Chubb Rock – “The One” 25 Year Album Anniversary

Chubb Rock – “The One” 25 Year Album Anniversary

Chubb Rock released his third studio album “The One” back on May 10 1991.  The album was produced by Hitman Howie Tee and Chubb Rock himself.  The album produced Chubb Rock’s greatest and most memorable track, “Treat ‘Em Right”.

The album starts with the title track and as soon as it comes on, it sounds like a Public Enemy track being mixed by Dr Dre with a D.O.C. sample.  The rhymes are dope and his word are always positive with a message.

“Now here comes the man the man that had the plan
That in one year he will gain a million fans
Heh and if you map it out he did
Accomplish and astonish, grabbin’ the hearts of every kid
Yes I’ve created a realistic mirage in my garage
That one day chubb will be large
Not large in the sense that I’ll be immense
But my financial status and my pockets will be the fattest around”

After “The One” we get some we get some Blues influenced beats sprinkled with some ragamuffin on top with “Just The Two Of Us”.  He uses Albert Kings “Cold Feet” and brings the slow flow with rhymes like these, giving props to his DJ/producer,

“It’s the Hitman, yes the Hitman, yo ya know it
The thirst quencher, the man on the sequencer
He was scared to kick a sixteen bar, he’s not a rap star
Not saying that I am, but I’m the jam
I’m going to kick a little not a Dr. Seuss riddle
No cats in hats, fox in some socks
But to the DJ jocks check your clocks
Half past what? Time to bust nut
Not a pistachio; he uses a Casio keyboard
And a Tascam board
To kick in the P-50, get nifty
Born with the gift, time to get riffed
Not with the manufacturing of a spliff
He never rolled one; never sold none
The beats give me the high that brought fame to us
And, how we gonna kick it, How?
(Just the two of us!)”

“The Chubbster” is another dope track where Hitman takes The Jimmy Castor Bunch “Lets Party Now” and samples the funky guitar lick and gives Chubb Rock an anthem.

“The Chubbster, a man that came out about 1986
With the help of Dr. Ice in the mix
And even then, kickin lyrics that was quite potent
Howie by my side, with his pesticide for the rodents
I’d flow – get on the mic and say, “yo one two”
Test and mc’s start fessin
Jettin cause my weapon among the children was my gung-ho attitude
To use my tongue and lash and lick them up
Then pick them up then just fix them up then mix them up with
A knowledgeable man that went to college and astonished
Racist teachers with all the modern preachers
Crack beepers, yes knowledgeable preachers
But that didn’t effect, the Chubbster”

If you want to hear what Hip Hop is really about, then listen to “The Regiments of Steel”.  One of the things that these new “rappers” forget about are the architects that built this rap empire.  Giving props to the pioneers is what Chubb Rock does on this funky track!

Sugarhill, that sold about eight mill’
When “Rappers Delight” caused media fright
How could a bunch of kids possibly sell more than me
and Randy Travis kickin all that country madness?
Failing star, failing guitar or a banjo
Your whole artform needs to retire in Orlando
Rap has developed in the motherland by storytellers of wisdom
No wonder we’re best-sellers
The art was passed on from generation to generation
Developed in the mind cause the rhyme
The track is just a cosmetic background
cause we all need some kind of sound..
to complete the whole feel
And it’s wield by the regiments of the steel”

The reason that everybody bought this album is for “Treat ‘Em Right”.  This track makes you get up and dance even if you couldn’t dance.  Howie Tee takes the baseline from Dee Felice Trio “There Was A Time” and of all things, a disco track in First Choice’s “Love Thang” (Tee Scott Remix) and gives us a track that we have played over and over again.  Play this at a party and people go wild.  Chubb Rock gives us a flow that seems like he’s not even trying to rap yet has us glued to every word he says.

“Nineteen ninety
Chubb Rock jumps up on the scene
With a lean
And a pocket full of green
The green doesn’t symbolize I made it on the top
But RoboCop last year was a shock
The tone of the Popeye cut shook your butt
Kids are screaming; the media says, “What…
“Kind of music is this for you to dance to?”
The man with the plan and the man demands you
Leave the smack and the crack for the wack
Or the vile and the nine; keep a smile like that
Leave the knife and the gun in the store
And ignore temptation
Sent by the nation”

He then tells his fellow rappers to be more conscious of what they say in their songs due to the fact that the majority of people listening to Hip Hop are kids.

“Well coming back
To nineteen ninety
Chubb Rock jumps up on the scene with a lean and a hardcore dream
The dream wasn’t crafted to be pornographic
Decency started from the crib, plus kids
Don’t need to hear all of that on the rap
The strength of my vibe placed Chubbs on the map
Cause authority, seniority goes far
My staff gives autographs plus gives nuff laughs
Read my mic, heed my sight, and definitely lead you right
Just treat me right

The album “The One” is Chubb Rocks best effort and dopest album.  The mixture of Chubb Rocks rhymes and Howie Tees beats are a perfect blend.  He then went on and made cameo appearances with 3rd Bass and MC Serch that made him even more recognizable.  The man has dope, positive lyrics yet he is slept on more than a goose-down pillow!  True oldschool heads will definitely appreciate his contributions to the Hip Hop game.   For those that don’t know who Chubb Rock is…”kick em in the grill…grill!”

-Al E.

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