Top 10 Hip Hop Tracks That Sampled Janet Jackson

For Janet Jackson’s 50th birthday we wanted celebrate to her life by showing the love that Hip Hop has given her over the years. If there’s any classics that you think we missed let us know in the comments below!

During a studio session, Kendrick Lamar and producer Scoop Deville were listening to Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place” and fell in love with her passionate whispers to her lover. They were able to flip her majestic voice into “Poetic Justice”one of Hip Hop’s biggest radio hits in 2013 with the help of fellow superstar Drake.

In 1986 Janet Jackson was the queen of R&B with her hit “Funny How Time Flies”, and 11 years later the Hip Hop duo Camp Lo, looking to make a splash of their own, used the track. Cutting up and flipping Janet’s elegant vocals they were able to make a smooth party track with an 80’s vibe that gave them the exposure they needed to make their following single “Luchini” an international success.


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When listening to Janet Jackson’s “Go Deep” you get a rebellious upbeat vibe, something you want to move your body to.  That’s exactly what Wale and A-Track were looking for when they sampled the opening chorus:

“And we don’t get no sleep
Cause we be up all night
Until the early light”

Using the chorus as the direction, Wale details how it’s easy for women to get caught up in the glamour life, but explains how this can easily lead to emptiness and even suicidal thought.

In Janet Jackson’s 1990 Hit “Come Back to Me” you get a smooth adult contemporary song with an open 16 bars (no vocals). With producer J.R. Rotem Plies, Plies and  Ne-Yo were able to flip the track and make “Bust It Baby Pt. 2” which transcended the charts and become one of 2008’s biggest commercial hits.

With Freddie Gibbs being my favorite rapper, I had to include this track. In ’93, Janet dropped her Hip Hop influenced song “That’s The Way That Love Goes” and was her sixth #1 single on the R&B singles charts. Statik Selektah takes on the beat and was able to cut it up and give it a 90’s gangster lean feel, while Gibbs let’s us “know the way that is goes” in business and on the streets.

Big Pun was able to find the bounce in Janet’s “Let’s Wait A While” and let us know “How We Roll” while giving shine to a young Ashanti.

If Shaq sampled “Let’s Wait Awhile” I gotta make this a two-parter. He works off of Janet’s R&B vibe and I’m not going to lie, I came into the song hating but the Big Daddy isn’t too shabby. I’m starting to think that he and Kenny should get in the studio to lay down a track together lol!

One of the beauties of Hip Hop is its versatility which is exactly what June and Big K.R.I.T. give us. With Big Pimpin, we get to experience their southern interpretation of Janet’s “Lonely”.

When Ab-Soul dropped his 2nd album Control System he sampled Janet’s song “Control” to lead into his album.

Statik Selektah again was able to resurrect another Janet hit “Nasty” and give us a modern look with an 80’s vibe. Wais uses nasty as a guideline and tells us tales of some of the nasty things he’s done with the ladies he’s met.

Top 10 Hip Hop Tracks That Sampled Janet Jackson

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