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breeze-la-posse-back-n-the-day-buffetBreeze released his debut single “L.A. Posse” back in 1989.  The track was the lead single off his debut album “The Young Son Of No One” that was released on Atlantic Records. The album and single were produced by the L.A. Posse, the same crew that produced LL Cool J’sBigger And Deffer” album.

The first time we heard of Breeze was on King T’sJust Clowning” track where he spit lines with King T only to up the ante the next year when he was featured along with Ice Cube on King T’s track “Played Like A Piano“.  He then hooked up with the L.A. Posse to record his first album.


In 1989, the west coast was deep into the gangster Hip Hop scene.  Breeze then showed up with something for us to dance to.  The track sampled 3 iconic tracks to bring this song alive and make us get off that wall and onto the dance floor.  They took Bootsy Collin’sHollywood Squares” (“L.A., Califor-Ni-A“), the beginning of Zapp’sMore Bounce To The Ounce” (of course) and on top of that Hank Ballard’sFrom The Loves Side” to complete this iconic tribute to Los Angeles and of course his production crew.

Breeze had another single drop from this album (“Great Big Freak“), but it did not chart and the album went nowhere quickly.  If you get a chance to listen to this album, peep out the tracks “Pull A Fast One“, “Steadily Tryin’ To Flow Like…” and “Scene of a Homicide“.  It might not be a classic album, but it did produce a classic LA track that people will remember to this day.

Also, check out King T’s “Freestyle Ghetto” where Breeze kicks lyrics along with Xzibit and the Liks, and Nas’sWhere Are The Now (West Coast Remix)?” where Breeze joins Kam, King Tee, Candyman, Threat, Ice T, Sir Mix A Lot, & Conscious Daughters on the mega posse cut.  

[ VERSE 1: Breeze ]
It’s time to rhyme, keep it in mind I’m gifted
With the strength to go the length and if it’s
Rough enough to keep the crowd in a standstill
They catch contact from a rhyme that’s ill
You heard some sation, wondered it’s smoooth
Done by one nation under a groove
Rhymes I keep droppin em, suckers I keep stoppin em
P’s I’m not poppin, attitudes I’m coppin em
Speakin very clearly, so check the theory
If I was a car you wouldn’t have to steer me
Plus in control, just let me roll on cruise
None other can match cause they all catch the blues
It’s only ( ? ) but none else can blow smoother
If you think you can grab a stand and prove to
Me that you can and will, if not you sit and chill
Visitin my pocket cause I fit the bill
Position myself to go longer and stronger
Bitin my words like you don’t know who they belong to
Puttin much emphasis while I empty this
Rhyme down your ear, I’m sure you envy this
I hook and sling, that’s what it took to bring
Back the old pastime, and if the last time
My jam will slay, look who we have before us
I think we had enough, Muff bust the chorus


[ VERSE 2: Breeze ]
Stop what you’re doin, this is directed to you and
Yours, hold your applause because I’m pursuin
To be the best, and yes, what I’m sayin
If the track was a class, I’d pass with an A and
Controlled I roll over suckers who even claim to be
On my tip, they even got the same name as me
All you’re doin is causin confusion
I’m speakin to you frankly, you need to thank me
I go for broke, my rhymes smoke like a joint
Expressin myself with the help of a ballpoint
Sit back, relax, in fact take notes
Not only do I break hearts, I break hopes
Could never be taken among those makin
Jams, thinkin they slam but they’re fakin
Don’t try to bite me or try to fight me
Or take me lightly, all you do is excite me
The beat is kickin so I’mma stomp this
Rely on the skill and the will to accomplish
What I set out to do, and I bet that you
Listen to the words and bust a step or two
You had the audacity to ask of me
To slow down when I throw down, so you can last with me
Save the drama and all the sation
You tried to riff, but not it’s time to get dealt with


-Al E.

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