Whodini Escape Album Anniversary

Whodini Escape Album Anniversary

Back on October 17th 1984, Whodini dropped their second studio album “Escape”.  It is undoubtedly their best album in their discography and beloved by the “old school” Hip Hop fans.  It was produced by the late Larry Smith who also produced albums for Kurtis Blow and Run DMC.   It contains some of the most iconic Hip Hop songs in Hip Hop history.  The album opens up with “Five Minutes Of Funk” where Jalil and Ecstacy trade off rhymes for (you guessed it) five minutes.  “Five, minutes of funk, this ain’t no junk/So pull your bottom off the tree stump/ Ladies real pretty, from city to city/But now we’re gettin down to the nitty gritty”.  “Freaks Come Out At Night” continues the funk influenced songs with a talk box inviting us to “Dance, freak/get out your seat/show me that you deserve to be a freak”.  If you don’t get up and dance to the first to tracks on this album, you must be dead.  Also included is the mega hit “Friends” that goes deep into how some people are around just around to get paid, while others are truly your “friends” because they just want to be around you!  It’s one of those songs that makes you appreciate your true friends!  The title track is also a favorite but “Big Mouth” tells the trash-talkers to shut up!  Ecstasy reminds us that, “Because I don’t get involved with he said, she said/So take my advice and quit while you’re ahead/Because one day I might not laugh/The day your mouth writes the check your behind can’t cash!”  The album is iconic and is one of the most influential is Hip Hop history.  After 31 years, it still feels fresh and “bangs” quite nicely!  Truly and definitely a “classic”.

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