BackInTheDay Buffet’s 5 Underrated Hip Hop Albums

Ask any Hip Hop head what are their most underrated Hip Hop albums and you’ll be having that same conversation 3 hours later. That’s exactly what we undertook when we asked our fans on Facebook to submit their suggestions and 430 album submissions later, we’ve put them in order to determine our top 5. Let us know where we went wrong and what albums should’ve made the cut.


1 – Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia

In 1995 Pharcyde released Labcabincalifornia, an album which featured a group who had matured with their sound and tone of the album. Both songs Drop and Runnin would land on Billboard top 100, but it’s the cohesiveness that gives the album it’s timeless sound. This was also the first time that many people were introduced to J Dilla who handled the majority of production on Labcabincalifornia.

2. Sticky Fingaz – Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones

For Onyx‘s Sticky Fingaz average wasn’t just enough for his legendary concept album Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones. Based on the fictional story of Kirk Jones, a felon who recently became released from prison and now must face the life he chose. Known as a lyrical gangsta rapper Sticky Fingaz pushes his own boundaries as a storyteller and shines a light on the hardships of a troubled youth.

3. Little Brother- The Minstrel Show

Hailing from Durham, NC and 2 years removed from the group’s debut album “The Listening”, Little Brother dropped the underground classic “The Minstrel Show“. We get to know both Phonte and Big Pooh with their smooth deliveries and openness about their personal struggles of love, family, and how they deal with their growing fame. Behind the boards 9th Wonder is also on his A game, finding and flipping soulful samples that begin to engrave status as one of Hip Hop’s iconic producers.

4. AZ – Do or Die

Every Batman needs a Robin and with “Do or DieAZ created the perfect sidekick for “Illmatic“, Hip Hop’s greatest album of all time. With his laid back introspective style AZ breaks down a mafioso New York over 11 tracks with a cohesive jazz vibe throughout. With production handled by an array producers who include Pete Rock, L.E.S., Buckwild, and more it’s AZ who shines with his story telling and let’s us know “techniques speak, I’m rather unique”.

5. Above The Law – Uncle Sam’s Curse

It should be expected that one of the most underrated west coast Hip Hop groups and g-funk innovators would also be one of our most underrated albums. Uncle Sam’s Curse takes gangsta rap to another level by delivering a very powerful message fueled by politics and social consciousness that’s still relevant today.

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