Big Daddy Kane – Smooth Operator/Warm It Up Kane Anniversary

Big Daddy Kane released his first single “Smooth Operator” off his second studio album “It’s A Big Daddy Thing” on August 3, 1989.  The track was produced by Big Daddy Kane himself and features the b-side “Warm It Up Kane“.

“Smooth Operator” borrows 2 significant and classic tracks to give us one of his most memorable tracks ever.  The track samples Isaac Haye’sDo Your Thing” and the Mary Jane Girl’sAll Night Long“.  The combination will make you sit back relax and chill at the same time get people on the dance floor.

As for the rhymes, you know Kane can kill it whether the beat is fast or slow!  In this case, we also get what is supposedly a shot at Rakim, which had the God MC replying with “smooth operator, operating correctly” off “Microphone Fiend“.  On this track he samples Rakim’s “cause I’m so smooth” so…

Well excuse me, take a few minutes, to mellow out
Big Daddy Kane is on the mic and I’mma tell about
A minimum length, of rhymes of strength
And power, so listen to the man of the hour
Flow and go to a slow tempo and you know
Sing ho, swing low, then yo the show
Will go on, as I perform
Transformin’ on stage like a Decepticon
But I’m not animated like a cartoon
I’m for real, shootin’ lyrics like a harpoon
Across the crowd, the listeners, the spectators
So let’s groove with the smooth operator

Cause I’m so smooth

The B-I-G, D-A-double-D-Y-K-A-N-E
I’m good and plenty, servin’ many and any
Competition, wishin’ for an expedition
I’m straight up dissin’ and dismissin’, listen
Rappers act so wild, and love to profile
Frontin’ hard but ain’t got no style
I give nightmares to those who compete
Freddy Kreuger, walkin’ on Kane Street
Confuse and lose abuse and bruise the crews
Who choose to use my name wrong, they pay dues
Destruction from the exterminator
But in a calm manner, cause I’m a smooth operator

Cause I’m so smooth

Now girls step up to this
One simple kiss, and it’s over, Miss
Sold to nice dreamers, high as the price seem
Girlfriend, you been scooped like ice cream
So just swing or fling a gathering, try to cling
Cause It’s a Big Daddy Thing
And I’m lovin’ em right, word is bond
So just play Marvin Gaye and Let’s Get It On
I make it real good like Dr. Feelgood
To make sure that my point is understood
That when it comes to this there’s none greater
Sincerely yours the smooth operator

Cause I’m so smooth

Now ain’t that the pot callin’ the kettle black
Sayin’ I’m a new jack, you need to be smacked
The smooth way I say ’em and the way I display ’em
To make them sound different in a way that’s gifted
And hey I’m, makin’ sure every lyric is done fine
And I make one line, bright as the sunshine
Attack you like Robatussin’ on a cough
If you know like I know step off
Competition, I’mma get rid of
You can’t get a bit of, so just consider
A break or rest, vacation, hibernation
And make way for my smooth operation
I’m a smooth operator

Cause I’m so smooth

Ah yeah, and you don’t stop
Genuine for ’89
And I still ain’t half-steppin’, peace!

The b-side is the ish with Kane droppin some dope lyrics over a “Big Bad John” sample!  This is more my “speed” and it will have you saying “Warm it up Kane” over and over again.  B-side wins again?

Come, get some, you little bum
I take the cake but you can’t get a crumb
From the poetic, authentic, superior
Ultimate – and all that good shit
I’m the original, asiatic, acrobatic
There you have it, now get dramatic
Creatin drama when I’m on the scene
And I pack em in mean, like Bruce Springsteen
I profile a style that’s mild and meanwhile
Put on trial a rap pile to exile
Make you tumble and stumble, in a rumble just crumble
And I’m still calm and humble
You need another helpin hand to swing on
I stand alone, but still you gotta bring on
Your Batman and Robin, Cagney and Lacey
Starsky and Hutch, but they still can’t face me
And if may make this one thing here clear
That’s for you not to come near, period
So I ain’t buggin or delirious
My swift tongue’s like a sword, that’s how severe it is
And I can slice and dice a fisher price mc
That thought he was nice into minute rice
Single-handed, I ain’t with that band stuff
Cause Cee’ll scratch a record like flakes of dandruff
And the mic I ravage, not like a savage
But in my own way of doin damage
As I design the genuine line
Now who flattop rules in eighty-nine?

Warm it up, kane (16x)


Take two other men with soul that you probably know
Deadly as scarface, but bright as the Cosby Show
Don’t attack rappers, but make everyone hush
They step to me, but can’t stop the bumrush
I make material, rich and imperial
The unique technique I speak is all original
You like to sag and drag and gag
Same old same old, but poppa’s got a brand new bag
So put the mic down boy, you can’t work it
Due to wack lyrics, it’s bout to short circuit
So toss the sauce across to the boss, no remorse
You lost, with force, of course, a holocaust
First I caught ya, then put ya through torture
You moved wrong my son, so I taught ya
Just like a guardian, that put your body in
The mood to groove with the smoove way that I’m partyin
Competition may find it spectacular
Scheme and fiend to take a bite like dracula
And waste the taste, cause ain’t no sugar here
So come near if you dare, you booga bear
You start hallucinatin like magic
The wrath gets tragic, but Kane won’t have it
Cause you tried to juice me when you’re bluffin
Slowed the pace, so I had to start rushin
So pick a BC date, cause you’re history
Here comes Kane, Scoob, Scrap, Jay and Mister Cee
And this is one thing to us we ain’t new to
The crew’ll cast a spell on the crowd just like voodoo
I’m the man you can’t hold back
And all competition appears to be weak
I meant to say wack, a vision of blur
Just them thinkin I’m competitin, I say, “huh!”

Warm it up, kane (16x)


Genuine for eighty-nine, you know what I’m sayin?
As I give a shout out to my man tony a
Tony p, sally sal and the whole libra digital posse
Can’t forget my man yawnski
And smooth the barber, you know what I’m sayin?
Also, I gotta say whassup to born true, b-boy,
And my man big jay cee
The whole rest of the crew, scoob lover my brother
Scrap lover, and dj mister cee
Can’t forget supreme, abu, melquan and shabazz
Wally d, and the rest of the brothers
And of course my little brother the little daddy shane
Manditory end of the story, you know what I’m sayin?

We salute you on this anniversary of one of your hottest hits in your catalog Kane!


-Al E.

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