3rd Bass – Derelicts of Dialect 25th Year Anniversary

3rd Bass released their second and last studio album “Derelicts of Dialect” 25 years ago today!  The album was produced by 3rd Bass, SD50, Sam Sever, KMD and Prince Paul.

The album starts off nicely with the title track as MC Serch and Pete Nice rap over a “Rule of Mind” sample by 9th Creation.  Pete comes off nicely, but then when doesn’t he?

Never had a wasted mind, had the time
Erectin rhyme I cause gifted lines
The flows I knows puts the papers in pockets
Swings of things, observed in my sockets
In ten spot I got stacks of LP wax
Couderoy slacks, loops and sales tax
On the racks but my label is Derelict
Spic-n-Span I slam, it’s balls you lick
Ill missions, but doin us ain’t even simple
Stereotype the rhymer as a criminal
Subliminal I put a noose on the necks
The sinister signs of my rhymes is sex

On “Ace in the Hole” they take a blues guitar riff courtesy of James Brown, speed it up and put Zev Love X and Onyx in the mix!  It is one of the highlights of this album! Of course, Serch goes after the “Vanilla Wafer” hard when he raps:

‘Cause my feet are firmly planted on the concrete
High-top fade, with no need for a blonde streak
Now let me chill, it’s a sign of maturity
And I would never steal a chant from a black Greek fraternity
Elvis Elvis baby, too bold, too bold
Ice ice baby, no soul, no soul

 So, on the subject of dissing, 3rd Bass does not hold back.  On the pop radio crossover “Pop Goes The WeaselVanilla Ice gets lampooned not only on wax but in the video. The track samples Peter Gabriel‘s smach “Sledgehammer” and oozes with pop appeal at the same time drilling a hole in the career of the “one hit or two wonder”.   Question remains – did Henry Rollins really catch a beatdown?

On “Herbalz In Your Mouth”  Prince Paul lends a hand in the production and gives us a De-La-Soul-esque type of beat with 3rd Bass having fun with the words!

Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down
But them herbalz, they bobble and you see them all around
Them 501 blues can’t hide the red apple
When I’m in a bodega, buyin some Snapple Orange Iced-Tea
Skins are playin nicety behind me
Scatterbrain no-name do you mind G?
Spot the profile and slips in the Serch zone
And wants a description of the bone — hold up
Wants a description of the bone?!
Play AT&T and check the three on your telephone
D-E-F, then I left to break South
And left a herbal in her mouth

Then we get to “Kick Em In The Grill” featuring Chubb Rock.  This is where the group all shine the most, but its Chubb Rock and steals the show at the end with another Vanilla Ice diss!  Have you ever heard a track with Chubb and 3rd Bass that wasn’t dope?

Jump jump with the man with the plan, Chubb Rock
You know, a judo, a chop chop chop
From stereo monarch rationalize the grammar
It’s like that and ah.. and ih.. ih.. if I stammer
Or sa-st-stutter, english found in the gutter
Or the sewer, while I talk like Pink Puma
How many lumps do you want inside your coffee?
Isn’t about time, isn’t about time, you stepped off me?
Yo Chubb – are you the best, are you the one
That ?? large chest, well, nevertheless my
Finger won’t do the walkin through cleavage
I got a girl of my own, she’s at home
Chubb is not conceited, I’m convinced of the fact
Vanilla sold seven million copies of some shit that was wack
He can wrap, his lips around a big black cock
He needs no more pressed, let me stop
Cherry crusaders, clean clairvoyany concepts
Claiming critical conversations that came in..to view
Of 3rd Bass mixed with Chubb Rock until
We kick the motherfucker in his, umm
G-R-I-L-L-L, word up that’s the grill

The album also includes the previously released “3 Strikes 5000” and “Problem Child” and then leaves us asking for more.  Unfortunately they will eventually break up the group and go onto solo careers that were not on the level of any 3rd Bass album.  This album sounds completely different than their first joint with flows and beats that change with every track.  This album is not to be missed or slept on.  After 25 years it still bangs and for that we salute you 3rd Bass!

-Al E.

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