2 Live Crew – The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are 30 Year Anniversary

2 Live Crew released their first studio album “The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are” 30 years ago on July 25, 1986.  The album was produced by the 2 Live Crew and put Miami and it’s bass music officially on the map!

Back in 1986, I was 15 and when MC Shy D and 2 Live Crew came around, I knew that these guys did not sounds like your typical east coast or west coast rappers.  The bass the cuts carried was also not customary in Hip Hop tracks!  It was one thing to have it on your headphones, but as soon as Miami got on the map, I needed a car with 2 15″ subwoofers and a crazy amp!  Now… that didn’t happen, but I could dream!

The first time I picked up this cover, I noticed a couple of things!  First of all, those Miami Hurricane jackets were nice yo!  secondly, Brother Marquis needs to pull his pants up, and lastly I could not believe there was an Asian kid in the group!  As soon as I dropped the needle on the record, I knew these guys were going to be around for a while!

The first track is the title track and it gives us the feeling that we just entered concert and Mr Mixx is a beast on the tables!  The beat is bass heavy and Brother Marquis and Fresh Kid Ice represent on the mic quite nicely!

We get the red carpet treatment cause we’re well respected
Always accepted and never rejected
Our defense is made when we take the stage
The crowd gets excited and goes in a rage
Cause we’re generating and demonstrating
All of the talents that we’re accumulating
And by doing this we’ll go real far
Because – 2 Live is what we are
We’re highly publicized and advertised
Our music’s in your ear, our face in your eyes
We’re good to go and goin to be good
We’ve done the right thing like you knew we would
Because we are here for your dancing pleasure
With our microphones, cause that’s what we treasure
Now the man you see, who has hands of magic
His name is Mr. Mixx, so come on a scratch it

After that track is finished we get the nasty and raunchy, “We Want Some Pussy“, where they take a dope hard sounding guitar riff and blend in some nasty rhymes.  The combo is one that they will repeat in their following albums over and over again.  Funny side note on this song, I was walking home from school when I hear this Corolla bumping the track hard!  I turn around and it was a lady driving the car.  She then yells at her son, “Michael get in the car!  Let’s go mijo!”  We clowned him at school till graduation!

[Verse 1: Brother Marquis]
You see, me and my homies like to play this game
We call it Amtrak but some call it the train
We all would line up in a single-file line
And take our turns at waxing girls’ behinds
But every time it came to me, I was shit out of luck
Because I’d stick my dick in, and it would get stuck
The girls would say “Stop!” I’d say “I’m not!
That’s enough, I quit, ’cause y’all are bustin’ me out!”
I say, girls, don’t hide it, just divide it
And please don’t knock it until you’ve tried it
So to all of you bitches and all you hoes
Let’s have group sex and do the Rambo!


[Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice]
I’m the Peter Piper of the 1980’s
Got a long hard dick for all of the ladies
I don’t care if you got three babies
You can work the sitck in my Mercedes
If you wanna blow, just let me know
We can go backstage at the end of the show
I’ll look at you, and you will look at me
With my dick in my hands as you fall to your knees
You know what to do, ’cause I won’t say please
Just nibble on my dick like a rat does cheese

Get It, Girl” was that track that if you bump it in a club, the ladies would go crazy!  It was the first time I also heard Dolemite sampled on a track!  Knowing their reputation, it’s as if they are holding back on the profanity on this song, but maybe that’s just me!

[ Fresh Kid Ice ]
I’ve been lookin’ at you for a while
With your big brown eyes and a pretty smile
Every guy call you sexy but your man is weak
He can’t satisfy you, baby, I’m your freak

[ Brother Marquis ]
If you want a real man the man is me
Come into my world, I’m your fantasy
Cause where you’re goin’ is into my world

The gem of the album has to be “Throw That Dick“.  It was the first time I had ever heard of this crew and I wanted to hear more.  I remember getting the 12” with “Ghetto Bass” as the b-side and listening to the extended edition of this track and was amazed on how Mr Mixx cut up “Planet Rock” in the track!

When I went to Miami couldn’t believe my eyes
This female was throwing, wanted me to try
If you don’t know how to do it here’s what you must do
Just listen up close, I’ll explain to you
Just jump… in the air
And when you land you wind like you just don’t care
It’s all in the hips, so go berserk
And let that *dick* do the work
So while it’s working you better start stroking
To show your partner that you ain’t joking
Cause this ain’t a dance from Mother Goose
Better freak yo body and turn it loose
Cause when you’re on the floor you don’t give a *shit*
All you wanna do is (throw that dick)

The last track ends with “Mr Mixx on the Mix” and Mr Mixx showing off his dope skills on the wheels of steel!  The man cuts it up like Edward Scissorhands and is extremely slept on as a DJ!

After 30 years, this album still rocks and it was just the beginning on how these guys changed the rap world and obscenity laws forever!   For that, we salute 2 Live Crew!

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