Blahzay Blahzay – Danger

Blahzay Blahzay released their single “Danger” on September 19, 1995.  The track was produced by DJ P.F. Cuttin and Outloud (Blahzay Blahzay).  This song appears on their 1996 album “Blah Blah Blah“.

One of the greatest “one-hit-wonders” in Hip Hop history, Blahzay Blahzay hits us with their 1995 ode to the east coast “Danger”.  The track is famously known for sampling 3 tracks and making one dope memorable chorus.  It mashes us “When the east is in the House” (Jeru The Damaja), “Oh My God” (Q-Tip) and “Danger! (ODB)” plus the humming of Gwen McCrae.  The lyrics by Outloud are dope as well.  The combination made the song of the 95’s best!

Put out the word Blahzay has emerged
Surged most prefered from the verbs and words
I finesse, try your best
To diagnose, when I host
You get roast, toast
Bet grip bra when I rumble, you crumble
My stuff is good like mondongo soup
Rappers getting souped frontin rugged
But I don’t plug it, when my sematic hits to your nugget
And expose, you know how it goes when it be gritty
When we roll is like we got the key to the city
It won’t be pretty
For you to challenge, knock you off balance
Betta reconsider your talents
You weasel, you better off pumpin diesel
I find it feasable your days is over frontin evil
Shouting to your people tryin to bless your spot
But we don’t beleive that cuz see BS sells a lot
On who got shot and who does all the crime
DANGER! And you knew it all the time

When the East is in the house, Oh my God!

And when we in the house, ain’t no time to act shiesty
Come at us fiesty to your ass that is pricely
Costin’, you get baked like Mr. Boston
Beans in box, you need more strength than just locks
I rocks hardcore even when I dress suited
On some business shit my street is deep rooted
What is this shit?
Rappers want to blossom, put them on a costume
Toking weed buffoon I’ll tell you soon you learn the hard way
Timbs and blunts on Broadway to consider
Hardrocks is getting rid of
Like Vera from “Alice” the East is in your palace
On some proper shit and it will never be the opposite


And when we move on your circuit
You better pray to who you worship
That’s recommended ass kicks come splendid
Long winded, but I don’t need my respiratory
To bless my story, you got nothing for me
Ace been plotted behind doors they scheming up
For my arrival, rappers are teamin’ up
Do your stuff to these it’s going to be limpin’ MC’s
When I plan my rap you’ll be left handicapped
Sweat! gather because I break you old jalopies
Building on heads that be older than your papi
Pack the wind while PF backspin
To the essence, you get startled by my presence

As an added bonus, we get “Danger Part 2” on the b-side and it features Trigga Tha Gambler, L.A. The Darkman, and Smoothe Da Hustler.  I don’t know about you, but like Chuck D says, “the b-side wins again“. This time they use KRS-One’sNow I’m gonna show you house the east coast rocks” plus Biggie’sthe more dangerous” and they give it a more sinister darker beat.

[ *P.F. Cuttin cuts up* ]
(Now I’m gonna show you how the East coast rocks) –] KRS-One
(And now..)
(The more dangerous) –] Notorious B.I.G

[ Outloud ]
Now there’s multi styles in my possession
No question, I be nice
Rappers lose like Master Ace rollin dice
Who precise? Check the visuals, we leave no residuals
Individuals makin gold diggers miserable
So no-no for beef, smoke the cocoa leaf
There’s no relief as this rap door revolves
And I enter, ???? like people homes
Blow up mics like I blow illegal phones
Homes is flesh and bones, not the fraud you’re looking for
The plunder, go under, think we’re one-hit wonder, yo, I spoil it
Flush that talk down the toilet, sip the alcoholic
Uhh, then Blahzay hit you with the whatchamacallit
You bleed red water, step into my red quarter
Out of order, Medina
Animals eat you like piranha
Cat chow, I never bow, still I aim to please
Drain what you got like if I was your main squeeze
Wack MC’s ease, the end is here at last
Jet real fast with your tail between yo ass

(The more dangerous) –] Notorious B.I.G

[ Trigga tha Gambler ]
My rap begins by collision, Trigga mention
The flow mainstream, it change your visual decision
The jump funk, bodies in my trunk, and you’re really dumb, punk
With your odd stories, your dream ship will get sunk
I’m the jaw-locker, ripper, face-??? cock-a-blocker
Body-dropper, flo’-mopper, show-stopper
The misdemeanor, dreamer, money-schemer
Slip the clip in infrared-beamer
Nighty-nighty deceased-dreamer
The wipe-out, out-wipe the competition
My pistol-whippin, ass-kickin, public enemy-demolition
They say Brownsville niggas double cross, bodybags get tossed
Dangerous for you niggas fuckin with my gun sport

(The more dangerous) –] Notorious B.I.G

[ L.A. the Darkman ]
See, now you didn’t heed the warning, so here come the remix
Check the prefix: re-
So I’mma re-kicks yo ass splendid
Leavin MC’s twisted and bended from a touch of that Darkman rap segment
Enter the dangerzone at your own risk
The rap arsonist, lyrical demolisionist
Feel the fist when it rips through
Your skin, your muscle, flesh and bodily tissue
Never to miss you, my rhymes leave the punk seekin
I shoot em, then hit your dome and leave your mic leakin
Then I’m creepin, my style is on some next shit
Rhymes hit your chest and use your back for the exit
Flexin is not recommended
My lyrics bash your brains and leave your foreheads dented
I meant it, me, I be the Blahzay lieutenant
Swingin on MC’s like I’m goin for the pennant

(The more dangerous) –] Notorious B.I.G

[ Smoothe da Hustler ]
It’s the Hustler, Lone Shark from Saratoga Ave
Ave. Saratoga from Lone Shark, Hustler to it’s
I’m rushin you clicks, forwards and backwards
My tactics interact with tracks
Contacts my facts to keep you flippin like a matress
Matress a like flippin me keep to facts
My contact tracks with interact tactics
My backwards and forwards match
If you peepin how I’m creepin
And you ain’t sleepin
My verse was dispersed, then reversed
I’m better than medicine, Next Level veteran
The type to go to the show, deep with three on the guestlist
Stop, turn around and say I’m stressin
Watch how I finesse this
And get a levelling, dissed I never been
Hardrocks’ll splatter, assault and batter ya
My thug life-tapes are historical from archives in Attica
And I be the man behind the man behind the man at hand
When the Hustler’s in the house (oh my God) understand?

(The more dangerous) –] Notorious B.I.G

[ D.V. alias Khrist ]
Danger, danger
When the East is in the house
Danger, danger
Oh my God

But wait, there’s more!  They even have a DJ Premier remix track for the original version.  I love the beat, but I have to go with the original on this one.

No matter which track you liked, they were all dope!  Salute Blahzay Blahzay!

-Al E.

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