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westside-connection-bow-down-back-n-the-day-buffetWestside Connection released their debut album “Bow Down” on October 22, 1996 and was distributed by Lench Mob/Priority Records.  The album was produced by Ice Cube, QDIII, and others.  Westside Connection consists of “Ice Cube, WC, and Mack 10, aka The Gangsta, The Killa, and The Dope Dealer“.

In the early 90’s, when the west coast started getting some major recognition in the rap game, MC’s like Snoop Dogg, 2Pac and Ice Cube started to feel slighted by the New York critics.  The “east coast vs west coast” rivalry sold a lot of records but also took a lot of lives with it.  So when Ice Cube recruited Mack 10 and WC to start his super-group, they aimed their lyrics straight to those critics that where biased towards the left coast.  The appropriately named track “All the Critics in New York” goes directly to the source (see what I did there) of the problem and gives all those critics a huge middle finger in their faces!

Fuck all the critics in the N-Y-C
And your articles tryin to rate my LP
Fuck your backpacks and your wack ass raps
Sayin we ain’t real because we make snaps
Sellin six-fos to the Japs, what you lookin at?
With your Brooklyn hat and your pen and pad, nigga
I got a pocket full of green busting at the seams
Fuck your baggy jeans, fuck your magazines

The first single off this classic LP was the title track “Bow Down” where all 3 MC’s set it straight.  They need respect and they will have you bowing down to the “W” faster than you can say “wessssside!!!”

The world is mine nigga get back
Don’t fuck with my stack the gauge is racked
About to drop the bomb I’m the motherfuckin’ don
Big fish in a small pond
Now the feds trying to throw they book at the crook
But I shook they worm and they hook
Guppies hold they breath. They want to miss me when I’m tipsy
Running everything west of the Mississippi
Its the unseen, pulling strings with my pinky ring
We got your woman. Pucker up ‘fore we fuck her up
Bow down before I make a phone call
Got 25 niggas running up on y’all
For the cheese we want them keys
Everybody freeze on your knees, butt naked please
Before any of you guppies get heart
Nigga rewind my part fool and….(Bow Down)

My favorite cut off this album is “The Gangsta, The Killa, and The Dope Dealer” with a crazy and eerie sample of Nine Inch NailsHurt“.  The tracks is the gem off this album and has some crazy lyrics from WC.

Who’s that dumpin’ out that windowhoo riding (westsiide)
Nobody survives when I got my steel up
Throwing my shit up pulling the trigga
What the fuck you lookin’ at nigga (whistle)
True blue when I bust
Leavin’ bodies hangin’ like the tongue of my chucks
Chalk another one, homicidal in the G ride
I swear I’m killing every nigga standing outside
Letting ’em have it
With my double barrel sawed off
I’m smoking everybody nigga bitches and all
Stretch ’em out in broad daylight muthafuck the witnesses
Eyes big as golf balls from the funny cigarette (haha)
As the sun frowns on my forehead
I sweat murder which makes me a walking dead man
Man bringing more bad news than shlepp rock
When I bust shots
W.C. keep the hammer cocked

This album has some crazy disses too and no one is untouchable.  On “Cross em Out and Put a K” the crew goes after Cypress Hill then Q-Tip.

[Verse 8: Ice Cube]
Use to get kisses and hugs, now I’m servin ya slugs
Fuck B-Real and Muggs, y’all niggas ain’t no fuckin thugs
T your surprise, everybody dies
From Columbian neck ties covered with flies
Ya fuckin maggots, ya fuckin faggots
I should alert you, every motherfucker that I know wanna hurt you
So when I pull my spray can to spray
I’m sprayin C-H-K all motherfuckin day

[Verse 9: WC]
I once knew this bitch by the name of Q-Tip
Who claim he had a problem with this gangsta shit
Behind closed doors, runnin his mouth like a trick and
Til this nigga bout the name of Dub caught him slippin
Tied his ass up and threw him in the truck
Put an apple in his mouth then dug his ass out
About a month later they found his body stashed
In a trash bag with a cucumber in his ass

They take it a step further and completely destroy Cypress Hill on their diss track “King of the Hill“.  WC and Cypress Hill were good friends so he decided to not get involved in the beef.  At the same time, Sen Dogg was cool with the crew yet Mack 10 still went after him with the line,

I’m used to a ho trying to kiss me
Now what gave your bitch ass enough heart to diss me?
You’ll come up missing
And Sen Dogg is so wack he ain’t worth dissin (hahaha)
You niggas need to listen

B-Real and DJ Muggs got the worst of the disses when Cube spits,

I’m used to a ho trying to kiss me
Now what gave your bitch ass enough heart to diss me?
You’ll come up missing
And Sen Dogg is so wack he ain’t worth dissin (hahaha)
You niggas need to listen

Lucky for us, the eventually squashed the beef between them before a race riot would’ve begun.  There was talk on the streets that the Mexican Mafia was going to get involved in the beef but cooler heads prevailed.

Cube also disses Common on “Hoo-Bangin (WSCG Style)” when he spits,

It’s the don go let’em know
Unwettable, ahh.. big fish incredible
Hoo-Bangin’ on the white collars got a pile of dollars
Still rollin’ Impalas
I’m bombin’ on Common Sense
Chicago is mine nigga hit the fence
Intense kingpin nigga worldwide
And I bring sin when I wanna hoo-ride
Who died and who applied the pressure
Show me 3 niggas that’s fresher
Westside Connect Gang oh yeah we talkin’ shit
Nigga do you know who you fuckin’ wit?

Lastly they do a remake of sorts when they sample “People Make The World Go Round” by The Stylistics on their gangsta track “Gangstas Make The World Go Round“.  The song is nice and slow like the original and will make you sit back and smoke one if you gottem!  Dub C with bars like these,

Not just saggin’, wavin’ my flag and
Never will I ease up nigga, so stop askin’
See I was taught as a tiny locin’ on the set
It’s all about the pussy and money fuck the rest
Nigga what tech is quicker to collect when I’m seekin’
All the jewelry and the money, so miss me with that preachin’ teachin’
Fuck all that bullshit I want to Slang yay like Noriega
Sit back watch my paper
Collect like the I.R.S
As I kick it with 50 bitches all on my dick just like the President
And like the police I want a gang of killers all on my Side
That’s down to lie more crooked that St. Ides rip ride
On my behalf as I call shots, as if I was Saddam Hussein
Jackin’ motherfuckers for Dana Danes
Hated by many but I don’t care because I rather be feared than loved
With a pocket full Of dubs
Cause gangsta gangsta’s, make the world go round
And if you want a piece then you best to be down
So quit, chastisin’ me, analyzin’ me
You like the escorts look over your shoulder nigga was plain to see
Crooked ass cowards

With tracks like “Westward Ho“, “Do You Like Criminals?” and “3 Time Felons” you know that this album is a classic. I remember listening to the album and then reading the review in the The Source Magazine and thinking “they would never give them the 5 mics they deserve.” The Source Magazine gave the album 4.5 mics.  The bias was real.

I pledge allegiance to the rag of the United Westside Connection
And to the W for which it stands
One neighbor hood under God invincible with luxurys and riches for all


-Al E.


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