AZ – Doe Or Die 20 Years Later (Video)

Arguably one of the most Underrated MC’s in Rap, AZ has been in the shadows of Nas’ rap career since his introduction on “Life’s A Bitch” off the all time classic Illmatic.  In ’95 AZ would go on to release his own masterpiece Doe or Die.

Now over 20 years later, BET has produced a documentary narrated by Rakim, with exclusive interviews with Nas, Pete Rock and other contributors. Watch the full video HERE.

AZ feat Miss Jones “Sugar Hill”

AZ’s realism in his lyrics have always paralleled him with Nas.  On “Sugar Hill” AZ raps

No more cutting grams, and wrapping grands up in rubber bands
I’m a recovered man, our plan’s to discover other lands
Suburban places got me seeking for oasis

Cristal by the cases, ladies of all races with dime faces
Sex on the white sand beaches of Saint Thomas
Though this ain’t promised, I’m as determined as them old timers
I want a villa in a Costa Rica
So I can smoke my reefer and enjoy how life supposed ta’ treat ya’
Laid in the shades of the everglades, finally forever paid
Wearing the finest fabrics tailors ever made

Me and my team, Carribean cuisine
I guess being down for so long I’m all in store to see my dreams

AZ “Doe Or Die”

What are you Favorite Tracks from this album??

What are some of AZ’s dopest lyrics??


How do you compare AZ’s career to other 90’s / Golden Age rappers??

Is he a slept on Lyricist?

As visual an artist as Nas?

AZ "Doe or Die" 20 Year Anniversary

AZ – Doe Or Die 20 Years Later (Video)

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