Redman – Dare Iz A Darkside

redman-dare-iz-a-darkside-mainRedman released his second studio album “Dare Iz A Darkside” on November 22 1994. The album was produced mostly by Redman himself and Erick Sermon, with guest appearances by Keith Murray, Eric Sermon, and Hurricane G.  The album cover was inspired by Funkadelic’sMaggot Brain” where Reman is buried up to his neck in dirt.

The album starts off nicely with “Bobyahed2dis” where Reggie brings the funky track (via George Clinton’sAtomic Dog“) and the slow flow to a perfect match when he spits,

“Blow in any hood and puff a blunt with any nigga
As long as we both got, it don’t matter who’s gun bigger
But I bet you you can’t do that, cause the multiplatinums
can’t save your ass on the block, and you’re fucked if it ain’t pop
The funk is blowin wattage out your fuckin trunks
Like Pink Puma, I known to give a whole lots of lumps
Props I got, coming through your block nine cocked
My socks, even got three-eighty-nine shots
Don’t press it, I hang em like them niggaz do in Texas
You don’t have no heart you chestless, cuz your heart’s on my necklace”

He also brings “Mary Jane” into the mix with “Can’t Wait” using the “All Night Long” sample (see what I did there?), Redman takes it to another level with,

I’m like RRRAHHH RRRAHHHH, like I had cerebral palsy My flows be’s wet like all you girls drawers be
Crack the Phils, spread the buddha then the hidash
Roll it up and then ask, who chipped in for the ten bag?
Et cetera, I roll my blunts with two textures
Pick up fifty bags and then I smoke all the extras
It’s the truth, like vodk’ one-eighty proof
Don’t drop your drawers, I’ll fuck through your daisy dukes (true!)

After listening to this album for a bit, you start to notice that this album is not as lively as his debut album.  This album is darker and slower paced than his freshman album.  On “Rockafella” he uses the first seconds of Leon Haywood’sI Want’a Do Something Freaky To You” to bring you the funk all the while pay tribute to his deceased friend.

Well it’s that brother coming six billion feet from beneath
And you should be peep-in how I get smoked-out on the weekend
I swing it to my crew or down to my fans
Schoolin hell of stackas like final exams
Cause, it’s the (UH!) Funkadelic, hit you with the irrelevant
Elements, and it’s coming through your block
Can’t you smell it trick?
Wanna copy-cat my whole format
So you get funk tracks, punch lines and skull hats
HUHHHHHHH! Got a little Redman in town
Who’s that effin clown soundin wack with the frown??
I don’t know man, but you better warn him what I would do
Wild out on his staff like birds one and two
My crew runs thicka than syrup from the borough
You get hurt up, word up, Jam-med like Pearl
Knock off from blood clot puff on the rough block
R.I.P. my man, Rockafella, it don’t stop

What would a Redman album be without a posse cut that includes Erick Sermon and Keith Murray?  Absolutely nothing!  I remember playing “Cosmic Slop” and as soon as the “Funk Worm” beat came in, I was on board a rocket ship headed for Neptune! This track is beyond this world and the only bad part about this track is that it only last less than 3 minutes.  Had to put this track on repeat for a while.

I’m that type of nigga to give it to ya
My Cosmic Slop rules all blocks with funk maneuvers
My flow freeze the Nile, The Funk Child splits the river
Then I crush, like the bom-ba-zee was rushed, through my verbal lust
I’m spaced out, I LOST MY MIND ON CLOUD 19
VISINE FOR EYES, when I blow Alpines
Dial 9, 0-0, For the hero of the wierdos
I hope my brain don’t bust
Transform into a 7-11 Slurpie Slush
IT’S THE FLY, My music will burn eyes
Twice the chemical of Clorox
Then I do an autopse on four cops
When my jaws drop, ock, I fidget my nuts alot
Got the two Glocks, with oowops then bodies trace the chalk
I’m like an eclipse on a Friday, the 13th
With black cats and Haley’s Comet, blazin blunts in my driveway
Nostradamus predicted, for you funk fiends
That Def Squad will get the fuckin cream like Noxzema

For those that remember pics and afros (it’s on like that)
Platform shoes and bell-bottoms some got em
Spaced out, way out, is what I’m talkin about
In the Cosmic Slop of the Ghetto
Zuzuzuzuzu, zuzuzu, zuzu zuzu zuzu
Zu zuzu, zuzu zuzu zuzu zuzu zuzu zuzu

Of course the man has to have a blunt track, and on “A Million and 1 Buddah Spots” he let’s us know that no matter where he might be, he will always have to to light up a blunt from Los Angeles to New York!

Now just throw your blunts up in the motherfucking air
Smoked out with niggas from North Newark to Montclair
I rip the nouns from antonyms to synonyms
Cause I got soul like James Brown and Rakim and them
One of the America’s Most Blunted
Smoked out with MC Eiht and Compton Most Wanted
Ninety degrees, smoke with L.O.D. on the Island
Then back to Stat, to smoke more packs with the Shaolin
I showed the women how to roll a blunt stronger
But it didn’t work because they Lee nails got longer
But the weed is good for when you’re macking
And girls can front it off like they don’t know shit that happened
I know what happened, I told her back, nick that motherfucker
So check my stamina, your ass couldn’t snap with cameras
Leave you on your back like Godzill did Gamera
Props on blocks smoking the choc and what-nots
I might catch a nickel bag sale from bus stops

Just like EPMD had “Jane“, Redman has “Sooperman Luva” and on part 2 he continues his story about his alter ego once he gets a hit of that chronic.  It’s a soap opera without all those white chicks crying all the time!

Well it’s the Soopaman Lovah in your motherfuckin town
Get down go round and round like shocks on your G-spot
Honeydip, now all of y’all up in that funny shit
But I ain’t switched, still a honeydip is a honeybitch
In the mix! So bitches be lookin fly and I’ll run in em
With they toes and nails done, hair wrapped up with pins in em
Fifty-four eleven Reeboks bitch which you need not
To do is get fly, cause where I’m from, bitches get speed knots
Slow your monkey ass down and hold your horses
Don’t wanna know your name don’t wanna know none of your sources
Just fix me, with a quickie, I swear more Lake’s than Ricki
So bad I use my X-Ray vision to give y’all clits a hickie
And plus the weed I puff is from the planet of Cheech and Chong
Where the earth is chronic, and How To Roll a Blunt is the theme song
Oooh you makin me horny! Well uhh, let me wipe that wetness for ya
Slurped and burped, got that bitch more open than my door do
Let’s take a journey up in the stars where I live at
Where I fuck Jane, Judy Jetson, and that robot bitch-ah
Grab onto the cape and uhh… I said before I took her
Don’t choke me! And it’s up up and away I took the hooker
And it’s on

Lastly, we have “We Run NY” where they sample the line from KRS-One’sSound of da Police” and has Hurricane G and Redman exchanging rhymes.  Hurricane G’s flow is not for everybody, but of course it’s Reggie Noble that makes this track move!

The Funk Doctor Spock, blast up on your block
I’m walkin through the sewer with manure on my socks
Your style, I freaked it when I was a child
So you talkin that baby talk like, Who’s Talkin Now?
Verbally I crush, brains erupt
Blow your focus, like you sniffin angel dust
Run of the mill I’m not, watch me kill a cock-sucker
And cause ruckus, like them L.O.D. motherfuckers
Every verse every word I preach
Represents the East, long as the human eyes can see
Gimme that funk funk funk funk funk funk funk funk beat!
I light a blunt for niggas up in Sing-Sing
I do it to death, style is funk that’s fresh
Remove your vest, you just won the wet t-shirt contest
And I’m hotter, than the Globetrotters in the Bahamas
I got a pair of pajamas made out of ganjah and almonds
Eager, as a nigga wantin my shit to dub
Cause my shit be BANGIN like the Crips and Bloods
Troop, I flew the coop like Big Bird in Timb boots
I Skywalk the planet like my code name was Luke
From the darkside, I’m from the darkside Pah
I’m Above the Law like Steven Seagal

This album is dark like the album suggests, but don’t sleep on it.  This album may not be as dope as “Whut? The Album” or “Muddy Waters” but it does have some bangers! Dr Trevis can get annoying at times, but it doesn’t mean this is an album you should sleep on!

-Al E.

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