Boot Camp Clik – For The People Album Review


Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka” is one of the most perplexing song titles of all time.  More straightforward is the music the Boot Camp Click released during the 90’s.  Black Moon first dropped the classic Enta Da Stage in ’93. ’95 and ’96 saw debuts from Smif N Wessun, O.G.C. and Heltah Skeltah.   Collectively these 4 groups along with other solo artists formed the Boot Camp Click and then blasted on the scene during this time period.  They were all about simple, heavy head-nodding beats while staying extremely lyrical.  Keeping it real and “street” was their main focus.  1997 marked the year the Boot Camp Click collectively got together and released their debut group album.boot-camp-clik-for-the-people-back-in-the-day-buffet

Initially “For the People” scared a lot of die hard fans.   Da Beatminerz were responsible for a majority of the groups sound on previous albums.  The basement beats created were able to keep heads bobbing across the globe.  Boot Camp decided to instead let Buckshot handle the production for the new project.   He used a sample free sound which implemented the use of live instruments.   The results were instantly recognizable and obviously different from the previous BCC members albums.  A closer mature listen would be required to enjoy this masterpiece.

The second track, “Down by Law” serves as an introduction to the album and uses the only sample of the album, courtesy of Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight”.  “Night Riders” was a smooth ride through Brooklyn.   9th Wonder managed to elevate this gem on the remix and added Aaliyah’s angelic crooning on the hook.  “Headz R Ready Part 2” features the all the main members of BCC slaying their verse.   Rock (aka Sean Price RIP) showcases his lyrical wizardry as the standout.

” From an unknown region, me and my legion
never believe in the evil ways of a heathen
I breathe in, out improve on my physical
trees keep me blessed, prepare for my ritual
it’s critical when I belittle fools wit syllables
I choose to use cuz yall niggas is pitiful
it’s difficult to see whose ready
Nocturnal journalist racin thru crews like Andretti “

The Rocky themed video received a lot of love on BET’s Rap City.

The album had many different layers.  “For the People” actually included real messages from fans from across the country calling into their phone line scattered throughout the album.   There were also other MC’s who shared their ability to bless the mic.   Lesser known acts like The Representativz , BJ Swan, and Illa Noyz all contributed on the album.  Buckshot grabbed newcomers LS and female emcee Mada Rocka to join him on a funkin’ jazzy “Ragtime“.  Twanie Ranks joined Top Dog of OGC on the reggae cut with “Rugged Terrain”.  The final song featured an R&B group F.L.O.W. and Buckshot and Steele over a positive and heartfelt ‘Last Time

The album clearly went in a different direction than previous projects.  A close listen will reveal that your favorite MC’s are still there, they were just experimenting with sounds and were able to create an extremely diverse album for their fans.

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