Who Dat Rapper 09-18-16

Who Dat Rapper 09-18-16

Few hip hop labels can boast releasing consistent music for over 3 decades.  Even Stevie Wonder can see Def Jam is the most well known hip hop label.  However, James Prince founded the Houston based label Rap A Lot records back in the mid 80’s. One of the first groups was The Geto Boys and definitely the most famous act.   The late 80’s and early 90’s gave birth to many Houston rappers eager to share their hood stories with the rest of the planet.

Convicts (1991)

convictsThe Convicts were one of the groups that released their album “Convicts” in 1991.  No videos, no smooth samples here; just extremely graphic and extremely violent tales of southern streets.   The group consisted of Louisiana MC, Big Mike aka Peter Man and the charismatic Houston representer, Mr. 3-2 aka Lord 3-2 aka The Governor.  Tracks like “Wash Your Ass”, “Whoop Her Ass”, “1-900-Dial A Crook”  and “I Aint Going Back” are all hard hitting tales that feature the intense rhymes of Big Mike and Mr. 3-2’s dark humor. Big Mike introduced his moniker on the solo “Peter Man.”  If you are wondering what Peter Man means, he rhymes

“Who is Big Mike, who is Peter Man
The gangsta-ass nigga that nobody can understand”

Convicts “Peter Man”

He made it crystal clear to me.  Big Mike even got a shot out on one of the best hip hop albums of all time on “The Chronic”.  Snoop rapped “Smoke and choke like the muthafuckin Peter Man” on the posse cut “Stranded on Death Row.”

big-melloThe Convicts then jumped on Big Mello’s (RIP) debut album,  “Bone Hard Zaggin” on the wonderfully misogynist “I Don’t Truss Em”.  And the hook explains everything you need to know.

“I got a lot of bitches, but I really don’t love em.

Why is that why is that

Cause yo, I don’t truss em”

The music is the real winner here.   A mesmerizing violin sample throughout the entire song sounds like the most thugged out symphony one would ever attend.  You can’t help but just give your neck a workout.  Just don’t let your chick hear you rhyme along.


Big Mike

geto-boys-till-death-do-us-partBig Mike joined the Geto Boys in 1993 for their 3rd album ‘Till Death Do Us Part” and proved he was an above average lyricist.  Being a replacement for an established group has got to be a tough job for anyone, but Big Mike was able to step in and hold his own with one of the best MC’s ever.   You didn’t even miss the fact that Willie D was absent this go around chasing his solo dreams.

Big Mike teamed up with his old Convicts partner, Mr. 3-2 to describe their formative years growing up in hood and describes the essence of what is “Straight Gangsterism”… easily one of the top ten most underrated tracks ever.  There was even a video shot, but this version was cleaned up a bit. And the video was hilarious and perfectly matched the song without any cursing.  As a bonus, Scarface joined the party and blessed us with the final clean verse. The only thing missing was Mr. 3-2’s jibberish at the end of the dirty version.

Geto Boys – Straight Gangsterism (clean video)

Mr 3-2

hqdefaultMr 3-2 has certainly kept himself busy since the debut of the Convicts.  He joined The Blac Monks (A.W.O.L., D.A, Raheem and Storm)  and released 1994’s “Secret of the Hidden Temple” followed by “No Mercy” the next year. They can be best described as gangsta music in another dimension.  Rap A Lot definitely had something unique with both of those releases.


3-2albumart Mr 3-2  released his solo debut  “Wicked Buddha Baby” in ’96.   Nothing too heavy here, just weed smoking, drinkin, riding, over some 90’s melodic Texan production. He even had legends Too Short and Eightball & MJG on “Hit the Highway” and featured Houston Legend Fat Pat (RIP) on the bangin  “Turning Lane.”


Mr 3-2 Ft Mike D & Fat Pat – Turning Lane


southsdeplayazMr. 3-2 then aligned himself with The Southside Playaz in 1998. Put together by legendary DJ Screw (RIP), 3-2 joined MC’s Mike Dee and Clay-Doe on two albums.  We were now witnessing the birth of the popular screw music. These albums featured many of the original Screwed Up Click. members including Big Pokey, Fat Pat(RIP), Lil Keke along with a host of other S.U.C. affiliated rappers.

From here, Mr 3-2 released a slew of albums and mixtapes… the same road that his Convicts brethren, Big Mike navigated.  If you are in the mood for some ignorant, hard hitting gangsta stuff, check for The Convicts early on.   And if you need some 90’s southern hiphop, laced with some slick production and straight gangsterism, immediately pick up Big Mike and Lord 3-2.

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Who Dat Rapper 09-18-16 (Convicts)



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  1. “A mesmerizing violin sample throughout the entire song sounds like the most thugged out symphony one would ever attend.” – Jamil Sipes

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