Tim Dog – “Penicillin on Wax” Album Anniversary

Tim Dog – “Penicillin on Wax” Album Anniversary

Tim Dog released his first studio album on November 12th, 1991.  The album was produced mostly by the “Ultramagnetic MC’s” Ced G and TR Love as well as Tim Dog himself.  The album was mostly aimed at Los Angeles rappers NWA and DJ Quik.  It was the spark that started the media influenced “east coast-west coast beef”.

The album starts with Tim Dog using NWA “Prelude” beat and dissing them when he says,

“Trying to have class/too dumb to be smart/too dumb to get ass/but you wanna be cool/a n*gga from the Bronx is taking you to school…that’s why you wanna cry/I’m straight out the Bronx and Fake N*ggas must die!”

The second track “Low Down N*gga”sounds like a track Kool Keith and Ced-G should be on but the next track “F*ck Compton” is where Tim Dog goes to the jugular and disses Dr Dre for beating up Dee Barnes and goes after Michel’le (Dre’s girlfriend at the time) by saying he had sex with her!  The track was the soul reason people bought the album.

On “Step To Me” he again goes after NWA and explains how Ice Cube was the best and they let him go.

“Eazy, you’re sloppy, Dre you know you’re played
Ren, You’re cool but your rhymes don’t lay
Against the D-O-G
The only dope rapper you had was I-C-E
But you tried to jerk him like a sucker
That’s why he’s larger than you dumb m*thaf*ckas”

“I Aint Havin It” features Kool Keith and “Secret Fantasies” with Ultamagnetic MC’s gives us a break from all the west coast dissing!  The album skits (especially DJ Quik Beatdown and Michel’le Conversation) could of easily been left out.  The album was dope but after a while you get tired of all the NWA bashing.

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