Brandy – I Wanna Be Down (Remix)


Brandy Wanna Be Down

“Who Wanna Be Down 20 something years later”?

“About yey short about yey tall about so big about so small about

This length about this width about this flow about this gift”

Queen Latifahs prominent line in Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down Remix” in 1994. The baddest MC’s in the game joined forces with innocent girl next door R&B singer Brandy. The “I wanna Be Down” served as Brandy’s main single from her debut album “Brandy” in 1994. This remix featured MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, and Queen Latifah. The 3 MC’s were already known in the early 90’s for being hip-hop pioneer feminists with raw bars and raps that scream female empowerment. The music video with the young starlets premiered in February of 1995, In it you can find the ladies dressed in baggy overalls and box braids. Even a young Ray J appeared dancing to the catchy tune in the video.

Ladies we all can remember sitting on the front steps with box braids and large overalls bouncing to this song in the early 90’s. Lip syncing the song to every cute guy that came your way. And Fellas you can remember the ladies giving you the eye every time the song was on the radio, giving you the “ok” to finally make your move.

From high school crushes to the grown men and women feeling the “adult” lyrics from the Mc’s, the “I Wanna Be Down Remix” brought the women in the industry together. Showing love to the 15-year- old “new to the scene” Brandy. Brandy recalls doing the remix with the 3 MC’s and not knowing what their verses even meant. “I was so star struck,” says Brandy. “I was a total groupie with you [Queen Latifah], MC Lyte, and Yo-Yo, and I wasn’t shy about it. To work with these women, I had grown up watching was a total dream come true.” In1995 Brandy earned her first nomination to the MTV Video Music Awards for best rap video.

The hip hop goddesses recently reunited at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards 20 years later to perform the 90’s banger hit. During this draw dropping performance the now grown women brought the 90’s back with big bangle earrings, gold chains and long braids.

“Hey here we go here we go here go now and it’s on yeah

And you don’t stop Brandy is in tha house and you don’t stop

Until the body rock keep it on and you don’t stop rock on”

The “I Wanna Be Down” collabo is an old school hit that everyone can appreciate, bringing girl power and unity to the women in the hip hop game. Working together as one unit while playing different roles in the hip hop genre – R&B and rap. When the 2 collide it’s always #blackgirlmagic.

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