2 Live Crew – As Nasty As They Wanna Be

The 2 Live Crew released their third studio album “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” back on February 7th, 1989.  The album was produced by the 2 Lice Crew and released on Skyywalker/Atlantic Records.  The album was also the first album in recorded history to be declared obscene, but later was overturned.

The day I picked up this album, I saw the cover and immediately knew it was the new 2 Live Crew album.  The first thing I thought was, “I wonder if it is as dirty as the cover art?”.  It was!  The album had some of their most memorable 2 Live tracks and also some of the dirtiest!  The first single off this certified classic album is the song “Me So Horny” that has become their most recognized song.  Using the “Firecracker” sample from Mass Production, Brother Marquis  and Fresh Kid Ice swap sex stories the way only the 2 Live Crew could do.

It’s true, you were a virgin until you met me
I was the first to make you hot andwetty-wetty
You tell your parents that we’re going out
Never to the movies, just straight to my house
You said it yourself, you like it like I do
Put your lips on my dick, and suck my asshole too
I’m a freak in heat, a dog without warning
My appetite is sex, cause me so horny

The one thing I loved about 2 Live Crew were the way they sampled rock tracks, creating crunk before crunk had been invented.  On “The Fuck Shop” they use Van Halen’sAin’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses to explain what happens when they go on the road and hit the hotel with a bunch of groupies.  This time Brother Marquis sets us straight!

Please come inside, make yourself at home
I want to fuck, cause my dick’s on bone
You little whore behind closed doors
You would drink my cum and nothing more
Now spread your wings open for the flight
Let me fill you up with something milky and white
Cause I’m hopin’ to slay you, rough and painful
You innocent bitch, don’t be shameful
Bring out the ice cubes and the hot water
This is the second half, and not the second quarter
I’ll fuck you ’till you sleep; you’ll sleep like a baby
And in your dreams, you’ll say I’m crazy
In the Fuck Shop!

On “Put Her In The Buck” they use the beat and moans from the disco classic “Jungle Fever” by The Chakachas.  That track was made for the 2 Live Crew to sample it for their pornocore rap music!

It’s a position in sex that’s done by the masters
It ain’t the 69 or what you learned in class
It increases the intensity of a fuck
Legs up high, known as the buck
WRONG It’s the way to give her more than what she wants
RIGHT It’s the way to give her more than she wants
Like the doggystyle, you get all the cunt
Cause all men try real hard to do it
WRONG To have her walk in front and we try to abuse it
RIGHT To have her walkin’ funny we try to abuse it
A big stinkin’ pussy can’t do it all
WRONG So we try real hard to bust the walls
RIGHT So we try real hard just to bust the walls
Like THIS!!

As you start listening to every track on this album, you start to notice that this album is just one huge porno rap album.  Almost every track is about sex!  On “Dick Almighty” they use the classic electro track “The Man Machine” by Kraftwerk and the Fresh Kid Ice continues the nastiness with,

Bitches are the ones thinkin’ dicks get soft
They fuck one time and they got all
Thinkin’ it’s slick just to ride the dick
To make a nigga come and then he’ll quit
But not the long one, I won’t play that shit
Put her ass in the buck and kill the clit
It’s 15″ long, 8″ thick
Last name Almighty, first name is Dick

Lastly on “My Seven Bizzos“, the crew samples Jimi Hendrix’sVoodoo Child (Slight Return)” Brother Marquis goes solo to describe “7 days, 7 ways, too much” where he goes from Monday to Sunday banging a different girl everyday.  The track is dope thanks to Marquis’ rhymes and a classic beat from Jimi Hendrix!

On Monday there’s Melissa, I like to be with her
I get all her money and, a-then I diss her
On Tuesday there’s Theresa, she’s my homeroom teacher
She said, “After school, I would love to meet you!”
I said “Bet!” with no regret
Because a night with her was one I wouldn’t forget
So then I told all my homies and they all called me phony
And said I was kickin’ a bunch of that baloney
But they soon found out, and now they all believe
Cause every Tuesday after school, me and her would leave

Tracks like “C’mon Babe“, “Dirty Nursery Rhymes“, “If You Believe in Having Sex” and “Get the Fuck out of My House” makes this 2 Live Crew’s greatest album in their catalog!  It also made news due to the record being deemed obscene and 3 of the members being arrested for performing the songs.  Classic album from a classic group that brought Miami Bass to the masses!

-Al E.



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