2nd II None – If You Want It

2nd II None released their single “If You Want It” back in 1992.  The track was produced by DJ Quik and appeared on their debut studio album “2nd II None” and released on Profile Records.

Anything that involves DJ Quik has to be funky and a can’t miss.  So whether its AMG, Hi-C or PPC, you know the beats are going to be on point.  KK and Gangsta D are Compton raised cousins that came together to form the group 2nd II None and signing with Profile Records.  We first heard them on the tracks “Be True to Yourself” and “Let the Rhythm Take You” but it was their third single “If You Want It” that put them on the map.

DJ Quik uses the same Isaac Hayes sample that the Geto Boys used for “My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me“.  “Hung Up On My Baby” is used here perfectly with an added horn sample from “Movin‘” by Brass Construction.  As for the lyrics, they are not sexually explicit but the sexual innuendos can be found in almost every lyric.  The beat and lyrics will make you sing, rap and dance and can be heard at every west coast party.

The album has some Zapp and Parliament infused funk beats and tracks like “More Than a Player“, Niggaz Trippin’” (featuring DJ Quik, AMG & Hi-C) and “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong” (featuring DJ Quik) will have you bumpin this ish from here to the beach in your 64 Impala!  The album is a west coast classic and highly slept on.

If you want it then I’ve got it
If you need it, baby, I’ll feed it
If you love it, come and rub it
Cause there’s something
I should let you know

[Verse 1]
You got a brother like me the gangster D
I got a nice piece of meat that’ll fit you to the tee
So come with me and I’ll let you see
Soon as you pull down your panties and I’mma have to eat up some coochie, don’t forget about Jay, just want me a fresh ho
If you wanna trip let me know
Ain’t got no time for no hootchie games
Just jump out the pipes, don’t feel no shame
I love me some hoes, you know I got these young girls
Aiming for this fishing pole
When I stick it to you, girl, you’ll be happy
I’mma work it to a sweat, fly you a nappy
That look good, so good and so tight
Come on, girl, let me rip the mic
Cause if you do, I think I just might
You know


[Verse 2]
It ain’t the length or the width, it’s the way I work it
And like he said, girl, I’m-a jerk, jerk, jerk it
Make you good ’til you curl up your toes
Knock the rollers out your hair ’til they fall on the floor
I was built for war not peace
And what I mean by war means tearing some sheets
And some spreads in the bed
I’ll knock your headboards until you clearing stuff out
I’ll make you flip, have a fit
While I make you moan and kick
Lookie here, trick, now I’m holding JYB
But you don’t need teeth, all you need is strong knees

Come on, lay down
Your butt is nice and round
Now don’t interrupt
Because it’s time to


[Verse 3]
It ain’t nothing but meat on the bone
You can stroke it or choke it or leave it alone
Ain’t nothing wrong with group sessions
Yeah, baby, you know, sexing
Just the daily average routine
Step up, baby and get tag teamed
Young hootchies, we love coochie
If we want it, let us up on it

[Hook x3]

-Al E.

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