Compton’s Most Wanted – Music To Driveby

Compton’s Most Wanted – Music To Driveby

Music To Driveby is the 3rd album from Comptons Most Wanted and picked up right where their last one left off.  The sound was upgraded this time around as producers, Unknown DJ, DJ Slip and Mike T created the perfect soundtrack for MC Eiht’s threats,  chock full of familiar samples.  The album cover (one of my favorites of all time) and name are both double entendre’s . MC Eiht and a homie are sitting in presumably an Impala with the copy of the album tossed in the back seat. Every time i look at it, i feel like im in The Twilight Zone. Enough of all that, lets discuss the album’s highlights.

Compton’s Most Wanted – Music To Driveby (1992)

cmwMC Eiht starts the show off with a smooth ass 40 second introduction.   It features an obscure sample from the Schoolhouse Rock educational series.  Remember those?  It’s a song about the number 8. I couldn’t make this up. But after that interesting experience, he jumped right into the hard hitting, “Hit The Floor” .  “Hood Took Me Under” featured the frequent Issac Hayes sample.  You’ve heard this one before.   This was his lead single and is forever a piece of video game history when it landed on the radio station from Grand Theft Auto’s, San Andreas;  the same game where he voiced the gang member, Ryder.

“Hood Took Me Under”

Eiht has something in store for all his haters including a fellow Compton rival.    “Duck Sick  II” was the second entry in the scathing diss records between Mc Eiht and DJ Quik.   Luckily this beef was kept on wax and bloodshed was avoided.   Eiht got some  serious some jabs in over this smooth sinister track.  He uses the same Billy Cobham sample as the first “Duck Sick“…..Eiht must have had to get some more shit off his chest.   He was vague in the first 2 verses.  There was no doubt whose neck Eiht was going for in the final verse.

Your weak old shit that won’t last
You won’t hang as I slap your bitch ass
So get ready, cause its your mutherfucking calling
You and your wack ass crews ‘ll start falling
Geah drop to your knees, because we ain’t through
Get a grip, do it Quik, the mutherfucking duck sick 2

The same lovely ladies on the hook singing “You Can Get The Duck Sick” that were on the original version showed up on this one.  If you haven’t figured out what the Duck Sick means by now, just rearrange a couple letters.  My 13 year old just figured it out. Awkwaaard!!!

“Duck Sick II”

Eiht also has another installment of his Def Wish series and he gives 3 scathing verses to his enemy, “punk ass perm wearing pussy” Dj Quik.   The video version has more musical layers than the album version.  The video was the first time  you got to see Eiht issue his Quik threats.  Much like Kam’s “Whoop Whoop” video, and the “Real Muthfuckin G’s ” video, this featured a fake DJ Quik getting chased by Eiht and his crew throughout.  Hilarious stuff.

“Def Wish II”

Eiht doesn’t believe in sublimal disses and that’s evident in Who’s Xxxxing Who?” This one a one verse assault on Tim Dog….you know, the cat that just randomly made the song “Fuck Compton”.  When Eiht was through with his verbal onslaught, he let his DJ Mike T put together a mix that further eviscerated Tim Dog.  The venom towards Tim Dog continues in “Another Victim,”  “Nigga Fuck Compton, nigga Fuck yo mama”  Ouch.  This Issac Hayes sample never sounded so vicious.

“N 2 Deep” feat Scarface

Scarface joins the mayhem and drops a genocidal verse on “N 2 Deep.” The familiar slowed down Lyn Collins sample is the winner here.  You cant help but bob your head while listening to Face & Eiht’s violent tale.  “Hoodrat” is Eiht’s discussion on…well hoodrats. If this happens to be your first hip hop album, he explains the meaning when he rhymes.

Oh geah, a chicken head bitch is what you call her
Fucking everybody from clucks to ballers

I Gots to Get Over” and “Niggaz Struggling” both vividly describe the Compton streets. The production on both feature two very familiar samples heard in your favorite 90’s tracks. The first is an interpolation of Barry White’s “Playing Your Game”, later perfected  by The Beatminerz for  Black Moon on the greatest remix of all time, “I Got Ya Opin”.  “Niggaz Struggling” is sampled by Issac Hayes’s “Walk on By”, later used by Jigga on Dead Presidents.  Eiht’s song even features some R&B crooning and a live sax through the tale.  Soulful stuff here.  Unknown DJ, DJ Slip and Mike T knew what samples to use to accentuate Eiht’s tales.

Eiht’s production teams strikes gold again on “U’s a Bitch”   This time, Unknown DJ creates a beautiful instrumental based onn guitar maestro Ronny Jordan’s “After Hourswhile Eiht takes the time to discuss the chicks that try to run game on us.  A line I’ve always enjoyed was

And its my style you cramp
You say pay for the play. I’ll pay for it with a food stamp, tramp

“U’s A Bitch”

The fellas croonin the hook is a nice addition.  This is the closest thing one can get to a beautiful song by Comptons Most Wanted.  My Aunt Sharon even bobbed her head to this.

DJ Unknown creates one of the smoothest instrumentals I’ve ever heard in my life on the title track.  And yes, this is “hotter than a Figaro hooker”   Courtesy of  a sampled Gene Harris, MC Eiht kicks his shotouts.  I love the fact that he’s not only shouted out west coast artists, but showed love to Gang Starr, Naughty By Nature, MC Breed (RIP), 2 Live Crew, Scarface, Digital Underground, Snoop Dogg who come from all over the hip hop map.

“Music To Driveby”

MC Eiht certainly isn’t listed in anyone’s top ten lyricists.  He stays in his lane with violent Compton tales and chopping the heads off his enemies(DJ Quik and Tim Dog).  The soulful production cooked up by his team is nothing short than amazing and helps this album be almost non skippable.  Even if Music To Driveby is too one dimensional and brutal, you can’t help but enjoy the music.  I mean even Aunt Sharon liked one song.  One of the best albums of 1992.

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