Camp Lo’s ‘Uptown Saturday Night’ Turns 20 Years Old

Camp Lo ‘Uptown Saturday Night’ (1997)

Camp Lo released their jazzy, soul filled debut “Uptown Saturday Night” 20 years ago this January.  Few may have thought that among the stars and sounds of the Hip-Hop Golden Age, Camp Lo would deliver a classic album worthy of discussion two decades later.

Rappers Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba assembled an opus of gems primarily produced by Ski.  Their smash hit “Luchini (This Is It),” cemented themselves alongside hip-hop’s elite, if only for a short while.

‘Luchini (This Is It)’

 “Coolie High” was Camp Lo’s first apperance on wax.  The song was featured on the Great White Hype soundtrack and made some noise. It was their follow-up single “Luchini (This Is It)” that gained them notoriety.

Produced by Ski, it featured a sample from Dynasty.  If you weren’t playing this on repeat you weren’t in to Hip-Hop.

“Luchini (This Is It)”

Uptown Saturday Night‘ had very few features.  Trugoy from De La Soul, Butterfly from Digable Planets as well as Karachi RAW and Jungle Brown.

Sparkle” is another soulful joint that represents the album well.


You can listen to specific tracks and still call this a classic.  However, it’s best previewed from start to finish. “Black Nostaljack” is a back and forth of Geech and Cheeba as they vividly paint a picture of fashion and materialism from back in the day.

“Black Nostaljack”

We salute Camp Lo for giving Hip-Hop this jewel.  20 years later they are still on the scene.  They recently collaborated with Boston MC M-Dot, which can be found on his latest release “egO anD The eneMy.”

Camp Lo’s ‘Uptown Saturday Night‘ should, and will be mentioned as one of Hip-Hop’s greatest albums.  Is it in the top 10? Certainly not. It’s one of those slept on releases that deserves more attention especially among today’s “music.”

Related: M-Dot teams up with Camp Lo & Tribeca for “True Lies,” off M-Dot’s debut album ‘egO anD The eneMy,’ available now.

Camp Lo’s ‘Uptown Saturday Night’ Turns 20 Years Old

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