Who Dat Rapper 11-20-16


Who Dat Rapper 11-20-16

Poison Clan

JT Money was the former leader of the group Poison Clan.  They were a Miami based group with a revolving door of members founded by the mighty 2 Live Crew. Poison Clan were known for raunchy raps, just like their 2 Live brethren.   They had a few minor hits, but will always be known for the strip club anthem, “Shake What Ya Mamma Gave Ya”.  Four Poison Clan albums were created form 1990-1995 until money issues arose.

Poison Clan – Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya

JT Money “Pimpin On Wax”

pimin-on-waxJT Money eventually split from Luther Campbell, moved to Atlanta and hooked up with legendary producer Dallas Austin who helped him release his debut Pimpin On Wax in 1999.   This album had a few gems.   Lets revisit.   Anthony Hamilton lent his signature crooning on “On Da Grind” while JT Money discusses getting paid by any means.    Fans of Big Mello will enjoy this fantastic Curtis Mayfield sample that was also used on the beautifully misogynistic “ I Don’t Truss Em”.  Goodie Mob’s Big Gipp serves his soul food on “Alright” and fellow Miami brethren, Trick Daddy shows love on “Dank”.  “Playa Ass Shit” is another head banger.   Oakland legend Too Short drops by and helps our host discuss the art of pimpin.   Now Too Short has a 20+ year career of dirty rhymes, by somehow lines like

I knew what I wanted in life, about nine or ten hoes
I ain’t want no wife

That don’t actually rhyme with anything else in entire song just keep the listener interested.  Well it did for me.  The smooth backdrop courtesy of the 70’s funk/disco group Kleeer made the duos pimpin tales an enjoyable listen.   DJ Quik used this same sample for his smash, “Tonite” and after listening to this a couple times, it seems only fitting that Quik should have had a verse on this.  I thank Napster for my love affair with this song.  Definitely my favorite in JT Money’s discography.

JT Money FT. Too Short “Somethin’ bout Pimpin”

Who Dat

jt-money-who-dat-back-in-the-day-buffetJT Money reached the pinnacle of his career with his #1  single, “Who Dat”.   This smash was cut from the same cloth as “Tear The Club Up” , “Neva Scared” and “Move Bitch” Something you play in your Geo Tracker, drunk driving on the way to the club.  This infectious hook sounded like an Aztec war chant on the way to battle to take back the land.   The best part of this is the beautiful Sole’s vile verse.   I’d never heard of her at this point, but watched the video over and over to familiarize myself with her.   She had a little mix of Lil Kim, Foxxy Brown, Trina and Amil in her flow and delivery, and had my full attention.

J.T. Money – Who Dat Feat. Sole’

JT Money repayed the favor and jumped on Sole’s debut single, “4,5,6” and featured Kandi from Xscape on the hook

Sole’ feat JT Money – 4,5,6

Blood, Sweat and Years

blood-sweatJT Money released his second album Blood, Sweat and Years in 2001.  While Dallas Austin still handled the majority of the production, the album was void of any of the features from his debut.   His only single “Hi-Lo” from this album made a little noise, but didn’t quite blaze up the charts like his debut.



JT Money – Hi-Lo

The high energy “War” is infectious.  The guitar riffs placed throughout are hypnotic and are a perfect compliment to JT  letting you know he doesn’t take shit from anyone including record companies, dumb broads or punks.  The album ends on a heartfelt note.   “Father to Son” is a letter to his son and sounds quite lovely over the Earth Wind & Fire interpolation.  For some reason he is separated from his son, so this song is a beautiful way to get the message to his young son.

Return of the B-Izer

jt-money-return-of-the-b-izer-back-in-the-day-buffetReturn of the B-Izer arrived the following year and was much of the same.  This time around, JT Money used a variety of different producers.  “Chevy Game” is self explanatory.  The loosely based sample of The Whispers, “Rock Steady” is refreshing one.  Not one heard in hip hop too often.     “Why Cross Em” is one of the albums strongest cuts as he takes us thought a bit of his past.  The relaxing keyboard and the Spanish sounding guitar in the background help create something memorable.

JT Money – Why Cross ‘Em

Once again, this album ends on a positive note.   “Mama Dearest” is a heartfelt letter to his mother.   He acknowledges his mistakes and demons and assures her he will continue to evolve as a human and son.


final-albumJT Money’s forth solo album, Undeniable was released a few years later in 2005.  The vulgar Khia joins JT Money on “Work” before Rihanna and Drake.   Songs like “Pimpin Bitch”, “Cadillac Pimpin” and “Let the Playas Play” are all vintage JT Money.



PGP (Pimpin Gangsta Party)

pgpPGP (Pimpin Gangsta Party) is JT Money’s latest offering released late 2015.  10 year past since his last project, and fans were easy to see what JT has been up too. He decided to go back to his roots and create more uptempo music.  The self proclaimed Queen of the South, Khia shows up again on “In Yo Mouf”.  “Who’s that DJ”  and “Wake Dese Hoes Up” are certainly a much faster pace than what we have become accustomed to.   The highlight of the album is “Let Me See Ya” featuring Uncle Luck himself.   This was clearly a nod to the early 90’s bass music, the place he started his career.   Vintage record scratching, lightening fast tempos, vulgar chants; sounds like you are back in 1990, until they mention how twerking is cool……..but they want those booties to shake.

If you cant get enough of the pimps, playas and hustlas theme and in case you forgot…….pick up some JT Money.   I’m headed to Dallas Gentlemans Club.

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Who Dat Rapper 11-20-16

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