Da Lench Mob – Guerillas in tha Mist

da-lench-mob-guerillas-in-tha-mist-back-n-the-day-buffet-1Da Lench Mob released their debut album “Guerillas in tha Mist” on September 22, 1992.  The album was produced by Ice Cube, Chilly Chill, Mr. Woody, Rashad and  T-Bone. The album was released by Street Knowledge Records and has Ice Cube’s fingerprints all over this project!

The first time we heard of Da Lench Mob was on Ice Cube’s classic album “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted“.  Fast forward to 1992, we get the first taste of this group on the title track, “Guerillas in tha Mist“.  The track has J-Dee, Shorty and T-Bone flowing over a dope sample of The Main Ingredient’sCalifornia My Way“.  On the hook you can here a sample of Brother J say, “Voodoo, running from my magic!”.  This song bangs!

Come down and beware of the black fist
The guerillas straight mutherfucking killers in the mist
Take a shot Buck Buck but you can’t whore us
Never thought you’d see South Central niggas in the forest!
Don’t kick in the chorus just yet
Cause we ain’t made a mess yet
Lench Mob produce the best yet
Comin real hard man
Bumpin in your car man
Finally caught up with a devil named Tarzan.
Swingin on a vine
Suckin on a piece of swine
Jiggaboo come up from behind
Hit him with a coconut
Stab him in his gut
Push him out the tree
He falls right on his nuts
And just like EPMD
I don’t like a bitch
Named J to tha A to tha N-E
Can’t wait to meet her
I’m gonna kill ‘er
Cause that little motherfucking Cheetah can’t hang with a guerilla

On “Freedom Got An A.K.” the crew uses a dope Prince “screaming” sample from “Gett Off” and they flow over a funky Three PiecesBacked Up Against The Wall” riff to spit rhymes the NRA would be proud of.  That riff will have you singing it over and over again.

A to the K to the 4 to the 7
Little devils don’t got to heaven

An AK talks, but bullshit runs
I wish I had time, to count all my guns
Cause a nigga is runnin’ out of funds
But H. Rap says “Freedom got a strap!”
[I wish I was in dixie, A.K., A.K
Then shit wouldn’t have been bad in the sixties
No way No way]
I, can’t see the OG’s standin’ in big lines
Holdin’ big signs, tryin’ to get mine
[I’ll shoot ya ass 17 times]
Cause this week we don’t turn the other cheek
Do that shit and get stole on
Non-violence gotta roll on, plus we got a hold on
The mayor of the whole fuckin city
Saw the Lench Mob and his drawers got shitty
So get the fuck out my way when I say
Hey – freedom got an A.K

One of the gems off this album is the crazy insulting and graphic “You And Your Heroes” where the crew goes for the jugular!  They say things a lot us had thought about but never thought anybody would say on wax.  This song can easily considered offensive and even racist these days, but back when Rodney King was getting his face smashed in, crews like Da Lench Mob were able to get away with it!

Does Polly want a cracker? Fuck no, he’s a zero
And I ain’t with the rednecked hero
I’m glad that Lincoln got bucked in the face
We should have been free in the first place
Now let me drop it like it should be dropped
And watch Rocky Marciano’s assed get mopped (what up)
[Madonna, you mutherf*ckin’ slut
You could show ya butt, and Jimmy STILL won’t get up] (word)
The Beatles, I just can’t fade
Get the mutherfuckin’ raid, Bone, we got roaches
[And Fonzie can’t rumble]
And by the way you can have Bryant Gumbel
Babe Ruth was good against the white boys
But he couldn’t hit a nigga like Doc Gooden
Marylin Monroe was a ho for the Kennedys
Don’t worry – J.D. know the enemies
And I’ll point ’em out if ya don’t know ’em
[And tell Uncle Sam that I’m lookin’ for ’em]
Cause we don’t bow down to no zeros
And I’ll say – fuck you and your heroes!

Same thing happens on “Buck Tha Devil” where they go after everyone and the grandma that get’s in their way!  If this doesn’t get you hype, nothing will!  They use the same sample Cube used for “The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit” and come correct!

Buck the devil, buck the devil, buck the devil – boom
Give the nigga, give the nigga, give the nigga room
Must be a full moon, here comes a tune
Bullets fly by your head zoom-zoom-zoom

A to the K to the 4 to the 7
Little devils don’t go to heaven
Last night I shot eleven at the record shop
Most of ’em dropped when my 9 went pop

Damn, see the fuckin’ cop with the flat-top
Standin’ over niggas face down on the blacktop
That shit’s gotta stop, so I kick the hip-hop
Pop that devil in his ass and make him flip-flop
Flip-flop, flip-flop back when I talk back
Now his name is Stucky Mack, tryin’ to fuck a black
In fact I got the 411, so you can buy a gun
Lench Mob’s got the devil on the run, down with King Sun

B-Real makes a guest appearance on “Aint Got No Class” to do the hook with that nasal flow we all love!   As you get to the end of the album, we get something unexpected and dope at the same time.  On top of a slow deep menacing beat, Shorty prays to God to have mercy on him and his people.  “Lord Have Mercy” is that one track that will have you stopping to listen closely to the lyrics and realize how messed up some things are in life.  As tough as things may be, you still need to get on your knees and pray for better days!  As much as this song sounds different than anything else on this album, it fits perfectly, and closes the album perfectly.  This might just be my favorite track on this album.

I’m dead, so bury me alive (six feet)
Under all this bullshit and jive
Cause I know when you made South Central
Shitty – it wasn’t done intentional
Cause I looked back before the crack
Before the macks, in motherfuckin Cadillacs
It was the same old thing
But nowadays, niggas mo’ brainwashed
And I can tell everytime I see
L.A. Compton to Long Beach gangs talk
I wish when my pops got the erection
He woulda used protection
And I wouldn’t be a squirrel tryin to get a nut
And I want the nut, just to get some butt
It’s like the battle of the sexes
My head spins around like I needed a exorcist
But if you blew up the world today it wouldn’t matter
(Nope) just send down a ladder
To the people who had it the worst G
I’m askin you Lord, please have me mercy

Props to Da Lench Mob and Ice Cube for this dope album!  It was in our face and unapologetic, just the way we love our Hip Hop!!!

-Al E.

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