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taste-of-chocolate-big-daddy-kane-back-n-the-day-buffetBig Daddy Kane released his third studio album “Taste of Chocolate” on Oct 30, 1990.  The album was produced by Big Daddy Kane, Prince Paul, Cool V and Mister Cee.  The album has Kane shirtless while a girl in the background is taking a chocolate shower.  Why does that sound nasty?

We were blessed with 2 classic albums from this dope MC and every Kane fan was hungry for a third.  The album starts off nicely with “Taste of Chocolate (Intro)” that samples the same beat Lil Kim took for “Big Momma Thing” (Sylvester’sWhat It Something I Said“).  He dedicates his album to all his fans by saying,

You know, 1990 begins a new decade
And since I got paid and blew up like a live grenade
It’s been a three, four year stretch
And I’d just like to thank all of you
And this goes to everybody in the entire world
That means the United States, overseas in the U.K
Way in Brazil, Japan, Africa, and everywhere else
I just wanna dedicate this one to you

After the first verse, the song abruptly ends.  When the video came out it had 2 verses.  I had to much later wait until the 12 inch dropped to get the complete track.

The first time we heard a single from this album, we hear “Cause I Can Do It Right” where he takes a beat from Gladys Knight while Marvin Gaye sings “Yeah Yeah Yeah” in the background.  Being a sex symbol is not easy, and Kane explains to us where it all started.  Dope intro single to this dope album.

Cause ever since I was young I could keep girls sprung
Just by the movement of my tongue
I remember it all started way back
In ummm… Kindergarten!!
Some played with Legos, some played with Play-Doh
But I was feelin’ girls like a ripe tomato
And now it’s 1990 and you can find me as I dunk
Lockin’ up girls like I want
Yes I got a harem, but I don’t share em
I collect em like padium and MMM, you gotta see em
Because the ladies is all I dream of
And not even Anita Baker can give sweeter love
You know why?

Prince Paul produces one of the greatest tracks off this album.  On “It’s Hard Being The Kane“, we get vintage Kane spitting lyrics with vigor and poetry.  We get three verses of him flowing through the beat like water as he throws metaphors and similes at us on a fast pace that we are so accustomed to!  Definitely the gem off this album! This track will make you…REWIND!!!!!

Put in a pause, because here’s the holocaust
Above all laws, in effect and all yours
Cause I came to blaze a taste of bass of grace
A replace, erase the waste without a trace
My vocabulary will just have you very
Dazed and amazed so I fear no adversary —
That means competition
They can’t even touch this, even with ammunition
Break out the gauge and go into an outrage
And I’mma still blow up the stage
Cause this is a death threat, but don’t let your sweat get
In the way of your vision don’t be missin when I get set
To go on a rampage, start a one man rage
Total destruction as I rip up the damn stage
And leave it in ruins from the damage that I’m doin
To prepare the atmosphere, as I put you in
The mood for the Smooth Operator to start this flow
And so..
I crushed and crushed and stomped the comp that tried
To get fly and face the ace I put em in place
Proceed em, retreat em, defeat em, delete em, and feed em, and eat em
And all the rest of that good stuff, cause I don’t need em
Only one survivor can remain
And god damn, it’s got to be the Kane!


One of the greatest surprises on this album is the Kane produced track “Who Am I” that features the daughter of Malcolm X, Gamilah Shabazz.  The importance of this track is obvious, but unfortunately Gamilah has to work on her flow and sounds awkward next to the expert veteran MC.  Still, Kane’s lyrics about his selfishness makes him look like a regular human being rather than the one we see half naked on magazines.

A native New Yorker on the streets
Known for rockin rhymes to real rough beats
That I found in the attic, noisy with static
A sound that made me, a hip-hop fanatic
I made a few songs that sold OK
Never top 20 or plenty airplay
I came out hardcore, flexin cock diesel
Saw a little cash, and pop goes the weasel
I had to make that change and rearrange
My whole rap format, no hardcore rap
So now all the pop charts I rule
Over New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul, huh
I thought I made it, then my song faded
And none of the black stations ever have played it
I tried to blame it on MTV
And say, “Damn, they cold played me for Young MC”
But when you get down to it, I’m the real blame
Because I wanted the fame
Money is not only the root of all evil
It’s also the destruction of black people, so
Conjunction junction, what’s your function?
Being a scout, or selling out?
Look in the mirror at yourself, eye to eye
And say: who am I?

No Damn Good” is a track where Kane talks about how some women and men are, well, no damn good!  It’s a hilarious and truthful track that will have you turning it up especially with that funky horn sample that Prince Paul injects into this beat!  That Prince Paul/Kane combination is always lethal!

Now there’s this girl named Monique
The type of female that you consider a freak
A big-time player playin like a drum beat
You think her address is 21 Hump Street
She step out every night to swing
With her Lee press-on’s and a nefertiti ring
Bamboo earrings all big and lookin silly
With extensions hangin down like Milli Vanilli
And every Wednesday night at the Apollo
First kid she saw with jewerly she’d follow
And Monique would be ready to sleep
With the first kid in a Benz or a Cherokee Jeep
Strung out and givin up the nappy dug out
You’re on the critical list, about to pull the plug out
So here, nympho, here’s some good info
Stop takin em putts and close your legs, toots
Cause I remember you was one of a kind and a fine – hm
I once was infatuated by the things that you do
But now you’re doodoo
It’s all about respectin yourself
In order to gain respect from anyone else
Treat yourself like a real woman should
Cause bitch, you ain’t no damn good

If you want to know the history of how Kane met Biz Markie and became a part of the Juice Crew, listen to the track “Mr. Pitiful” produced by Cool V.  The next track is that track you had to listen to over and over again!  On “Put Your Weight On It“, Mister Cee spins “Impeach The President“, “Big Beat” and “Rocket in the Pocket” as Kane freestyles as the beat changes.  Does anyone really want to go after Kane in a freestyle battle?  Yeah, I thought so!  This track just sounds so raw!  See what I did there?

As the Kane remains everlasting
With lyrics that’s fast relief like aspirin
So allow me to relieve, or breathe contact
Your brain and remain like hairweave
Cause I can reach each participant with a speech
That will teach, and have em hangin like a leach
And yes still puttin rappers in fear
So hold it right there, cause this is a nightmare
As I cause a killer scene, and cut like a guillotine
Any thoughts you had about winnin is still a dream

Big Daddy vs Dolemite” was a funny spoken word track, but it plays more like a skit.  The problem on this album is that he doesn’t have a consistent flow or concept to this LP.  The sappy and crappy love song “All of Me” is horrible and we all fast forwarded that track, since we knew love songs were not Kane’s specialty. Other tracks like “Dance with the Devil“, “Down the Line” and the absolutely horrible “Keep em On The Floor” are all tracks that give this album a lower grade than his previous 2.  We later found out that Kane was making horrible music deliberately to get out of his contract with Warner Brothers/Cold Chillin’.  It was still a bangin album and worth purchasing the album.  We were so used to playing the album from front to back that we got spoiled a bit.  I would give it 3.5 mics.  That’s just my honest opinion.

-Al E.

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