Cypress Hill – Self Titled 25th Year Anniversary

Cypress Hill’s self titled debut album was released on Aug 13, 1991 and was the first Latino Hip Hop group to go platinum and multi-platinum. The album was produced by DJ Muggs and is considered one of the greatest west coast albums of all time.

When I first heard of Cypress Hill, I knew that they had a crew of Latino rappers on the east side of Los Angeles that included Sen Dog, Mellow Man Ace, B Real and Kid Frost.   As we all know, Mellow Man Ace and Kid Frost went on to have solo careers, so B Real and Seb Dog united with DJ Muggs (who was working with 7A3 at the time) to form the group Cypress Hill which was named off the street they lived on.

The first single I had heard from Cypress was “The Phuncky Feel One” with the B Side “How I Could Just Kill A Man”.  I had heard “Phuncky” on a mixed tape and thought it was dope, so I went over to buy the single.  The track was “phuncky”, sounded east coast, and perfect to dance to but when I heard the nasal voice of B Real, I was like “Ahhh shoot!  It’s sounds funny but yo…that’s dope!”

But then when I flipped the record over, I heard “How I Could Just Kill A Man” and right there and then I knew this ish was going to be a classic album!  Muggs takes the “Tramp” beat and puts it on top of the drum beats from “Midnight Theme” and makes a crazy sounding track that will having you pressing the rewind over and over again. Then B drops some lyrics on the Spanglish tip and we have a classic tune on our hands. If I hear this track 200 times today, I would not get sick of it.  True story!

Hey don’t miss out on what your passin
You’re missin the hoota of the funky Buddha
Eluder or the fucked up styles to get wicked
So come on as Cypress starts to kick it
Cuz we’re like the outlaw stridin
Suckers are hidein
Jump behind the bush when they see me driving
Hangin out my window
And my magnum takin out some puto’s
Acting kinda loco
I’m just another local
Kid from from the street getting paid for my
(Be-Real) Here is something you can’t understand
(Sen Dog) How I could just kill a man

When the album dropped on that Tuesday, I was at the record store at 9am to buy this LP.  At the time I had a car stereo with a cd player, and as soon as I put the disc in I was like “Ohhh snap!”.  “Pigs” was that anti-police track that everyone forgets about.  They use the childrens song of “This Little Piggie” and make it a dope Hip Hop track.  Muggs does his magic with a simple beat from “Ali Funky Thing” by Chuck Cornish.  I was not being disappointed!

This pig harassed the whole neighborhood,
Well this pig worked at the station.
This pig he killed my Homeboy,
So the fuckin’ pig went on a vacation.

This pig he is the chief,
Got a brother pig, Captain O’Malley.
He’s got a son that’a a pig too,
He’s collectin’ pay-offs from a dark alley.

This pig is known as a Narco,
If he’s a pig or not, we know that he could be.
This pig he’s a fuckin’ fag,
So all his homepigs they call him a pussy.

Well this pig he’s really cool,
So in this class we know he rides all alone.
Well this pig’s standin’ eatin’ donuts,
While some motherfuckers out robbin’ your home.

When we get to “Hand On The Pump“, we get the vato locos hype when Muggs takes “Duke of Earl” and “Shotgun” oldies and puts it in Hip Hop form! B Real kills it with these bars

Kickin that funky Cypress Hill shit
Take a lot of mental for the blunted to chill with,
Cuz I’m the chill one, known to get ill one
They stepped to the Hill “What’s up?”, I had to kill one
Now I’m headed up the river with a boat and no paddle
And they got me on lock down
Headed up the river with a boat and no paddle
And they got me on lock down
Hit me like a nigga who done lost his mind
Cause I ain’t goin out like a spineless jellyfish
Some say life is a bitch
Ask that punk who dug his own ditch
Out for the Hill fuckin up at a party
Tried to get funny, put a hole in his body
Lala la la lala la laaa
Look at all of those funeral cars

Now, we all know that Cypress is all about the weed smoke, buddah, blunts, yesca…yall know what’s up!  So when we get “Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk“, (be prepared for that bass drop) you know you’ll be high off the contact from this track!  There is one thing I have to complain about though!  It’s too short!!!  I can hear that beat all day long G!!!

Sen Dog represents with the Spanglish and Spanish lyrics on “Tres Equis” and especially on the appropriately named track .”Latin Lingo” is that song for the vatos and the rukas! Sen flows over a “Mongoose” drum beat that Pete Rock and Large Professor previously used and gives us tales from the barrio!  This has to be my favorite CH track after “How I Can Just Kill A Man”.  Sabor!!!

Cuando entro, when I come in, suckers fronted
Me mira another bilingual from villa
Vengo con un ejemplo, check the tiempo
Ahhh… esta chingon el instrumento
Ya oiste, como somos
Yo no jodo, I gots the soul dose
And you can hear it, en las congas
Tribal ceremony as the Hill gets stronger
Don’t be such a leva, what u got for la cabeza?
Hey homes, pass the cervaza
Before I have to go and push up on your resa
Hhhmm she’s fine, son que fresca
Here homes have a hit of this yesca
Di yo enseño the leño lo prendo
Now you know, that I am in the centro
Where you live, si tu puedes
Nowadays you ain’t shit without your puentes
Something like it’s gangbang, vatos quieren BANG BANG!
Could of hung out with them now you callin me a insane
Salte de mi cara, sal de mi camino
Make way, for the the funky bilingual

The album is a classic by any definition!  Every track is dope and there is no weak ish here!  All 3 homies se aventaron!  I por eso, I can say ese, that this ish is like nada you seen before.  They broke that mold homie!  Creativity, originality and dopeness are all ways to describe this album.  25 years from now, it will still bang!  I can assure you!

Peace to B Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs!  We salute you!

-Al E.



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