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Hip Hop has had compilation albums since day one.  You can go to Ebay or online record stores and get all kinds of compilations from 8-tracks, cassettes and CD’s.  When I was a kid, one of the record companies that sold compilation albums was K-Tel.  The had Christmas, Disco and Rock compilation and Hip Hop was not to be left out.  In 1984, K-Tel released “Breakdance” which contained not only 6 dope tracks, but also a poster on how to breakdance (step by step) by the New York City Breakers.   The album was special to me since I received it as a Christmas gift and at 13, it was the best gift ever! The album contained the following tracks:


  1. Wheels of Steel – Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five
  2. Electric Kingdom – Twilight 22
  3. Pop Goes My Love – Freeze
  4. Rockit – BT and the City Slickers
  5. Joystick – Dazz Band
  6. Tour De France – 10 Speed


Later on that year, K-Tel released another compilation album named “Electric Breakdance” and unfortunately it already came with 2 tracks that were already on the previous LP.

  1. NewcleusJam On It
  2. Double Vision – Clock On The Wall 
  3. Whodini – Magic’s Wand 
  4. D-Train – You’re The One For Me 
  5. Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom 
  6. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It)
  7. G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid – Play That Beat Mr. D.J. 
  8. B.T. & The City Slickers – Rockit
  9. Run-DMC – It’s Like That  


The majority of the tracks on these two albums were mostly Electro tracks and very little rap tracks.  When “Rap’s Greatest Hits Volume 1” dropped on Priority Records, we finally got some true rap tracks (including one R&B track) and made it worth our money.  When you get a compilation that features tracks by Run DMC, the Fat Boys, Doug E Fresh and Whodini, you know the album was worth buying.

  1. Rumors by Timex Social Club
  2. King Of Rock by Run D.M.C
  3. A Fly Girl by Boogie Boys
  4. Howie’s Teed Off by Real Roxanne with Howie Tee
  5. Fat Boys by Fat Boys
  6. The Show by Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
  7. Pee – Wee’s Dance by Joeski Love
  8. Friends by Whodini
  9. Roxanne, Roxanne by U.T.F.O
  10. The Roof Is On Fire by Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three
When you are a teen and you don’t have a job, it’s hard to buy all the hottest Hip Hop records. When you see a compilation like these, you cop it on vinyl and save some major dough.  When “Rap’s Greatest Hits Volume 2” dropped, I grab that album off the shelf so quickly I almost forgot to pay!   It came with the a rare Run DMC track I did not own “Together Forever“, the original version of “Eric B Is President” and the first west coast rap song on a compilation, L.A. Dream Team’sThe Dream Team Is In the House“.  This is one of the greatest compilations I have ever purchased!  Every track is a classic.
    1. Run-D.M.C. – Together Forever
    2. Eric B. & Rakim – Eric B. Is  President
    3. Biz Markie – Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz
    4. UTFO – Split Personality (The Remix)
    5. Word of Mouth – Coast To Coast
    6. Kurtis Blow – I’m Chillin’
    7. Whodini – One Love
    8. L.A. Dream Team – The Dream Team Is In the House
    9. B Fats – Woppit
  10. MC Shan – The Bridge
The last volume I purchased was “Rap’s Greatest Hits Volume 3” and again we were blessed with some classic tracks but I started to notice that could start affording albums, so I had the majority of the tracks on this album.  I got a classic track from Grand Puba and the Masters of Ceremony, was introduced to King Sun and got a track from Mantronix I had not heard before.
 1. Run DMC – My Adidas
 2. Eric B & Rakim – You Know I Got Soul
 3. Kool Moe Dee – Go See The Doctor
 4. Masters of Ceremony – Sexy
 5. Dana Dane – Delancey Street
 6. Oran ‘Juice’ Jones – The Rain
 7. Salt N Pepa – My Mic Sounds Nice (Remix)
 8. Biz Markie – Nobody Beats The Biz
 9. Mantronix – Scream
10. King Sun – Hey Love
As I got older and got a job, I was able to afford going to the record store on Tuesdays and pick up multiple albums at the same time.  No more bootleg copies or tracks from the radio or from a friends borrowed tape, I was able to afford the original wax and even the 12 inch singles with the instrumentals!  They made many more volumes after these 5 albums, but I lost track when they got into the double digits.  Now we can buy tracks one buy one for about a dollar a piece without buying the entire album…digitally!  The kids nowadays will never know the struggle!
-Al E.


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