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channel-live-mad-izm-back-n-the-day-buffet1Channel Live released their debut single “Mad Izm” back in 1995.  The single was produced and features vocals by KRS-One and was released on Capitol/EMI Records. They later released their debut album “Station Identification” on March 21, 1995.  The single made it as far as #3 on the Billboard Rap Charts and later was remixed by Buckwild.


Anytime that KRS-One blesses the mic and production boards, you know that the track is going to have that boom-bap sound that everyone loves!  By taking the drum pattern of “Hihache” by the Lafayette Afro Rock Band and sampling a dope guitar sample from the first 2 seconds of “Strange Way” by Firewall, Hakim and Tuffy rock the mic and all on their mind is the izm (chronic, bud, weed, ses, etc).  KRS also adds a dope sample from Buckshot’s lyric “All we do is spark mad izm” from Black Moon’s original album version of “I Got Cha Opin“.  All 3 MC’s flow like there is no tomorrow, but it is not that difficult to see that Mr Parker steals the show.

The track is one of the greatest “weed” songs in Hip Hop History!  MC’s like Redman, Busta Rhymes and B-Real have all made songs about ganja, but this has to be one of the dopest of them all!  The track is bangin’ and even the non weed smokers will be bouncing to this and reciting the lyrics from start to finish.

The album was dope but it’s “Mad Izm” that everyone remembers!  If you get a change to check out the album, tracks like “Build & Destroy” and “Reprogram” will having you nodding your head till you need an aspirin!  They had 2 more albums drop but not one had a track like this!

[Intro: KRS-One]
Uhh! Yeahhh
I know you’re diggin this type of shit right here
We about to spark it on the mic, yeahhh
Come on!

{*scratched 4X: “All we do is spark mad izm”*}

The episode starts when I walk down the block kid
Reach in my poc-ket, yo where’s my knot, it
Follows me into the spot, compellin
Go check the dread and yes he’s herb sellin
A punani gate, I’m a potential felon
Izm is smellin, like I ain’t even tellin
Channel one two, I’m smashin the law
Channel three, I make a run to the store
Channel four leave the store with the Phillie cause I…
Spark the izm, I’m off to Channel Live

Wake up in the mornin got the yearnin for herb
Which loosens up the nouns, metaphors, and verbs
And adjectives, ain’t it magic kid what I’m kickin
Multi-flavored bags of sess, for the pickin
So listen to the izm as it talks non-stop
Hawaiian when I’m rhymin but so is the chocolate thai
Now the high, starts to settle
Kickin fat lyrics that rocks, like heavy metal

I’m comin’ out to dance with da spliff of sensei
When I speak, big up Mack, L.O., and Malik
Like John Lennon, yes I’m I-Z-M’n
I start grinnin, and syllables start bendin
My style is untangible, like a wild animal
Check the label as it goes round it’s on Capitol
That’s what I’m smackin you with cause it’s easy
Like Lionel Richie, your whole style is bitchy
Switch me, mix me, somebody get me
Don’t let me rip out my clothes like Bill Bixby
Rippin the microphone ’til I’m motherfuckin sixty
Smokin the indo, by the window, it’s sticky

Come spark the izm, my expertism, is lyricism
My flow will take you over, like I was hypnotism
So where’s the lighter, to decipher, the skills that I’m bringin
Hyper than a little kid on ginseng roots
And culture, my intellect will insult ya
Finish off your dead mind like a vulture
I gotta get mine, get a grip
Cause there’s all these weak rappers steady makin hits, FUCK THAT!
But ninety-four I bring the skills back
So listen now I’m doin what I want to do and sparkin mad izm

{*scratched 8X: “All we do is spark mad izm”*}

I come with notions, deeper than the ocean
Check out my potion, mad rhythm in the motion
The izm, brings the wisdom, when I kick it on the rhythm
Check it how I rock it in a cipher
Desire, takes you higher, lyrical messiah
(Yo yo yo yo-yo, pass that lighter)
Counterclockwise, I rise like the sun
Now feel the heat from the rays of the gun
Shootin out the mental mist
How you gonna know the real shit when your style’s counterfeit?

His shit is counterfeit cause he’s motherfuckin phony
Come into the jam try to front like he know me
Hah! Listen to this new type of somethin
Bumpin, ninety-four ain’t for no frontin
New type of lingo, catchy like a jingle
Rougneck hip-hop is drippin from the single
Now, let me introduce you to the one
The Channel Live indo this loosens you up
Goin through the channels of the remote control
Flickin through the frequencies of your soul

Then roll the izm, the inflater, I’m weeded
Like wearing a sweater, at the equator, I’m heated
But I flip a style like I flip a channel
Step up and test the skills, you can get my tes-ticules
Cause hip-hop’s been running through my veins ever since
So it wasn’t hard for me to grab the mic and represent
Representing tormenting MC’s craniums
Till they can’t flow why cause I’m drainin em
Don’t mean to be blunt but don’t front
I’m doing it for the love so now I’m doin what I want
To do with my Channel Live crew so just listen
Dissin wack MC’s and sparking up mad izm

-Al E.

Here’s that Buckwild remix!

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