde English 800
Now I peep ya concept
Ya think ya got a rep?
Dance all day, while I’m pissin’ on your steps

My favorite track off this album is the crazy dope “Wacky World of Rapid Transit” where Del tells us all the problems he has from riding the BART system.  He get’s harassed by some gangsters on the bus including Ice Cube, and must exist the ride before he gets to his destination and walk 15 blocks.

When oh when is the bus gonna come
I’m getting sick and tired of the wait
When oh when is the bus gonna come
Well here comes a pack of about 4 teens
Lookin’ real mean with hoodies and jeans
And bad attitudes and I wasn’t in the mood
For no head on collision with the hoods
Try to use my transfer but it’s no good
Would these rough lookin’ kids get busy with the youngsta
Amongst the many who must catch rapid transit to get through the city
I’m not certain
But if I go sit in the back it’s curtains
Kids wanna ride the back, what kinda shit is that?
Nowadays niggas can’t wait to hit the back
Let me stand in the front with the elderly
So those other cats won’t raise hell with me

On “Sleeping on My Couch” Del, get’s tired of his homies trying to crash at his mom’s pad and sleeping on the couch.  The man’s “tired of that!” and shows us in the hilarious video featuring DJ Pooh.

Del brings the funky on the dope “Dr. Bombay” and when asked where he get’s his funk from, he has the appropriate and correct answer!

Large as a black woman’s gluteus maximus
And the question everybody’s asking us
“Where’d you get your funk from”
A brother named George and some 151’s
So Let’s Take It To the Stage you suckers
I jam, and Mistadobalina eats Smuckers
Back in the house with the crew Hieroglyphics
Now you know everything is terrific
Funk in the 1990’s that’s ironic
So grab you a sack of that chronic
Down with Da Lench Mob straight from the ghetto
But I’m under the sun in the meadow
Me and this Amazon sittin’ on my lap
Butt so big when she walk it clap
Doin’ the hoochie coochie in the forest
Y’all know who I am so girls sing the chorus

He explains why “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice” on “Dark Skin Girls” and on “Hoodz Come In Dozens” he talks about the gang situation in his neighborhood and how you can lose your life over a pair of shoes.  Ice Cube comes along for the ride with the adlibs!  Dope track fo real!

Thieves in the night, stick you in the alleyways
They might cause fright, they stick you up for Bally suede shoes
And in the news, and even on Geraldo
You can choose who will lose a pair of shoes (Yup) word
The ones with the Reebok Pumps get their rumps rearranged
For their change now their down in the dumps (Yup)
You spent two yards, to sport em on the first day of school
And like a fool, you went out like the worst way
They pulled out a tool, and asked you to remove them
Quickly, I told em not to do it and they hit me (What?) in the mouth
With the nine, I thought they was like kinfolk (punk)
I never thought crime would elevate up the Twin Oaks way
But hey, everybody is a victim
Hoodz come in dozens, the magic word is (stick em)
When they spot you and they got you and you can’t deal with em
All because you spent two G’s on your Boomin System
Loud enough for the whole block to hear
But now they caught you at the light and you’re drownin in your tears
(Punk you better raise your ass up out this car)
(Come out off the car punk ‘fore your ass gets blasted)
It never was your fault that your shit was expensive
You shoulda bought a vault, and now I gotta mention that
Hoodz come in dozens, read it in the papers
Seems like everyone caught a little vapors
You can’t escape em, so don’t even plan it
Gangsta Boogie fever has taken over planet Earth
Now your life is worth a pair of Jordans?
Now I wear Vans and my fans think I’m poor
When I walk down the block, with money in my sock and shoe
I hate you Mista Gangsta, cause everyone is mocking you

This album is crazy mad underrated and is one of those album you stick in the cd player and let go.  At the same time, Del is also a slept on MC that needs to be praised for not being a Oakland cookie-cuter gangsta-rapper.  This guy has skills and this was just the start of a long and dope career!

-Al E.

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