Bloods And Crips – Bangin On Wax

Bloods And Crips – Bangin On Wax

Gang violence was a topic of many rhymes in the early 90’s.  It was always generic though, the MC’s themselves were very careful when talking about what set they were affiliated with.  That changed with the album, 1993’s Bangin On Wax. The Bloods & Crips got together and put one of the most murderous albums in existence.  And the only topic on the album was eliminating their enemies.  Producer Ron Phillips decided to have an audition for the project.  The best spitter from each set was drafted to rhyme on the album.  Instead of shooting each other on the street, the biter rivals put their differences aside and murdered each other on wax.

The funk infused soundtrack made the murder raps enjoyable.  If Dr. Dre’s G Funk was Nordstrom’s, then the production on this album was Nordstrom Rack……..still great finds, albeit a little cheaper.  Legendary DJ Battlecat and Tweedy Bird Loc lent their production talents to the album as well.  The album was 19 tracks long and was split in half.  The Crips and The Bloods.

Domino, then known as Genuine Draft, got through the audition process and landed on this project.  He came out swinging with some aggressive rhymes on the first verse on the title track.  Sin Loc, Blue Rag, Red Rag, AWOL, Lil Stretch and Redrum 781 all joined the show.  This was one of the few songs on the album that featured both sets.

Bloods & Crips – Bangin’ On Wax

Shoulda Been a B Dog” is a solo ride for the Bloods.   Big Wy, Redrum, CK and Lil Stretch all have verses, but the real story is the Leon Hayward sample. This was a brilliant use of the same song that “Nothin But  a G Thang” originated from. No hip hop quotable here, just an insanely funky track with some murderous material.

Bloods & Crips – Shoulda Been a B Dog

Another solo ride for the Bloods was the albums best song, “Piru Love.” This was one of  my favorite uses of the timeless “Computer Love” by Zapp. Over this slowed down smoothness, female rapper Bloody Mary repped for her set.  Little Stretch and Redrum also joined the smooth mayhem.

Bloods & Crips – Piru Love

Geniune Draft aka Domino showed up again on the Crip solo track, ”Crip Crip Crip”.   Miss C Note veered away from the violence and offered a sex charged verse.   The familiar “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll” is the sample used.  A vocoder and other effects added created a dope soundtrack.

Bloods & Crips – Crip, Crip, Crip

Steady Dippin” featured the Crips rolling.  The beat was another funky ride, but that sexy Miss C Note gave us another verse and lets us know that she packs her grip in her cleavage.

Bloods & Crips – Steady Dippin

The rest is much of the same, but the music makes this album bangin. Some of the MC’s including Miss C Note are currently working on new music, while their legacy lives on through the unique album Bangin On Wax.

Bloods And Crips – Bangin On Wax

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