Da Brat – Funkdafied Anniversary

Jigga, B.I.G., Roxanne Shante, Jim Jones, Silkk Tha Shocker, Gwen Stefani, Tribe, Big L and countless other artists all have at least one thing in common. They all created music using the sample “Between The Sheets” by the Isley Brothers. Unless you listen to Michael Bolton and Anthrax exclusively, then I will bet my entire AZ collection that you could recognize this timeless groove.

Jermaine Dupri was blazing hot in 1994 from his Kris Kross success. He did it again when we signed the feisty Da Brat and produced her debut album “Funkdafied”.  The summer of ’94 was ruled by the lead single of the same name that sampled “Between The Sheets”.  The song was such a success that it won 1994’s Billboard’s Top Rap Single. “Funkdafied” also anchored her debut album to platinum status… the first female solo rapper to achieve this.


Jermaine Dupri made sure that our summer in 1994 started off with a bang. Brat’s song “Funkdafied” was released May 30th and featured both JD and Brat trading bars.
Brat may have been a rookie, but with that Ginsu knife flow; she let peeps know she wasn’t going to be a one hit wonder.


Hummin, hummin comin up at cha like Ralph K
And since this ain’t no Honeymoon, I’m here to stay
And the way we comin’ at cha
Baby we can’t miss
There’s a new tag team in town
Nigga, Whoomp, there it is

The main focus of the song was nothing more than them letting you know that your music catalog just got funkier. Brat rhymes,

Puttin’ it down (puttin’ it down) ain’t no thang to me
And ain’t too many hoes that can hang with me
It’s like that and as a matter of fact
When it comes the Brat tat tat tat
I make your neck snap back

She certainly wasn’t lying.  That’s exactly what happened while you bob your neck singing this simple infectious hook.” So, So, So Funkdafied”.

The video has to be one of my favorites.  It begins with a pimp preaching to his funk zealots.  The beat drops next and the party is upon us.  Brat and JD share their rhymes in the midst of a party. But this is not just any party, a player’s ball type party that rivaled the classic Martin episode.  It most certainly matched the 70’s vibe of the Isley Brothers sample.  This was JD’s chance to introduce Da Brat to the world.  The braids and baggy clothing was a perfect match for her razor sharp tough rhymes.  Nothing sexy here…..but as time progressed, she showed us more sultry Da Brat.

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