2 Live Crew – Move Somethin’ Anniversary

2 Live Crew released their second studio album “Move Somethin’” on August 17, 1988. The album was produced by Luke Skyywalker and Mr Mixx.  2 Live take what they did on the last album and bump it up a notch with sexually explicit tracks that are not just nasty but also hilarious.  The also start to do covers of songs that later got them in trouble and sent them to court.

First and foremost, the album covers started to get raunchier.  The first album had them standing in front of a Jeep, yet on this one, the Crew is chilling in a hot tub with a girl with a huge booty looking over them.  Instead of Miami Bass, the started referring 2 Live’s music as “porn rap”.

The first track that was released was the title track “Move Somethin“.  I remember sitting at home watching Yo! MTV Raps and seeing this video coming on.  I was blown away.  They had moved to sampling Electro-Music (“Body Mechanic“) and of course the ladies in the video.  The track also had Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis exchanging some nasty rhymes about…what else…sex!  Gotta love them 808 beats and cow bells!

Verse 1: Brother Marquis
I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while
I like your fake blue eyes and your hoey style
So let’s go for a walk through the park
You can suck my dick in the dark
And just do what I ask; bitch, bend over
Let me ride your backside like dogs do each other
I know that you’re with it, so don’t start frontin’
I don’t wanna be your man; I wanna MOVE SOMETHIN’!

(Mixx cuts:
“You might as well give up the pussy.”
“Oh no!”)

Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice
Listen up, baby, you look real pretty
Let me pull up your shirt and suck your titties
Yes, pretty lady, I love you so
Since the time we met, my dick has grown
You had other men; now it’s my chance
Give me some time to take off my pants
The time has come; don’t be frontin’
Just drop them draws, and let’s MOVE SOMETHIN’!

On “Doo Wah Diddy” they remake the Manfred Man song by the same name and make it dirty.  It’s comedy at it’s finest.  The funny thing is that if you compare the album version to the one on the video, the track is completely different and even cheesy (Cavity Creeps?).  Still, the track is dope and it even has Mr Mixx going after the gay community with his final verse.  Back then an even now (“no homo?”) Hip Hop has been extremely anti-gay not to mention misogynistic.

I saw this fag tricking at the bus stop
Singing doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo
I said you sissy motherfucker you know you oughta stop
Singing doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo
Spreading AIDS (spreading AIDS)
Punk bitch (punk bitch)
Wash your dick (wash your dick)
You know a real nigga ain’t about all that shit

Another obscure yet dope sample was The KinksAll Day and All Of The Night” where Luke goes on the solo tip and counts it down for us.  Its only 2 and a half minutes long and you know the rewind button broke on the track!

* = “In the bedroom all day and all of the night”

One and one were having some fun *
Two and Two, I took off my shoes *
Three and Three, she undressed me *
Four and Four, we fucked on the floor *
Five and Five, I put up her thighs *
Six and Six, the bitch sucked my dick *
Seven and Seven, we went to heaven *
Eight and Eight, she masturbated *
Nine and Nine, she licked my ass *
Ten and Ten, the bitch did it again *

The famous Luke-crowd-back-and-forth-call-response has it’s beginnings on the track “H-B-C” (Head Booty and Cock) where Luke makes the crowd answer back to everything he says and it becomes something Luke will repeat on every record.

Head, booty, and cock! What you like, fellas?
(Head, booty, and cock) What you like, fellas?
(Head, booty, and cock) Ghetto Style like!
(Head, booty, and cock) What your sister like?
(Head, sex, and welfare checks) What your mama like?
(Head, sex, and welfare checks) Opa Locka like!
(Head, booty, and cock) Overtown like!
(Head, booty, and cock)

We also get another mega mix from the underated and slept-on DJ Mr Mixx with “Mega-Mixx II” where he cuts it up nicely and blends tracks like “Apache“, “Take Me To The Mardi Gras, “Firecracker” and “It’s Great to Be Here” and make it more a Mr Mixx blend more than a 2 Live Crew Mega Mixx.  Ish is dope!

Tracks like “Drop The Bomb” and “S & M” round up this dope album, and on this anniversary we thank you 2 Live Crew.  Not only did you bring us something funky and even dope to dance to, but also some comedy thrown in!  Can’t help but smile on some of these tracks!  We salute you!

-Al E.



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